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First Name Last Name Pronouns Current Position Institution / Organization City State Type of Library Previous Positions Degrees and Certifications Division Affiliation(s) To which Round Tables do you belong? To which National Associations of Librarians of Color (NALCo) formerly known as Ethnic Affiliates do you belong? Were/are you a Spectrum Scholar? Were/are you an Emerging Leader? ALA and/or ALA-APA Activities Offices held in state/regional library associations} & other associations Honors and Awards Major Accomplishments Publications Links for Further Information Statement of Professional Concern Number of Years as an ALA Member
Tarida Anantachai She/Her/Hers Director, Inclusion and Talent Management North Carolina State University Libraries Raleigh NC Academic Interim Head, Learning and Academic Engagement, Syracuse University, 2020-2021
Lead Librarian, Learning Commons, Syracuse University, 2020
Outreach Librarian, Syracuse University, 2017-2020
• University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, MS Library and Information Science, 2011
• Brandeis University, BA English and American Literature, 2002
ACRL New Members Round Table (NMRT) APALA No Yes • ACRL 2023 Virtual Conference Committee, Member, 2021-present
• ACRL Awards Task Force, Member, 2021-present
• ACRL 2021 TechConnect Presentations Committee, Member, 2020-2021
• ACRL University Libraries Section Awards Committee, Member, 2020-2021
• ACRL University Libraries Section Nominating Committee, Member, 2018-2019
• ACRL Diversity Alliance Task Force, Member, 2016-2020
• ACRL 2017 Invited Presentations Committee, Member, 2015-2017
• ACRL University Libraries Section Executive Committee, Member-at-Large, 2015-2018
• ACRL Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion Committee, Chair, 2017-2018; Member, 2014-2016, 2019-2020
• ACRL Residency Intererst Group, Convener, 2014-2015, Website Co-Editor, 2012-2013
• ACRL University Libraries Section Membership Committee, Member, 2013-2016
• ALA New Members Round Table Student Chapter of the Year Award Committee, Member, 2013-2015
• APALA and CALA "The Path to Leadership: National Forum to Advance Asian/Pacific Islander American Librarianship” Advisory Board, Member, 2021-present
• APALA Executive Board, Member at Large, 2021-present
• APALA Constitution and Bylaws Committee, Member, 2020-2021
• APALA Mentoring Committee, Chair, 2019-2020; Member, 2018-2019
• APALA Literature Awards Committee for Children’s Literature, Chair, 2014-2016; Member, 2013-2014, 2017-2018
• APALA Literature Awards Committee for Adult Fiction, Member, 2012-2014
• Central New York Library Resources Council Early Career Professionals Interest Group, Co-Chair, 2018-2020; Member, 2014-2018
• Eastern New York Chapter of ACRL, Past President, 2016-2017; President, 2015-2016; Vice President/President-Elect, 2014-2015
• Eastern New York Chapter of ACRL Program Committee, Chair, 2014-2015; Member, 2012-2013, 2019-2020
• Conference on Academic Library Management Communications Committee, Member, 2021-present
• Library Instruction West 2020 Proposal Review Team, Member, 2019-2020
• Association of Research Libraries Leadership and Career Development Program Fellow, 2020-2021
• Syracuse University Libraries Distinguished Service Award, 2020
• Syracuse University Libraries Dean’s Commendation, 2020
• IFLA Conference National Committee Fellowship Grant recipient, 2016
• Minnesota Institute for Early Career Librarians participant, 2014
• ACRL Conference Librarian Scholarship recipient, 2013
• ALA Emerging Leaders Program participant (sponsor: ACRL University Libraries Section), 2013
• ACRL Friends Fund Professional Development Award, 2012
• Beta Phi Mu inductee, 2012
• University of Illinois School of Information Studies Peggy Harris Award, 2011
Many of my accomplishments that I have been humbled to receive are noted within Honors and Awards section. In addition, I am honored to have actively contributed to the greater library profession in various national and regional library organizations, as well as within internal committees at my home institutinos, assuming some leadership positions in the process. For example, as the previous inaugural chair/co-chair of the Syracuse University Libraries’ Diversity and Inclusion Team, I led library-wide equity, diversity, and inclusion (EDI) efforts—including organizing a number of EDI professional development opportunities, examining and revamping our hiring practices to be more inclusive and equitable, and collaborating with partners on campus to organize various campus-wide EDI programs and workshops. Since 2020, I also regularly co-teach a popular Library Juice Academy course on recruitment and retention for minoritized populations, where I both co-facilitate discussions and help exchange ideas with library workers across the country on their related practices. For my varied professional activities and accomplishments, in 2018 I was also awarded the rank of Associate Librarian with permanent status. Co-Author (with Abby Kasowitz-Scheer): “Cooking Up Conversations: Connecting Communities and Celebrating Diversity Through Living Library Events.” In R. Sittler and T. Rogerson (Eds.), The Library Outreach Cookbook (ACRL Press), 2020.

Co-Author (with Emily Hart): “Capitalizing on Connections: Developing Holistic Co-Curricular Graduate Programing.” In C. Forbes and P. Keeran (Eds.), Academic Library Services for Graduate Students: Supporting Future Academics and Professionals (Libraries Unlimited), 2020.

Co-Author (with Camille Chesley): “The Burden of Care: Cultural Taxation of Women of Color Librarians on the Tenure-Track.” In R. L. Chou and A. Pho (Eds.), Pushing the Margins: Women of Color and Intersectionality in LIS (Library Juice Press), 2018.
I am honored to be nominated a candidate for ALA Councilor-at-Large. Having been involved in several committees within both ALA and other library associations throughout my career, I am excited for the opportunity to help support the ALA membership more broadly through its main governing body. Having monitored some of the discussions emerging from Council and voluntarily attended prior meetings in order to more closely observe the proceedings, I have been encouraged by efforts such as the Steering Committee on Organizational Effectiveness (SCOE) and Forward Together in exploring the very governance structure and processes within ALA. As someone deeply invested in creating more inclusive organizational structures that support the needs of the workers within them, I am eager to help move this work further, all while amplifying and providing a voice for the concerns of BIPOC and other historically minoritized library workers who are both within and outside of Council. 12
Antonio Apodaca He/Him/His Education & Outreach Coordinator Ventura County Library Ventura CA Public Director, Camarillo Public Library, July 2018 - September 2020 University of Arizona, Master of Library & Information Science, 2011; Ashford University, Bachelor of Organizational Management, 2008; Central Arizona College, Associate of Libraral Studies, 2004 REFORMA No Yes • Chair, REFORMA Mentoring Committee - 2020
• Emerging Leader, American Library Association - 2017
• Contributor, Task Force for Advancing Diversity, Public Library Association - 2017
• Founding Member and Treasurer, REFORMA Central Coast - 2020
• Chair, Gold Coast Library Network - 2017
• Best Library in Ventura County, VC Reporter - 2018
• Champion of Education, Ventura County STEM Network - 2017
• Best in Category, Airport Library Lounge, National Association of Counties - 2016
• Outstanding Achievement in Innovation Award, Alliance for Innovations - 2015
I approach each day with a beginner’s mind, and as I reflect on my professional accomplishments, perhaps it gets no better than when I landed my first paying gig as a page at my hometown library. Before that, I volunteered as an adult literacy tutor out of high school, helping people improve their reading and writing skills. I was really proud of being a page and obviously still am. It was the hardest job I ever had and I’ve never forgotten such a humbling fact as that, even after earning my MLIS as a first-gen college student and eventually working my way up to a library director. Ultimately, that job gave me the opportunity to serve as Chair of the REFORMA Mentoring Committee, start two REFORMA chapters, become an ALA Emerging Leader Class of 2017, and focus on my passion of education - leading my various teams to best of my ability, designing open source digital badging software, contributing to the evidence of summer reading efficacy, and coordinating developmental screenings for at-risk infants and toddlers. “Seeing is Believing” Computers in Libraries, Vo 37, No 10. Dec 2017

“Makerspace Next” California School Library Association Journal, Vo 40, No 2. Win. 17

“Making a Difference” Computers in Libraries, Vo 36, No 3. Apr 2016
I believe service is the endgame of our profession - whether it is using new forms to enhance learning, pushing trends that ensure information access for all, or advocating for traditional platforms that give people opportunities to connect with the world around them. I have led, and been led by, game-changing librarians who have inspired and cemented countless acts of service in the field. And in that spirit, I am both humbled and grateful to serve others each and every day. As Councilor-at-Large, I will serve ALA’s proud and longstanding mission to inspire library and information professionals to transform their communities through essential programs and services. 5
Joanna Arteaga La Spina She/Her/Hers Spanish Translation Coordinator San Francisco Public Library San Francisco CA Public Community Program Specialist II, San Mateo County Libraries, February 2015 to December 2018.

Victim Advocate, San Mateo County District Attorney's Office, January 2005 to January 2015.

Independent Contractor in Social Work, Lutheran Immigration and Refugee Services, August 2009 to September 2012.
San Jose State University, MLIS, 2020; San Francisco State University College of Extended Learning, Certificate in Legal Court Interpreting (Spanish/English), 2007; San Francisco State University, BA in Psychology and Minor in Holistic Health, 2002. PLA New Members Round Table (NMRT), Social Responsibilities Round Table (SRRT) REFORMA No Yes REFORMA National: Translations Committee Chair 2020 to present, and RNC VII Publicity and Marketing Sub Committee member 2019 to present, regular member 2016 to present.

REFORMA local Chapter, Bibliotecas Para La Gente, Spanish website support 2020 to present, member 2016 to present.

California Library Association member 2016 to present.
After 12 years working in social services, I transitioned to public libraries where I was the lead facilitator of Family Literacy Toyota Family Learning Program in Spanish; facilitator of Talk Read Sing Early Literacy Program in Spanish and English, through a partnership with LENA Start;.coordinator of Adult Literacy Program, Career Online High School Program, and Veterans Connect at the Library Program at a county library system. After 4 years I went to a larger public library system to be their Spanish Translations Coordinator.

In both my paid positions and my volunteer work in the library world I have made it a priority to provide access and services to Spanish speakers, immigrants, and other marginalized communities through direct service and policy work. If elected for one of the open positions for ALA Councilor-at-Large, I aspire to continue to support ALA's mission by actively engaging in the duties of the position. I hope to continue increasing access and services to marginalized communities, particularly the Spanish-speaking and immigrant communities. I am a passionate advocate of literacy programs for non-literate and low-literate adults and hope to continue furthering the policies and programs that make these services possible. Furthermore, I would like to work on professional development opportunities for non-professional staff to access university education and support programs to succeed in their professional advancement. 2
Richard Ashby, Jr Director Sharon Hill Public Library Sharon Hill PA Public Director, Yeadon Public Library - 11/11/2013 - 7/19/2019

Director, LiteracyNation Community Library - 4/2010 -11/2013

Supervisor of Operations, Wyandanch Public Library - 9/1990 - 8/2010
Queens College, MSLIS, 2007

New York Institute of Technology, Bachelors of Science, 2005
PLA, ALSC Ethnic & Multicultural Information Exchange Round Table (EMIERT) BCALA No No 2019-Present Vice-President, Pennsylvania Black Librarian Caucus, 2018-2019 EDI Committee, 2017-Present Pennsylvania Library Association, 2005-Present , New York Black Librarian Caucus, 2008-2011 New York Library Association, Borough of Yeadon, PA - Richard E. Ashby Day - 7/19/2019. 2017-Awarded Lifetime Membership, New York Black Librarians Caucus, Library Journal 'Mover and Shaker' Award - 2016, BCALA Librarian of the Year - 2016, Martin Luther King Elementary Librarian Service Award - 2010, North American Black Business Woman Service Award/Ethiopian Embassy Washington, DC - 2009 - Community Service Awards, Wyandanch School District, 2003 – 2007,Town of Babylon Community Service Award, 2006, Suffolk County Community Service Award, 2006, Wyandanch Family Community Organization Community Service Awards, 1999, 2006, Wyandanch Public Library – Community Service Awards, 2004, 2005 Co-Chair - Joint Conference Librarians of Color, 2022 Conference

Co-Founder Vice President - Pennsylvania Black Librarians Caucus, 2019- Present

Immediate Past-President, Black Caucus American Library Association, 2020-2022

President, New York Black Librarians Caucus - 2011-2013

Co-Founder/CEO, LiteracyNation Inc. 2011 - Present
Literacy Nation, Inc. -

Richard E. Ashby, Jr. -
I affirm that there be continuous outreach in the areas of diversity, equity and inclusion in academic, public, school and special libraries. By doing this, we are answering the charge given to us by the communities in which we all serve. I also affirm it is prevalent that we support and promote all voices, viewpoints and differences to maintain a more inclusive American Library Association. As a councilor I promise to listen and respond to all concerns and bring them to the governing body from a knowledge based perspective. This will be done to celebrate the many voices in the library community and ensure that they will have a seat at the table. 7 - I am not sure
Glen Benedict He/Him/His Access Services Librarian University of the District of Columbia Washington DC Academic Access Services and Information Commons Associate, SUNY Albany University Library, April 2016 – December 2019

Student Coordinator, SUNY Buffalo Music Library, August 2014 - January 2016

Quality Analyst, Allegany Arc, September 2012 - July 2014
State University of New York at Buffalo, MS Library and Information Studies, 2015; Houghton College, BS Management, 2013; Houghton College, BA Philosophy, 2003 Rainbow Round Table (RRT) No No ALA Intellectual Freedom Committee, Member 2020-2022; ALA Committee on Legislation, Associate 2018-2020

RRT Book List Committee, Member 2021-2023; GLBTRT Reviews Committee, Member 2018-2020; NMRT Annual Conference Local Information Committee, Member 2017-2018; NMRT Midwinter Social Committee, Member 2017-2018

Washington Research Library Consortium (WRLC), Resource Sharing Advisory Committee, Chair 2020-2021 Presented poster sessions on training student employees, online instruction tools, and YA trans literature. Collaborated on redesign of the Pride Center of WNY's library of donated books. Helped to design and implement inventory review projects at both SUNY Albany and UDC. Co-chaired SUNY Buffalo Graduate School of Education Student Research Symposium. My membership in ALA has brought tremendous opportunity to develop as a professional, a leader, and a scholar.

My primary areas of interest in the Association are intellectual freedom and social justice, specifically the interplay between the two concepts. I believe that social justice requires intellectual freedom and that intellectual freedom, like all freedom, requires responsibility to be meaningful.

I am also in awe of the incredible work done by the OIF and PPA offices. Finding ways to spotlight some of this work to current and potential members would be an important priority to me.

A councilor position is an opportunity to give back – to the Association, to the staff, to my fellow members. I not only want to be a voice for the membership in organizational governance, but also to be a conduit back to highlight the ways that ALA continues to make an impact on the profession.
Erin Berman She/Her/Hers Division Director Alameda County Library Fremont CA Public Innovations Manager, San Jose Public Library, 2013 - 2018

Librarian, San Jose Public Library, 2013-2014
San Jose State University, MLIS, 2011; University of Arizona, BFA Dramaturgy, 2009. Rainbow Round Table (RRT), Intellectual Freedom Round Table (IFRT) No Yes Intellectual Freedom Committee Privacy Subcommittee Chair, 2018 - current; Rainbow Round Table Fundraising Chair 2014-2016; Bay Area NMRT Networking Regional Mixer Representative, 2014 California Library Association’s Board Member-At-Large, 2018 ALA Emerging Leader, 2014; RUSA Award for Excellence in Adult and Reference Services, 2016; California Library Association’s Zoia Horn Award, 2016 & 2021; Library Journal Mover & Shaker, 2016; California Library Association’s Technology Leader Award, 2017 • Authored the book, Your Technology Outreach Adventure: Tools for Human-centered Problem-solving.
• Led a national privacy advocacy campaign to change LinkedIn Learning's sign-on model that would have forced users to create a public social media profile.
• Led the effort to add Article VII to the Library Bill of Rights.
• Organized the authorship of the Resolution on the Surveillance of Library Users Through Behavioral Tracking and the Resolution on Forming a Working Group to Align Vendor Privacy Policies with ALA Policies and Ethics, both of which were passed by Council.
• Currently co-leading the IMLS sponsored Privacy Field Guides project that replaced the ALA Privacy Tool Kit.
Berman, Erin: "Your Technology Outreach Adventure: Tools for Human-centered Problem-solving," ALA Editions, 2019. Will Council exist by the time ALA elections come around again? Who knows?! At the time of writing this statement, the fate of Council still remains firmly in the land of mystery. Regardless of the decision made, ALA is going to be in need of passionate members who are excited about governance and policy. Guess what, I’m the policy wonk you never knew you always wanted! I’ve had the pleasure of navigating my way through the confusing hallways of ALA the last eight years moving from Emerging Leaders to Round Table appointments to leading the IFC Privacy Subcommittee. I’d now like to take all that knowledge of the inner workings of ALA and represent you in Council. I’m a fierce advocate for our core values and will do everything in my power to ensure they don’t get lost in the reorganization frenzy.
Adriana Blancarte-Hayward She/Her/Ella Manager, Outreach Services The New York Public Librar New York NY Public Library Manager, The New York Public Library, Apr 2010 – Jul 2014

Librarian Trainee, The New York Public Library, Dec 2007 – Apr 2010

Library Intern, Rockefeller University, May 2010 – Aug 2010
Long Island University, C.W. Post Campus, M.S. Library and Information Science, 2010; Instituto Tecnológico y de Estudios Superiores de Monterrey / ITESM, B.S. Information Systems Engineering, 2002. PLA Ethnic & Multicultural Information Exchange Round Table (EMIERT), International Relations Round Table (IRRT) REFORMA, BCALA No No • ALA ODLOS Services to Refugees, Immigrants, and Displaced Persons (SRIDP) Sub-Committee, member, 2019-2021

• REFORMA National Membership Committee, member, 2018-present;

• REFORMA National, RNC Virtual Committee, chair, 2019-present;

• REFORMA National Children in Crisis Task Force member, 2016-present

• REFORMA Northeast Chapter President 2019-2020, Vice-President 2018-2019, Secretary 2016-2018.
• New York Library Association Ethnic Services Round Table, President, (2013-2014)

• REFORMA Northeast Chapter, President, 2019-2020

• Alumna of Coro New York Leadership Center’s Immigrant Civic Leadership Program (ICLP), 2016.
• 2020 Dr. Arnulfo D. Trejo Librarian of the Year (LOTY) Award

• 2013 NYC Neighborhood Library Award

• 2012 NYPL Maher-Stern Award for Service Excellence

• 2006 Urban Libraries Council Scholarship Librarians for America's Neighborhoods
• 2020 Dr. Arnulfo D. Trejo Librarian of the Year (LOTY) Award

• Organizer of the 1st NYPL World Literature Festival.

• Chair of the 16th REFORMA Northeast Chapter Joint Mini-Conference - Facing New Challenges: Working in Community, Responding to Crisis. First virtual edition.

• Project Advisor to "Library Programs & New Americans: A White Paper". NewKnowledge Publication #NPO.074.518.03. Chicago: American Library Association & New Knowledge Organization Ltd., 2019.
"Más que libros: serving the Mexican and Latino community on Staten Island", Connecting Cultures: Ethnic Services in the Libraries of New York State, New York Library Association / Ethnic Services Round Table, Guilderland, NY, 2013. I am interested in running for the ALA Councilor position because I want to contribute, learn, and make a difference serving our members and helping shape our policies, practices and our future.

As a former library volunteer and ESOL student I know the impact libraries can personally have; in my current role, my goal is to create programs and services and build partnerships that will benefit our communities.

I respectfully ask for your vote for the opportunity to serve on the ALA Council. I look forward to bringing my passion, knowledge and energy, and to collaborating to advance our organization to guide libraries everywhere to be welcoming, safe, diverse, inclusive and empowering for both staff and the communities we serve.

Jennifer Boettcher She/Her Business Reference Librarian Georgetown University Washington DC Academic Adjunct Faculty, School of Library and Information Science, Catholic University of America, 2003-2008

Business Reference Librarian, Texas A&M University, 1994-1997

Head of Reference, National Small Business Development Library, 1992-1994
Georgetown University, MBA, 2005; State University of New York-Albany, MLS, 1992; University of New Hampshire, BA Art History, 1987. RUSA, ACRL Government Documents Round Table (GODORT) No No American Library Association (ALA) Level:

Forward Together Resolutions Workgroup, 2021- 2021

Councilor-at-Large, 2017-present

Policy Monitoring Committee, 2017-2019, 2021-present

RUSA Councilor, 2012-2015

ALA, Reference and User Services Association (RUSA) Level

Board, 2012-2018

Executive, 2012-2015

Strategic Planning Task Force, 2014-2016

Organization, 2007-2011

Nominating, 2006-2009

Task Force on Membership Recruitment and Retention, 2005-2008.

RUSA Board, 2005-2006

Planning and Finance, 2004-2005

Professional Development Committee (member, 2000-2005) (Chair, 2003-2004)

ALA, RUSA, Business Reference and Adult Services Section (BRASS)

2021 Program Planning, 2021- present

Discussion Group Leader, 1998-2000, Member 2019-present

Emerald Research Grant, Chair, 2009-2010, Member 2017-2019

Membership, 2010-2012, 2014-2016

Nominating, Chair, 2008-2009, member 1997-2000

Development, Chair, 2006-2007

Executive, 2004-2009

Marketing (ad hoc), 2005-2006

2006 Program Planning, 2004-2006

Section Evaluation (ad hoc), 2002-2004

BRASS Representative to SLA 2002-2004

2001 Joint BRASS/GODORT Program Planning, Chair 1999-2001

Education, 1997-2000

Disclosure Student Awards, Chair 1997-1999

1997 San Francisco Program Planning - Publicity, 1995-1997

Publication Sub-Committee, 1995-1997

1995 Chicago Program Planning, 1993-1995
Special Libraries Association

Maryland Community, Director-at-Large, 2020-present

Business & Finance Community, Communication member 2021-present

Academic Business Libraries Director

Ticker, Social Media Editor, 2020-present

Capital Area Business Academic Librarians: CABAL (Washington, DC)

Executive, 2013-present

Collection Development, 2016-present

Founder 2013

Business Information Finders: BIF (Washington, D.C.)

Listserv owner 1999-present

Event coordinator 1999-2006, 2010- 2015

Founder 1999

Journal of Business and Finance Librarianship

Editorial Review Board 1996-2010

Capital District Business Librarians (Albany, New York)

Program Planning Committee- Publicity 1993-1994

Capital District Business Librarians (Albany, New York)

Program Planning Committee- Publicity 1993-1994

Elected ALA Councilor-at-Large – 2017-present

Elected RUSA Councilor –Term 2012- 2015

Received the RUSA BRASS Emerald Research Grant for Business Reference Research- 2013

Received the BRASS Gale Cengage Learning Award for Excellence in Business Librarianship – 2010 Lifetime achievement

Elected Chair ALA/RUSA/BRASS - Term 2004-2006

Elected Member-at-Large ALA/RUSA/BRASS - Term 2001-2003


Elected Georgetown University Faculty Senate, 2005-Present

Vicennial Medal, 2018

Library Team Spirit Award, 2016

Lauinger Library Award, 2011

University Librarian’s Award, 2005
Jennifer C. Boettcher (bO•cher) has been the Business Reference Librarian at Georgetown University for over 20 years. She can help with research in social science data, marketing, management, international business, accounting, finance, public finance, knowledge management, copyright, and corporate intelligence. She was formerly Business Librarian at Texas A&M University and Head of Reference at the National Small Business Development Center Research Network. Her research focuses on government/open sources and industry research. She co-authored, with Leonard Gaines, Industry Research Using the Economic Census: How to Find It, How to Use It (Greenwood Press, 2004) and has written and lectured widely on the NAICS classification system, how to publish in scholarly and trade press, and free/open business sources. Her service commitment to her library, university, area, and profession is shown in the volunteer work she does as a faculty senator, founder of two librarian groups, and her many years in service to ALA cumulating in working on ALA Council authoring resolutions, tributes, memorials, as well as asking questions of ALA leaders and decisions. Jennifer C. Boettcher and Leonard M. Gaines. Industry Research Using the Economic Census. Greenwood Press: Phoenix, AZ. 2004. Reviews

Steven W. Staninger, Susan Riehm Goshorn, and Jennifer C. Boettcher. Key Business Sources of the U.S. Government. BRASS/RUSA:Chicago, IL. 1998. 12 out of the 20 chapters of the 81 page book written by Jennifer Boettcher.

Jennifer C. Boettcher and K. Matthew Dames. “Government Data as Intellectual Property: Is Public Domain the Same as Open Access?" Online Searcher, vol. 42, no. 4, (July/August 2018): 42-48.
Abbreviated Curriculum Vitae (

Active on Twitter @jenny.wombat (these are my priorities) (

Not as active on my Blog: BICPicks (

CrowdSource Project (looking for volunteers): ZombieList (

Samples of my LibGuides: Boettcher (older course guides removed) (
I have believed in the mission of the American Library Association since my student membership in 1992. Early in my career, service to the mission mainly was in the Research and User Services Association (RUSA) Division. Being on ALA Council has given me a new education about libraries and librarians. While on Council I have introduced resolutions regarding Division Programming at Midwinter, Autonomy of Units, Prioritizing Librarians for Vaccines, and many memorial resolutions. Yes, I also ask a lot of questions; I do it so I can learn and clarify the process. Things I have learned on Council: listen to everyone, appreciate school and youth librarians, understand why broadband and privacy are library issues, value education as well the comradery of service and learning, see why fiscal responsibility is linked to growing the profession, and I want to continue my contributions to the good governance of ALA. 29
Jennifer Brown She/Her Executive Director The Field Library Peekskill NY Public Queens College Adjunct Lecturer 2016-Present

Rose Memorial Library Library Director 2014-2016

Haslet Public Library Library Director 2010-2014
Manhattanville College, Doctorate of Eductional Leadership, in dissertation

University of North Texas, MPA, 2005

Texas Woman's University, MLS, 2000

Texas Woman's University, BA, 1996
PLA, Core No No Core Competencies Development Committee, Member, 2021 - 2023 New York Library Association, Member, 2014-Present

Westchester Library Association, Member, 2016-Present

Library Association of Rockland County, Member, 2014-2016

Texas Library Association (TxLA), Member, 2000-2014
• Programming for Adults Round Table, Secretary, 2012-2013
• Automation and Technology Round Table, Chair, 2011-2012
• Reference Round Table, Chair, 2010-2011
• Programming for Adult Interest Group, Chair, 2009-2011
• Texas Teens Read Advisory Committee, Member, 2009-2011
• Automation and Technology Round Table Secretary/Treasurer, 2009-2010
• Intellectual Freedom Committee Member, 2003-2006

Under my leadership the Haslet Public Library named Five Star Library in 2014 by Library Journal. I received a plaque in recognition of the dedicated service and outstanding leadership to the Haslet Public Library in 2014.

The Stony Point Lions Club awarded a plaque in appreciation for obtaining grants for Rose Memorial Library in 2016.

The Field Library received the Peekskill Chapter of the NAACP, Community Empowerment Award in 2018.

The Field Library received a Certificate of Commendation for their partnership with the Peekskill Youth Bureau in 2019.
When I became director of the library, the salaries for all the employees were among the lowest offered in the Westchester Library System. Librarians were grotesquely underpaid, but all staff, from technical services through circulation clerks through pages, were so underpaid that it was difficult for the library to get or retain good employees. Over the last five years, working steadily within the constraints of New York’s budgetary laws, I increased all staff salaries to the point where people working at The Field Library are being paid as well as the median salaries over the county. Over the last five years I have increased the budget through ballot referendums by 40%.

In addition to the budget increase I have expanded the library's footprint an additional 2,100 square feet which had remained unchanged since 1995. Public libraries have gone through rapid changes over the last few years with the global pandemic, civil unrest, technological advances, and a politically polarized nation. As Councilor-at-Large my focus will be to work with ALA to support libraries facing these immense challenges. Along with these external forces, library staff have faced pressures unlike anything we have seen before. I will be working with ALA to promote mental health resources, workshops, and ways to support library workers through these stressful times. 21
Nick Buron He/Him Chief Librarian Queens Public Library New York NY Public 2013-2016 Vice President, Public Library Services Queens Public Library (NY)

2012-2013 Director, Community Library Services Queens Public Library (NY)

2007-2012 Assistant/Associate Director, Community Libraries/Central Library Queens Public Library (NY)
State University of New York at Buffalo, MLS, 1993;

State University of New York at Albany, BA, American History, 1988.
YALSA, PLA, Core Social Responsibilities Round Table (SRRT), Intellectual Freedom Round Table (IFRT) BCALA No No ALA Council

ALA Councilor, 2005-2008, 2009-2015, 2017-2020

Counsel Orientation Committee, Member 2018-2020

ALA Committees

Committee on Legislation, Federal Legislative Advocacy Group, 2015-2017

Ken Haycock Award for Promoting Librarianship, Jury Member, 2015-2016

Constitution and Bylaws Committee, 2012-2018; chair 2013-2014

Planning and Budget Assembly, 2013-2018

Nominating Committee, 2012-2013

Publishing Committee, 2003-2007

Graphics Advisory Committee, 2002-2005

Major League Baseball@your Library Committee, 2002

ALA Divisions

Young Adult Library Services Association

2014 Governance Nominating Committee, 2012-2013

Executive Board of Directors, 2009-2012

Councilor to ALA Council, 2009-2012

Organization and By-laws committee, 2008-2009

Board of Directors, 2005-2008

Teen Read Week Committee, 2003-2005

President’s Program, 2003 Annual Conference

Best Books for Young Adults 2001-2002

Library Administration and Management Association

Library Organization and Management Section

Organizational Theory and Practice Committee, 2008-2010

Special Conferences and Programs, 1998 – 2002

System and Services Section

Nominating Committee 2001

Programming Committee 1998 – 2000; co-chair 1999-2000

Management Practices Committee, 1994 – 1998; chair 1996-1997

Public Library Association

ALA Membership Promotion Task Force, Liaison, 2008-2010
METRO – Metropolitan New York Library Council, Board Member, 2016-present, Vice President 2018-present

New York Library Association, member, 1993-present

Metropolitan Libraries/IFLA Conference, Conference Chair, May 16-20, 2011

Queens College Graduate School of Library and Information Science Advisory Board, Co-Chair, 2011

San Jose State University Library School Youth Committee, 2006-2008

New York City School Library Council, 2001-2006; chair 2004-2006; vice-chair 2002-2004
Being named Chief Librarian of the Queens Public Library in 2016 was the culmination of years of public service, from font line young adult librarian to manager, to Teen Coordinator to Assistant/Associate Director. Over the past 5 years in this position, I have brought together my dedication for serving our public through our libraries while being responsible for providing innovative programming that enriches the lives of our community. It is especially rewarding to collaborate with our future leaders at the library promoting the meaningful work they do every day. Buron, Nicolas and Amy Alessio. “Measuring the Impact of Dedicated Teen Service in the Public Library,” Young Adult Library Services (YALS), spring 2006, page 47-51.

Buron, Nicolas. “Mentoring New York City’s Future Librarians,” Voice of Youth Advocates, December 2001, page 342-344.
Every day, I see and hear about librarians and library works rising to the challenge of their unique communities and proving to advocates and doubters that the Library, and those that work there, are the center of community. As we continue to impart equity, diversity and inclusion in our libraries, profession, programs and services, we will continue to lead this charge. ALA is always at a critical juncture. Changing meeting formats, changing our representation and structure must be done thoughtfully and carefully to strengthen and affect more trust in ALA. The more we hear from all ALA members, and those future members, the more relevant ALA will be. I look forward to continuing to work dynamically with others to make ALA, and libraries, stronger. 29
Camille Chesley Reference Librarian|Subject Librarian for Journalism, Newspapers, and Reference University at Albany Albany NY Academic Reference and Instruction Librarian Carmichael Library, University of Montevallo 11/14-7/16

Learning Commons Resident Librarian, Syracuse University 11/2010 – 5/13
University of Illinois, MSLIS, 2009

Oberlin College, BA East Asian Studies, 2007
ACRL Rainbow Round Table (RRT) BCALA No No ACRL Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion Committee, Member, July 2019 – present

ACRL Awards Task Force, Member, February 2021 – January 2022

ACRL Professional Development Committee, Member, July 2021 – June 2023
Eastern New York Chapter of the Association of College and Research Libraries
• Vice President/President/Past President, 2019 - 2022
• Government Relations Chair, May 2017 - 2019
• 2008-2010 ARL Scholar,

• 2012 Minnesota Institute for Early Career Librarians

• 2013 “ACRL Conference Scholarship,” Association of College and Research Libraries

• 2015 Co-Principal Investigator, “Refworks Workshops for Faculty and Students,” University of Montevallo Office of the Quality Enhancement Plan Grant.

• 2017 – 2019 Co-Principal Investigator, “Women of Color and the Burden of Care in Library and Information Science,” University at Albany Faculty Research Award Program Category B Grant.

• 2018 – 2019 “Individual Development Award,” Joint-Labor Management Committee, United University Professions.

• 2008-2010 ARL Scholar,

• 2012 Minnesota Institute for Early Career Librarians

• 2013 “ACRL Conference Scholarship,” Association of College and Research Libraries

• 2015 Co-Principal Investigator, “Refworks Workshops for Faculty and Students,” University of Montevallo Office of the Quality Enhancement Plan Grant.

• 2017 – 2019 Co-Principal Investigator, “Women of Color and the Burden of Care in Library and Information Science,” University at Albany Faculty Research Award Program Category B Grant.

• 2018 – 2019 “Individual Development Award,” Joint-Labor Management Committee, United University Professions.
Chesley, C., Lowe, A. M., & Puzier, L. (2020). Can you see me now?: Engaging distance learners through virtual reference consultations. The Journal of Academic Librarianship, 46(5), Article 102199.

Anantachai, T., & Chesley, C. (2019). Level up the one-shot: Empowering students with backward design and game-based learning. In S. Steiner & M. Rigby (Eds.), Motivating students on a time budget: Pedagogical frames and lesson plans for in-person and online information literacy instruction (pp. 167–180). ACRL Press.

Anantachai, T., & Chesley, C. (2018). The burden of care: Cultural taxation of women of color librarians on the tenure-track. In R. L. Chou & A. Pho (Eds.), Pushing the margins: Women of color and intersectionality in LIS (pp. 301–327). Library Juice Press.

2020 and 2021 have highlighted long-standing work in equity, diversity, and inclusion in libraries and prompted a hard look inward at the library profession's role in perpetuating systemic racism and inequality, but I feel that our organization is having trouble with meaningful change and policy.

I am running because I am concerned with the accessibility of ALA membership and its professional benefits for BIPOC librarians and staff members, as well as new graduates and library workers without the MLS. I have been fortunate to have been mentored by so many wonderful librarians as a student and throughout my career, and as I move into mid-career librarianship, I believe it is now my duty to mentor and pull other librarians up behind me. If elected, would seize the opportunity to advocate for these populations, as well as meaningful policy and action to address systems in our profession which uphold white supremacy.
Sarah Clark She/Her/Hers Dean & University Librarian La Salle University Philadelphia PA Academic Associate Library Director, Rogers State University, 2012-2017

Access Services & Distance Learning Librarian, Rogers State University, 2006-2012

Library Assistant, Rogers State University, 2005-6
Oklahoma State University

Tulsa, Oklahoma

Doctor of Philosophy, Educational Leadership (Higher Ed.)

Dissertation Title: On the other side of the reference desk: Exploring Undergraduates’ lived experiences of Information Search Mediation through the ACRL Framework

August 2010-May 2016

Overall GPA: 4.0

Selected as American Libraries 2016 Notable Dissertation

University of Oklahoma

Tulsa, Oklahoma

Master of Library and Information Studies, May 2006

Overall GPA:4.0

University of Oklahoma

Norman, Oklahoma

BA (Magna Cum Laude) in Letters, May 1999

National Merit Scholar
ACRL No No ACRL ULS Current Topics Discussion Group 2019-Present Oklahoma Association of College and Research Librarians (OK-ACRL): 2016 President,

OK-ACRL Community of Oklahoma Instructional Librarians (COIL): 2010 Chair.

Oklahoma Library Association (OLA) University & College Division: 2010-11 Chair
American Libraries Magazine: 2016 Notable Dissertation (featured in May 2017 issue)

Oklahoma Association of College and Research Librarians (OK-ACRL): 2015 Outstanding Service Award

OLA-Gold Leadership Institute: Graduate, 2007
In my current position at La Salle University, I:
• Led $3,000,000 renovation of the Connelly Library, adding classroom space and a next-generation Learning Commons
• Reorganized Library staff (24 FTE librarians & staff +17 student workers)
• In collaboration with the Associate Dean for Collections and Operations, restructured the Library’s $2.5 million operations and salary budgets, identifying approx. $150,000 annually in cost savings
• Formed the Connelly Library’s first advisory board and fund raising campaign

In my previous positions at Rogers State University, I:
• Led project to create and implement RSU’s first online information literacy course
• Created RSU’s first university-wide Information Literacy assessment test (learning outcomes mapped to ACRL Framework for Information Literacy)
• Led initiative to open RSU’s first branch campus library in Pryor, Oklahoma, including proposing and acquiring funding for the project during a negative budget year
• Coordinated Library assessment programs, including customer service, instruction surveys as well as RSU’s first LIBQUAL+ assessment of academic library effectiveness
• Led partnerships with the Oklahoma Military Academy Museum and Will Rogers Memorial & Museum
Dissertation Title: On the other side of the reference desk: Exploring Undergraduates’ lived experiences of Information Search Mediation through the ACRL Framework. Selected as American Libraries 2016 Notable Dissertation.

Clark, S. (2016). On the Other Side of the Reference Desk: Viewing Lived Search Mediation Experiences through the Lens of Critical Information Literacy. In McNichol, S. (ed.), Critical Literacy for Information Professionals. London: Facet Publishing.

Clark, S. (2014). Exploring the lived information-seeking experiences of mature students. Journal of Information Literacy, 8(1), 58–84.
In addition to my work at La Salle, I also am a leadership coach specializing in supporting library and educational leaders to become more humane and effective leaders. You can learn more about my work at Somewhat to my surprise, several months ago I was contacted by a former colleague who has long been very involved in ALA, and who thought I might be a good fit for ALA Council. I wasn't so sure. However, he noted that unlike most candidates with an academic library backgroupd, I have spent my career at smaller regional public and private institutionsl. In addition, I've worked in both a rural/exurban setting and an urban institution, in two very different regions of the country. I also have focused a great deal on library leadership in both my doctoral work and side projects. To be frank, I believe that the ALA can and should do a better job at stewarding its resources and supporting its members of all backgrounds and library types. As a councilor, I would advoicate for solutions that balance effectiveness and humanity in all ALA operations and initiatives. 16
John Clexton Library Director Gladwin County District Library Gladwin MI Public Executive Library Director, Gladwin County District Library, MI, 2019-Present

Regional Library Director, United States Virgin Islands-St. Croix, 2018-2019

Branch Coordinator, Grosse Pointe Public Library, MI, 2000-2018
Wayne State University, MLIS, 1998; Wayne State University, BA Geography, 1996; Macomb Community College, AS Fire Science/EMT, 1991.

University of Georgia Carl Vinson Institute of Government, Cert. Public Library Financial Management, expected completion 2022
PLA No No Michigan Library Association, Advocacy and Legislative Committee, 2021-present

Association of Rural and Small Libraries, Governance Committee, 2020-present

Michigan Digital Preservation Network, Membership Committee, 2020-present

Valley Library Consortium, Executive Board President, 2020-present

Gladwin County Economic Development Committee, 2018-present

Beaverton Activity Center, board member, 2018-present

USVI Library Hurricane Response Team, 2018-2019

Michigan Education Association Local 1 President, 2007-2016
Rural Library Fellowship Berea College, KY 2021-present My major accomplishments have been collaboration, networking, and turning outwards. Reshaping the way libraries are utilized and still holding traditional values. I have regularly and repeatedly taken divided work staff and reshaped them into more collaborative groups. In doing so, we have been often recognized as being one of the most welcoming and “old school, neighborhood” libraries. We treat everyone with a smile and each patron is made to feel they are our number one concern. We continue that philosophy but now are not only internally making that practice, we have turned outward with area organizations. From other community agencies, we have become an integral part of community decision-making, and a place for everyone. We have had issues with prejudice and closed-minded thinking. We are making strides, in that we also represent all races, religions, sexual orientations, and individualities. In addition to our attitude and demeanor, this is also achieved via continuing education programs and displays. We have discovered many individuals appreciate the acceptance and truly feel we are a library for “everyone”. Prior to COVID, libraries were often subject to attempts to defund and eliminate State penal fines from funding sources. Libraries have made strides in advocacy and lobbying to secure funding. But much more work needs to be done. As we climb out of COVID, we find that libraries are even higher on the cut list, as financial concerns are abundant in all aspects of government departments. We and ALA must continue to be proactive and steadfast in protecting current and future funding.

Our nation is faced with deepening questions and crises of social justice, diversity including race and gender identity among others, and testing of our constitution. Libraries need to be the center of education, staunch supporters of diversity, and safe places for all Americans and visitors alike. Our tradition celebrates the freedoms that public libraries represent. We must continue to “Be that Center of our American Ideals”.

Kaitlin Crotty She/Her/Hers Interim Library Director Rogers State University Claremore OK Academic Associate Library Director; Rogers State University; July 1, 2019 - April 30, 2021.

Access Services and Distance Learning Librarian; Rogers State University; November 9, 2015 - June 30, 2019.

Evenings and Weekends Manager; Schusterman Library at the University of Oklahoma - Tulsa; May 2011 - October 2015.
University of Oklahoma, MLIS, 2013; Rogers State University, BA Communications, 2010. ACRL Library Instruction Round Table (LIRT), Rainbow Round Table (RRT), Learning Round Table (LearnRT), Intellectual Freedom Round Table (IFRT), Games & Gaming Round Table (GAMERT), Graphic Novels and Comics Round Table (GNCRT) No No RSU Communications Department Outstanding Graduate Award, 2011;

RSU Communications Department Distinguished Capstone Award, 2010;

Second place award in PR Competition at the 2010 Oklahoma Speech, Theatre, and Communications Association Conference, 2010;

Psi Chi National Honor Society for Psychology, spring induction 2009.

Co-presenter: "Changing Hats, Changing Resources: Altering the Perception of the Academic Librarian" OK-ACRL 2019 Annual Conference;

Co-presenter: “How to Train a New Instruction Librarian” at a COIL meeting in January 2016;

Presenter: “Pinterest! How to…” at the Schusterman Library’s “Let’s Connect! Hi & Lo Tech” Social Media Fair, 2012.

Committee Memberships (Library and Institutional):

Diversity Committee, Rogers State University, 2020-Present;

Faculty Development Committee, Rogers State University, 2019-Present;

Faculty Senate Representative, Rogers State University, 2018-2019;

Library Activities Committee, Rogers State University, 2017-Present (Chair 2019-Present);

Web Accessibility in Higher Education Committee, Rogers State University, 2015-Present;

Distance Education Committee, Rogers State University, 2015-2016;

School of Library and Information Studies Curriculum Committee, University of Oklahoma, 2012-2013.

Other Accomplishments:

Coordinated RSU Libraries' innaugural Creative Showcase, centering on a celebration of diversity, 2021

Coordinated Faculty Training on Cultivating an Inclusive Classroom: Tips for creating a welcoming, gender-inclusive educational space for students, 2021

Oklahoma Library Association's Gold Leadership Institute, 2016;
I truly believe in our power as librarians to inspire and empower change. I acknowledge and respect the plethora of ways that others in our field have already fostered such changes. I appreciate the steps that have been taken, but there is and always will be more to do. We as librarians, and our libraries, need to continue to do more to invite and promote diversity and inclusion within our staff, our populations, our collections, and our programming. We have more work to do in order to connect patrons with information about and access to equitable opportunities for those in need. We must always remember that accessibility doesn’t stop at a screen reader and a large print keyboard. It is my goal to continue to strive to promote diversity, equity, inclusion, and accessibility not only in my small academic library but throughout the whole of the library realm. 6
Amy Dye-Reeves She/Her/Hers Education & History Librarian Texas Tech University Lubbock TX Academic Humanities Librarian, Murray State University, 2018-2019

Library Media Specialist, Jefferson County Schools, Tennessee, August 2013- December 2017
University of Tennessee- Knoxville, MSIS, 2013

East Tennessee State University; MA History, 2009

East Tennessee State University; BA History; 2007
ACRL No No ALA Committee on Education (Member),

ACRL Anthropology and Sociology Social Sciences: Instruction and Information Literacy (Member),

ACRL Appointments Committee (Member),

ACRL Distance and Online Committee (Member) ACRL Education Research Libraries Discussion Group (Member), ACRL Advisory Council: Education and Behavioral Sciences Section (Member),

ACRL ERIC Users Committee (Vice-Chair),

ACRL Curriculum Materials Committee (Secretary), ACRL Framework Sandbox Committee (Member), ACRL History Librarian D. Group (Secretary), ACRL Mentoring (Member), ACRL New Roles and Changing Landscapes (Member, Vice-Chair), ACRL Standards (Member, Vice-Chair)

Tennessee Libraries Association: Honors, Awards, and Scholarship Committee Member, Co-Chair Volunteer State Book Award, Co-Chair(s) Local Arrangements Conference Committee, Scholarship Committee, and Volunteer State Book Award, Co-Chair(s) Staff Development Committee, Board of Directors Member

East Tennessee Libraries Association: President, Vice- President, Member
Innovators Award, University of Tennessee- Knoxville, School of Information Sciences, May 2019

Outstanding Service Award, University of Tennessee- Knoxville, School of Information Sciences May 2013
Amy Dye-Reeves (Associate Education and History Librarian) at Texas Tech University (Lubbock, Texas). Began career in 2013 as a Library Media Specialist (certified teacher) within Jefferson County Schools, Tennessee. I worked for four years in a rural county (title one school) working with low-income students. Winner of the "Read to Be Ready" grant in 2017 to help fund a STEM Camp for struggling readers and started a community garden to promote healthy living. In 2018, I changed to academic librarianship. I began as a humanities librarian and moved to education librarianship at my current university. I have a passion for helping others and contributing to ALA as a whole. Dye-Reeves, A. (2021) "Partnership with the College of Education on Creating a Doctoral Support Center." Liaison Engagement: A Practical Guide for Librarians. Rowman & Littlefield. ISBN: 978-1-5381-4463-3

Dye-Reeves, A. (2020) "A Collaborative Effort: A Psychology Librarian's Partnership with the Clinical Psychology Department to Curb Plagiaristic Behaviors" Academic Plagiarism: Librarians' Solo and Collaborative Efforts to Curb Academic Plagiarism. Nova Science Publishers. ISBN: 978-1-53618-804-2

Dye-Reeves, A. (2019) "Legal Awareness in Social Media for Academic Libraries," Social Media for Communication and Instruction in Academic Libraries. IGI Global (Emerald Publication). DOI: 10.4018/978-1-5225-8097-3
In 2020, we experienced change on all levels during the COVID 19 pandemic. We experienced financial impacts, social unrest, and employment disparity. I view all voices as important! We are greater together than alone to face the uncertainty of our “new normal” together. I view each person in our organization as colleagues and friends to work through any difficulties together. I seek to understand how to better serve our communities and larger organization during a most unusual time. I want to figure out ways to help all our faculty, staff, and patron populations succeed and flourish during our transitional period. The period from face-to-face to online/hybrid, and back to face-to-face services will be difficult but not impossible with the help of others. I seek your vote to become a voice to help lead change and understand how to help you succeed during this “new normal."
Maria Estrella She/Her/Hers/Ella Dyad Public Services Manager Cleveland Public Library Cleveland OH Public Assistant Branch Manager Cleveland Public Library - South Brooklyn Branch Cleveland, Ohio February 22, 2016 – July 24, 2017

Subject Department Librarian Cleveland Public Library – Youth Services Department Cleveland, Ohio July 29, 2017 – February 20, 2016
Cornell University, Certification in Diversity and Inclusion, 2021

Hispanic Alliance. Hispanic Alliance Leadership Development Initiative Cohort V, 2017

American Library Association Institution. ALA Leadership Institute: Leading to the Future, | 2016

Library Leadership Ohio, OhioNET, 2016

Kent State University, Masters of Communication and Information in Library and Information Science, 2008

Cleveland State University, Bachelor of Arts and Sciences in Social Work and Spanish, 2006
ALSC Ethnic & Multicultural Information Exchange Round Table (EMIERT) REFORMA No No REFORMA Children’s and Young Adult Services Committee (CAYASC), Chair, 2018 - Present

Coretta Scott King Book Award Committee, Committee Member, 2021-2022

ALSC Excellence in Early Literacy Digital Media Committee, Committee Member, 2019

ALSC/REFORMA Pura Belpré Committee, Committee Member, 2016

REFORMA Children in Crisis Task Force, Task Force Member, 2013
Maria Estrella has two decades of library experience in both the public and special library sectors. She is actively involved with REFORMA at a national level and is presently a book juror on the 2021 Coretta Scott King Book Award. Mrs. Estrella participated in a panel discussion titled "A New Generation in Charge: How Millennial Leadership is Changing Library Staffing," as part of the 2018 ALA Midwinter Meeting and Exhibits's Symposium on the Future of Libraries. During the 2020 Virtual American Library Association Annual Conference, Mrs. Estrella organized and moderated the ALA/ALSC presentation titled “Juntos: Latinx Family Engagement at Your Library,” and was featured in the Children and Libraries summer 2020 article “Welcoming to All: Latinx Culture and Programming: Notes from Latinx Librarians.” She is also the current Chair of the Children’s and Young Adults Committee and the REFORMA liaison to the Association of Library Services to Children, which oversees the 2021 Pura Belpré Award committee. In addition, Mrs. Estrella received the 2021 recipient of the Dr. Arnulfo D. Trejo Librarian of The Year Award. Children and Libraries “Welcoming to All: Latinx Culture and Programming: Notes from Latinx Librarians, Summer 2020

Publication of the Public Library Association - Public Libraries Online "Cleveland Public Library’s First Bike-Based Library Service Initiative", November 13, 2015 It's imperative to continue to include professionals of multiple group identities on the American Library Association board, committees, roundtables, and task forces to embody the organizational commitment of equity, diversity, and inclusion in a predominantly white profession. I will bring a fresh perspective to the ALA Council as my background informs my avid and passionate support for the library profession and patrons to become life-long learners. To do so effectively, I advocate removing all barriers by creating opportunities to showcase cultural awareness, diversity, acceptance, and understanding. 7
Maggie Farrell She/Her Dean of Libraries University of Nevada, Las Vegas Las Vegas NV Academic Dean of Libraries, Clemson University, 2015-2017

Dean of Libraries, University of Wyoming, 2002-2015

Associate Dean of Libraries, Montana State University, 1996-2002
Arizona State University, MPA, public administration, 1992; University of Arizona, MLS, library science, 1988; University of Missouri Kansas City, BA, american studies, 1984; Defense Language Institute, Certificat, Russian language, 1977. UNITED, Core, ACRL Sustainability Round Table (SustainRT), Social Responsibilities Round Table (SRRT), Rainbow Round Table (RRT), Intellectual Freedom Round Table (IFRT), International Relations Round Table (IRRT), Government Documents Round Table (GODORT) REFORMA, BCALA, CALA No No ALA Treasurer 2019-2022; ALA Council 2004-2007; ALA BARC 2015-2019; ALA Presidential Initiatives Task Force member, 2015-2016; ALA COL FDLP Task Force Chair, 2012-2014; ALA International Relations Committee member, 2009-2011; ALA Traditional Cultural Expressions Task Force Co-Chair, 2010-2011; ACRL Division Councilor, 2010-2013; ACRL Conference Committees member or Co-Chair, 2005, 2007, 2009, 2011, 2015, 2019; ACRL FTRF Liaison, 2015-2018; ACRL President's Program Committee member, 2008-2009; GODORT Ad Hoc Committee on the Internet Chair, 1993-1996, GODORT Notable Documents Committee member, 1993-1996. Arizona State Library Association Conference Chair, 1991-1993; Arizona State Library Association PreConference Chair, 1989-1990; Arizona State Library Association Executive Board, 1990-1993, Arizona State Library Association Nominations and Elections Committee Chair, 1990-1991; SPARC Steering Committee, 2010-2012; BCR Board of Trustees, 2000-2006; Colorado Alliance of Research Libraries Member Council, Chair 2003-2004, 2012-2013; Montana Library Association Offline Conference Committee, 1998-2000; Montana Library Association Strategic Planning Committee member, 2001-2002; Mountain Plains Library Association Leadership Institute Mentor, 2004; Mountain Plains Library Association Continuing Education Committee member, 1999-2001; Mountain Plains Library Association, Government Documents Section Chair, 1994-1995; Nevada State Council on Literacy and Libraries, 2020 -; OCLC Board of Trustees member, 2006-2013; OCLC Members' Council representative, 2000-2006; OCLC Members' Council President, 2005-2006; U.S. Depository Library Council, 1994-1995, 1998-2001; U.S. Depository Library Council Chair, 2000-2001; Wyoming Library Association Conference Chair, 2008-2010; Wyoming Library Association Legislative Committee, 2005-2011; Wyoming Library Databases Steering Committee member, 2009-2015. Leadership Wyoming, 2006-2007; UCLA Senior Fellows Program, 2005; Bryn Mawr Leadership Institute, 2003; United States Federal Depository Library Council, 1994 - 1995, 1998 – 2001; ACRL/Harvard Leadership Institute, Cambridge, Massachusetts, August 2001; Snowbird Leadership Institute, Snowbird, Utah, August 1991 and July 1997; American Library Association/United States Information Agency Library Fellow, 1993. GODORT: led discussions and developed a whitepaper on the use of the Internet to improve access to government information. GPO: first internet consultant working on initiatives to increase free access to government information including the Federal Register. ALA: Led the process for examining traditional cultural expressions and how ALA could support libraries and archives in respecting and honoring heritage and unique collections. University of Wyoming: secured $50 million of legislative funding for an addition and remodel of the main library, repurposed a branch library into a compact print collections storage and student study spaces, tripled the collection budget supporting research collections and digital initiatives, and funded statewide access initiatives to provide information resources for all Wyoming citizens through the library network. Active in forming international relations in support of university global partnerships. Clemson University: oversaw lobby renovations and improvements in student study areas and increased the collection budget specifically for graduate student services and collections. UNLV: developing initiatives to foster inclusivity and expand diversity as well as leading efforts to increase research support. Farrell, Maggie. Leadership Reflections, column. Journal of Library Administration. 22 articles, 2013-2019.

Farrell, Maggie and Garner, Martin. “Developing and Managing Budgets” in Powers, Amanda Clay, Fife, Dustin, & Garnar, Martin. (2019). A starter's guide for academic library leaders: Advice in conversation.

Farrell, Maggie, Kawecki, Barbara, and Branham, Rick. (2017) Collaboration, Communication, and Partnerships for Effective Organizational Transformation. Paper presented at: IFLA WLIC 2017 – Wroc?aw, Poland – Libraries. Solidarity. Society. In Session S04 - Satellite Meeting: Knowledge Management Section.
FarrellMaggie I am honored to stand for election as an ALA Councilor. As I conclude my term as ALA Treasurer, it is critical that we have Councilors with expertise in financial management, governance, and an understanding of ALA structure. This would enable me to listen to members’ concerns and to represent the many perspectives and viewpoints to the governing body. In addition, ALA is going through various transitions which I hope will enable ALA to be more relevant to members and potential members. As librarianship evolves to meet the social, educational, and training needs of our communities, ALA needs to continue to evolve to provide the education, training, networking, and funding that librarians and library workers require. I hope to be part of this transformation and respectfully ask for your vote. 34
Athanasia Fitos She/Her/Hers Librarian 4-Branch Manager, Miami-Dade Public Library System, October 2019-Present Miami-Dade Public Library System Miami FL Public Librarian 3/Branch Manager, Miami-Dade Public Library System, October 2016-October 2019

Reference Librarian and Information Literacy Instructor, Miami Dade College-Kendall Campus, August 205-May 2019

Librarian 1- Adult Services, Miami-Dade Public Library System, August 2015-October 2016
University of South Florida, Master's Degree: Library and information science, May 2012

University of South Florida, Bachelor of Arts: International Affairs, Aug 1995 - Aug 2001

University of South Florida, Bachelor of Arts: Spanish, Aug 1995 - Aug 2001

University of South Florida, Certificate in Latin American and Caribbean Studies, 1999

University of South Florida, Certificate in East Asian Studies, 2000
YALSA, PLA Learning Round Table (LearnRT), Games & Gaming Round Table (GAMERT), Graphic Novels and Comics Round Table (GNCRT) No No Public Library Association Annual Conference Subcommittee, Chair, July 2020 - June 2021

Public Library Association Digital Literacy Committee, Member, July 2017 - June 2021

Public Library Association Annual Conference Subcommittee, Member, July 2018 - June 2020

ALA New Member's Round Table Midwinter Social Planning Committee, Chair, July 2018 - June 2019

ALA New Member's Round Table Student and Student Chapter Outreach Committee, (ALA NMRT SASCO), Member, 2018-2019
Dade County Library Association, President July 2020 - June 2022

Florida Library Association Planning Committee July 2020 - June 2021

National Networks of Libraries of Medicine, South-East/Atlantic Regional Program Advisory Committee (NNLM SEA-PAC), Member October 2018 - April 2021

MDPLS Social Services in Libraries Committee, Co-Chair, 2019 - Present

Florida Library AssociationContinuing Education Committee, Chair July 2019 - June 2020

Florida Library AssociationConference Planning Committee, Vice-Chair, July 2019 - June 2020

South East Florida Library Information Network Social Services in Libraries Committee, Co-Chair July 2019 - June 2020

South East Florida Library Information NetworkTraining Committee July 2019 - June 2020

Dade County Library Association, President-Elect July 2018 - June 2020

MDPLS Breast Cancer Awareness Committee, Member, 2018 - 2020

Florida Library Association Continuing Education Committee, Vice-Chair July 2018 - June 2019

Florida Library Association Poster Session Subcommittee, Chair July 2018 - June 2019

Florida Library Association Paraprofessional Certification Task-Force, Member, April 2018- June 2019

Florida Library Association Continuing Education Committee, Member July 2017 - June 2018

Florida Library Association Continuing Education Committee, Member 2017-2020

Dade County Library Association, Member 2017 - June 2021
2021 Best in Category: National Association of Counties (NACo) Award, MDPLS' Virtual Volunteering at the Public Library for Community Service Credit

2021 NACo Award, MDPLS' Engaging Partners and Communities in Virtual STEAM Fests

2021 NACo Award, MDPLS' Learning Circles for Staff Professional Development Program

2021 NACo Award, MDPLS' Tween Team Thursday

2020 NACo Award, MDPLS' Social Services in Libraries Program

2020 Miami Gold Awards, STEAM Fest Programs

2019 NACo Award, MDPLS' “STEAM Fest” programs and large-scale events

2018-9 ALA Libraries Ready to Code, recognition of Allapattah Branch Library as a Library of Promising Practice
• Disaster Information Specialization, Levels 1 & 2, National Networks of Libraries of Medicine (NNLM)/Medical Library Association (MLA), April 2020

• Library Freedom Institute, Cohort 3, May 2020

• Sunshine State Library Leadership Institute (SSLLI), Florida Division of State Library, Year 15-South Cohort, Lehigh Acres, Florida. Leadership Project: “Learning Circles for Staff Professional Development and Training.”, October 2018-July 2019

• Consumer Health Information Specialization, Level 2, National Networks of Libraries of Medicine (NNLM)/Medical Library Association (MLA), February 2019

• Consumer Health Information Specialization, Level 1, National Networks of Libraries of Medicine (NNLM)/Medical Library Association (MLA), August 2018

• Project manager for system-wide training and professional development program for library staff that has provided over 27 courses as learning circle courses to over 400 staff participants.

• Leadership role for digital skills and digital literacy including computer competency, and health literacy resources.

• Grant writer and project manager of $245,000 of funding since 2018.

• Organizer for quarterly system-wide STEAM Fest held face-to-face 5 times for over 4,000 participants and virtually 3 times for 500 participants.

• Oversaw a library building renovation in 2017-2018.
My aspiration is to remain an active participant in the ALA and to have positive impacts on the future of the profession through this participation. Service to our professional organizations is one of the best ways of advocating for libraries ensuring the future for the library as a relevant cultural heritage institution for generations to come. My concerns are the founded on the activist role which librarians and libraries can serve in their communities, increasing inclusivity and diversity so that the library is all people, serving as our modern day equivalent to the "salon" of generations past where dialogue and ideas were shared, argued, and discussed, and creating safe spaces where the library can be viewed as a destination for the community, not just a place. A role as a councilor would guarantee a place in the conversations for policy, procedure, and culture creation of our shared profession. 6
Tiffeni Fontno She/Her/Hers Head Librarian, Educational Resource Center Boston College Chestnut Hill MA Academic 3rd Grade Teacher, Durham Public Schools, 2014-2016

Education Librarian, Lesley University, 2013-2014

Learning Resource Center Teacher, South Euclid -Lyndhurst City Schools 2008-2013
• Ursuline College, B.A. History, 1995
• Kent State University, MLIS, 1999
• Case Western Reserve University, Advanced Certificate, Non-Profit Management, 2007
• John Carroll University, M.Ed., Education, 2008
• University of Dayton, Leadership for Organizations, Ed.D. expected 2023
ALSC, ACRL, AASL BCALA No No • ALA, Committee on Literacy, Chair, 2020
• ACRL, EBSS, Curriculum Materials Committee, 2020-2022
• ACRL, EBSS, Reference Sources & Services, 2019-2021
• ALSC, Education Committee, Member and Chair, 2017-2019
• ALSC, Notable Children's Book Committee, 2018
• SRRT, Feminist Task Force, Rise a Feminist Book Project Committee, 2019
• BCALA, Executive Board, 2017-2019
• Digital Commonwealth, Board of Directors, 2018-2021
• Digital Commonwealth, Education Committee, 2018-2021
• Boston Library Consortium, Education, Diversity, and Inclusion, Co-Lead, 2020-
• ACRL New England Chapter, Education and Curriculum Librarians, Member 2019-
•Teacher of the Year, YE Smith Elementary, 2016
oDistrict Semi-Finalist, Teacher of the Year, Durham Public Schools, 2016
Initiating an EDI Community of Interest for the Boston Library Consortium to share initiatives, resources, and networking within the New England area. Fontno, T., & Brown, D. (2015). Putting information literacy in the students’ hands: The elementary learning centers approach applied to instruction in higher education. College & Research Libraries News, 76(2), 92-97. doi:

Fontno, T. and Williams, A., 2019. Using Depth of Knowledge Questions to Encourage Deep Thinking: Intentional Questioning as an Instructional Strategy. [online] Available at:

Supporting Teacher Candidates as Social Justice Change-Makers: A Faculty-Librarian Collaboration for Building and Using Diverse Youth Collections in Hartsfield, D. E., & EBSCOhost. (2021). Handbook of research on teaching diverse youth literature to pre-service professionals. Information Science Reference, an imprint of IGI Global.

We Are Here: A Literary Space for Black Boys & Young Black Men

Instagram: @weareherelit
If elected Counselor-at-Large, I hope to work on behalf of library professionals to further the reach of our mission, especially amid COVID. It would be an honor to advocate for the activities, programming, and policies that will advance our organization and profession to meet the needs of more equitable workplaces, outreach, and services.

Of particular interest are policies and literacy initiatives for marginalized and underserved communities.
Elizabeth Fried She/Her Library Director Norwood Public Library Norwood NJ Public Young Adult/Reference Librarian Ridgefield Park Public Library February 2019-May 2021

School Library Media Specialist Saint Vincent Academy December 2015-December 2018
Rutgers University, Masters of Information, Library and Information Science, 2018

Felician University, Bachelor of Science, Biology, 2015

Thomas Edison State University, New Jersey Professional Librarian Certificate, November 2019
No No I am a very new director and I'm hoping that if elected I can gain experience and knowledge from being a council member that I can than use at my library. We are a small library that was hit hard by the pandemic, like many libraries were. I hope to advocate for the smaller libraries and generate ideas to get patrons back after such a trying time. 3
Kenny Garcia He/Him Research & Instruction Librarian California State University - Monterey Bay Seaside CA Academic San Jose State University, MLIS, 2011

University of Michigan – Dearborn, MA Liberal Studies, 2007

State University of New York – Binghamton, BA History & BA English-Creative Writing, 2001
ACRL Social Responsibilities Round Table (SRRT), Rainbow Round Table (RRT) REFORMA No No ALA Organizational Effectiveness/Governance Review Process Steering Committee, Member, 2018-2020

Association of College and Research Libraries (ACRL) Diversity Committee, Member, 2017-2019

Association of College and Research Libraries (ACRL) Diversity Committee, Chair, 2016-2017

Association of College and Research Libraries (ACRL) Diversity Committee, Vice-Chair, 2015-2016

Association of College and Research Libraries (ACRL) Diversity Committee, Secretary, 2014-2015

Association of College and Research Libraries (ACRL) Instruction Section (IS) Instruction for Diverse Populations (IDP) Committee, Member, 2015-2019

Association of College and Research Libraries (ACRL) Instruction Section (IS) Instruction for Diverse Populations (IDP) Committee, Secretary, 2014-2015

Social Responsibilities Round Table (SRRT), Action Council Member-at-Large, 2015-2020

Social Responsibilities Round Table (SRRT), Roundtable Coordinator, 2017-2018

Social Responsibilities Round Table (SRRT), Secretary, 2015-2017
Joint Conference of Librarians of Color (JCLC) 2022 Steering Committee, Member, 2020-Present

Joint Conference of Librarians of Color (JCLC) 2022 Awards & Scholarships Committee, Co-chair, 2020-Present

Joint Conference of Librarians of Color (JCLC) 2022 Concurrent Programs, Poster Sessions & Proceedings Committee, Co-chair, 2020-Present

California Faculty Association (CFA) Librarians’ Committee, Member, 2017-Present

The National Association to Promote Library and Information Services to Latinos and the Spanish-Speaking (REFORMA) Executive Committee, Past-President, 2020-2021

The National Association to Promote Library and Information Services to Latinos and the Spanish-Speaking (REFORMA) Executive Committee, President, 2019-2020

The National Association to Promote Library and Information Services to Latinos and the Spanish-Speaking (REFORMA) Executive Committee, Vice-President/President-elect, 2018-2019

The National Association to Promote Library and Information Services to Latinos and the Spanish-Speaking (REFORMA) Executive Committee, Secretary, 2016-2018

Monterey Bay Area Cooperative Library System (MOBAC) Reference Committee, Member, 2018-2020

California Academic & Research Libraries (CARL) Diversity in Academic Libraries Interest Group (DIAL), Programs Chair, 2018-2019

Stonebraker, I., Maxwell, C., Jerrit, J., & Garcia, K. (2017). Realizing Critical Business Information Literacy: Opportunities, Definitions and Best Practices. Journal Of Business & Finance Librarianship, 22(2), 135-148. Retrieved from

Garcia, K. (2016). Finding and analyzing information for action and reflection: possibilities and limitations of popular education in one-shot library instruction. In K. McElroy & N. Pagowsky (Eds.), Critical library pedagogy handbook, volume one: essays and workbook activities. Chicago: Association of College and Research Libraries. Retrieved from

Garcia, K. (2015). Keeping up with … Critical Librarianship. College and Research Libraries News. Retrieved from
I have been a member of ALA on and off for 11 years. I have participated in various ALA spaces and have benefited from each space in different ways. I have been fortunate to have learned from committed comrades and amazing library colleagues in each space.

I served on the ALA Organizational Effectiveness/Governance Review Process Steering Committee to work with folks on collectively imagining what a better ALA would look like. This reimagining of the association focused on member engagement in order to improve the experiences of its newer and potential members. I want to continue this level of service and work by running for a councilor at large position on ALA Council.

If elected, I would aspire to continue the conversations related to social justice in librarianship and member engagement in the professional association, and to work on policies, procedures, resolutions, and statements on behalf of the ALA Council.
Calypso Gilstrap She/Her School Librarian Goochland High School Goochland VA School School Librarian, Tuckahoe Middle School, Henrico, VA 2016-2021

School Librarian, Norman High School, Norman, OK 2009-2016

Instructor for the Graduate School of Professional Students in Instructional Library Education program, University of Central Oklahoma, 2015-2016
University of Central Oklahoma, M.Ed. Instructional Media Education, 2009

National Board Teaching Certification, Early Children-Young Adult Library Media, Expires 2031
AASL No No Professional Learning Committee, (2019-2021); ABC-CLIO Leadership Grant Committee member (2018-2019), Oklahoma Assembly Delegate representative (Midwinter 2015) Oklahoma Library Association, President (2015-16)

Oklahoma School Librarians, Chair (2013-14)

Oklahoma Library Association, Local Arrangements Committee (2012)
School Librarian of the Year Virginia Association of School Librarians, James Region 2021

School Librarian of the Year Henrico County Public Schools 2021

Hitachi Teacher Exchange Program recipient, 2014

Teacher of the Year Norman Public Schools District Finalist, 2013; Norman High School Teacher of the Year, 2013-2014

Outstanding Graduate Student of the Year, 2009; College of Education and Professional Studies Merit Award Spring 2008
Henrico Education Foundation Grant recipient, Student Owned Voices $22,000

School Library Connection, March 2019: Coding the School Library webinar instructor

Henrico Education Foundation Grant recipient, Talk of Tuckahoe $8,000

Teacher Librarian Day hosted by The Teacher Librarian Global Network 2015: panelist for Social Justice @library

Google Applications for Education Summit 2015: Making the Shift - Using the Inquiry Based Design and SAMR to move your library into the 21st Century

YALSA/Best Buy Grant Recipient, 2014

TEDxOU 2014 Participant
Knowledge Quest, May/June 2019: “Getting to Know You: A new relationship between IB’s ATLs and the AASL Framework for Learners"

School Library Connection, Dec 2018: “Glad you GAME to the library today: Using games in the library to teach and assess 21st century skills”

Young Adult Library Services Journal Fall 2014: “A Call to Action: Creating Conversations in your State Using the YALSA Futures Report.”
Serving at the state level as the president of Oklahoma Library Association, I saw librarians collaborating together to create a better community for citizen 10
Eric Gomez They/Them Community Library Manager - Tyrone Bryant Branch Library Broward County Library Fort Lauderdale FL Public Library Branch Manager II, Broward County Library, Tamarac Branch Library, Tamarac, FL, (Jan. 2015 to May 2018)

Library Branch Manager I, Broward County Library, Hallandale Beach Branch Library, Hallandale Beach, FL, (Sept. 2012 to Dec. 2014)

Youth Services Supervisor, Broward County Library, African-American Research Library and Cultural Center, Fort Lauderdale, FL, (Feb. 2008 to Aug. 2012)
Florida State University, M.L.I.S., Masters of Library and Information Studies, 2002;

Florida State University, Bachelor of Arts, Latin-American and Caribbean Studies, 1999.
YALSA, PLA, ALSC Social Responsibilities Round Table (SRRT), Rainbow Round Table (RRT), Ethnic & Multicultural Information Exchange Round Table (EMIERT), International Relations Round Table (IRRT) REFORMA No No Member, ALA Chapter Relations Committee (2020-2022)

Member, ALA-IRRT International Relations Committee (2010-2012)

Member, ALA-IRRT Committee on Diversity in Library Education (COE) Working Group (2011-12)

Member, ALSC Research Agenda Task Force (2020-2022)

Member, ALSC Nominating and Leadership Development Committee (2020-2022)

Member, ALSC 2019 (John) Newbery Award Medal Selection Committee (2018-2019)

Member, ALSC- Quicklists Consulting Committee, Bilingual member (2017-19)

Member, ALSC Standing Membership Committee (2016-17)

Member, ALSC 2016 (Sibert) Information Book Award Medal Selection Committee (2014-16)

Member, ALSC- Liaison with National Organizations Serving Children and Youth Committee (2010-12)

Member, ALSC-REFORMA 20th Anniversary Pura Belpre Task Force (2013-14)

Member, ALSC-REFORMA Quicklists Consulting Committee, Bilingual member (2010-13)

Member, ALA-REFORMA-CAYASC Children's and Young Adult Services Committee (2009-2012)

Member, ALSC 2009 (John) Newbery Award Medal Selection Committee (2007-09)

Member, YALSA-PLA- ALA- Preconference Planning Taskforce on Book Talking, ALA Annual (2008)
REFORMA De Florida Chapter, Recruitment Organizer for The National Organization to Promote Library & Information Services to Latinos and the Spanish speaking, (2020-present)

Board of Directors, Government Supervisors Association of Florida (GSAF-OPEIU, Local 100 AFL-CIO), Professional Unit, (2017-present)

Grassroots Community Organizer, Equality Florida, Campaign for Marriage Equality, LGBTQIA+ Human Rights, (2013-2016)

Recruitment Liaison Member, South Florida Young Adult Network (SFYAN), (2003-2010)
Certificate, 15 Years of Service Recognition, Broward County, FL. (2021)

Recipient Award, Connect to Protect, HIV-AIDS Prevention Campaign, Fort Lauderdale, FL (2009)

Honor, Society of Information Specialists, Florida State University, (1999-2000)

Honor, Hispanic Honor Society, Florida State University, (1998-2000)

Awarded, Florida Board of Regents’ Theodore and Vivian Johnson Scholarship, (1998-2000)
Member, (ALA) Chapter Relations Committee (CRC) served on the ALA-CRC subcommittee working group for the 2021 ALA COVID library relief fund (2021)

Member, (ALSC) Research Agenda Task Force (RATF) grant committee member to bring the field of children’s librarianship into the future as outlined by the ALSC Strategic Plan (2020-22)

Member, (ALSC) Nominating and Leadership Development Committee to select candidates for ALSC Board and Award positions. Develop ALSC members for leadership position roles (2020-2022)

Moderated (BCL) Conference on Children’s Literature; Key Note Speaker LATINX author Meg Medina the 2019 Newbery Award medal winner via WebEx; professional development educational literacy workshop (Sept. 25, 2020)

Awarded Grant (ALSC) Strengthening Communities through Libraries for Literacy and STEAM programming, (2018-2019)

Awarded Grant (ALA Public Programs Office) Explore Earth: Our Changing Planet traveling exhibition, (2016-2017)

Co-Chaired, Broward County Library, 25th Conference on Children's Literature and 10th Annual Ashley Bryan Art Series, (2012)

Bilingual Book Reviewer; wrote reviews of Spanish Language children and young adult books for professional publications such as School Library Journal and REFORMA's (CAYASC) Bulletin (2009-2012)

Gomez, Eric: "Broward County Library Celebrates Ten Years of the Ashley Bryan Art Series," Journal of the Association for Library Service to Children & Libraries (ALSC PRESS), Spring Quarterly, Volume 10, Number 1, 2012. I am humbled to submit my name for candidacy of ALA Councilor-At-Large. The American Library Association has been the one professional organization that through many years provided me a unique venue for collaborating and engaging professionally. ALA has championed equity, diversity, and inclusion (E.D.I.) in every form in addition to providing a unique platform for dialog, training and networking for its members. This is the reason I am standing on the ballot and if elected I would champion the role of libraries in the community to underserved groups such as; homeless individuals, immigrants, elderly, LGBTQIA+ families and teens so that they are reconnected. I would work wholeheartedly to reaffirm ALA Core values of librarianship and professional ethics; expanding Libraries outreach role of combating social-economic inequalities in our communities. I would encourage librarians and researchers to become community activist within our profession so that we all move Forward Together collectively. 18
Vicky Hart She/Her/Hers Director of Library Services Northeast Lakeview College Universal City TX Academic Executive Director, Mississippi Valley Library District, 5/2016 – 11/2018

Supervisory Branch Librarian, Joint Base San Antonio, 11/2015 – 4/2016

Marketing Representive, MARCIVE, Inc., 3/2014 – 10/2015
University of Illinois at Urbana/Champaign, MSLIS, 2007, Library and Information Science

Vassar College, BA, 1982, Biopsychology
Core, ACRL No Yes CJCLS (ACRL) - Vice Chair/Chair-Elect 2021-2024

Core Leadership Development and Mentoring Committee, appointed member, 2021-2023
Council of Research and Academic Libraries of the Greater San Antonio Area (TX), Vice President/President-Elect, 2021-2022

Illinois Library Association, Best Practices Committee, 2017-2018
Alamo Colleges District, District-Wide Employee of the Month, November 2020

Northeast Lakeview College, Employee of the Month, September 2020

2017 LibraryAware Community Award:
My largest professional concern is information literacy. With the current news climate and influence of social media, it has become paramount that students be able to understand, assess and evaluate the information they are bombarded with every day. As an academic librarian, I witness the need for instruction in information literacy on a daily basis. I would work to promote this important issue as an ALA Councilor-at-Large. 15
Carrie Herrmann She/Her/Hers Executive Director Boone County Public Library Burlington KY Public Public Service Coordinator, Boone County Public Library, June 2005-October 2014

Access/Circulation Services Coordinator, Boone County Public Library, February 2000-June 2005

Assistant Branch Manager, Campbell County Public Library February 1997-February 2000
• University of Kentucky, Lexington, Kentucky; Masters of Science in Library and Information Science, 1998.

• Indiana University, Bloomington, Indiana; Worked on a Masters of Arts in Folklore with an emphasis in material culture. Began work on a Masters of Library and Information Science.

• Northern Kentucky University, Highland Heights, Kentucky; Bachelor of Arts in English with an emphasis in writing, 1991.
PLA No No Romance Writers of America Library Grant Jury, Member 2019 & 2020

PLA Continuing Education Advisory Group Member, 2014-2016
• Served on state committee for Public Library Standards (Access Services subcommittee), Kentucky Department of Library and Archives, 2001 and 2008-2009.
• Served on SWON Executive Board, 2009-2011
• Kentucky Public Library Association Awards Chair 2009-2011
• Kentucky Library Association InFocus Editor 2010-2012
• Kentucky Libraries peer editor 2014-2015
• Leadership Northern Kentucky graduate, class of 2013
• Library won the 2019 NACO Best in Class Achievement Award for its program titled “African Americans of Boone County Initiative” in the category of Arts, Culture and Historic Preservation.
Implemented and managed the Kentucky Libraries Unbound state-wide consrotium for eMaterials.

Managed two $100,000 Smart Investing @ Your Library grants

Led one building project at Boone County Public Library Many corporations would love to have the brand recognition that libraries have--books. However, this is not what libraries are about. Libraries are about sharing knowledge and information with the communities we serve. For a long time that was facilitated through books. Today, we do this through books, programs, access to well trained staff, access to the internet, and access to opportunities to participate in civic discussions. Key issues came to light during the pandemic that libraries are well positioned to help communities face: early childhood literacy/school readiness, access to broadband, workforce development, and diversity, equity, and inclusion. Libraries, however, face funding issues as budgets were cut and funding levels have not returned. We must forge partnerships with like minded organizations that will help to spread our resources and our mission. 8
Twanna Hodge She/Her/Hers Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Librarian University of Florida Gainesville FL Academic Academic/Research Librarian, SUNY Upstate Medical University Health Sciences Library, March 2018-Jan 2020

Information Literacy and Collection Development Librarian, University of the Virgin Islands, St. Thomas, August 2016 - October 2017

Diversity Resident Librarian, University of Utah, July 2015 - July 2016
University of Washington, MLIS, 2015

University of the Virgin Islands, BA in Humanities, 2013
ACRL AILA, REFORMA, BCALA, APALA Yes Yes ACRL 2021 Scholarship Committee, Co-Chair, July 2019 – July 2021

ACRL 2021 Coordinating Committee, member, July 2019 – July 2021

ACRL Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion Committee, member, July 2019 – July 2021

ACRL Residency Interest Group, Outgoing Convener, July 2020 – July 2021

ACRL Residency Interest Group – Social Media and Communications Team Leader, September 2018 – September 2021

ALA EBSCO Conference Sponsorship Jury, member, October 2018 – June 2019

Spectrum 2018–2019 Giving Back Circle, member, September 2018– June 2019

NMRT Membership Promotion, Diversity, and Recruitment Committee, Chair, October 2019- July 2020

NMRT Membership Promotion, Diversity, and Recruitment Committee, member, August 2017 – July 2020

NMRT Membership Promotion, Diversity, and Recruitment Committee, Chair, October 2019- July 2020

NMRT Membership Promotion, Diversity, and Recruitment Committee, August 2017 – July 2020
Association of Southeastern Research Libraries (ASERL), Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Taskforce, Retention, member, September 2020 – present

NCAAL XI Conference Programming Committee, Co-Chair, February 2019 – September 2021
UF Libraries 2020 Employee Excellence Award for Innovation for Practicing Kindness in Crises series, 2020

Central NY Libraries Resources Council Professional Development Award (, 2019

Upstate New York and Ontario Chapter of the Medical Library Association Professional Development Award, 2019

Eastern NY Chapter of ACRL Professional Development Grant, 2019

Library Assessment Conference Travel Grant, 2018

EBSCO ALA Conference Scholarship, 2018

ACRL 2017 Early-career Librarian Scholarship, 2017


Cultural Humility in Academic Librarianship (, 2021

Why This ‘Diversity Librarian’ Wants to Make Her Job Obsolete (, 2020

ACRL Member of the Week Profile (, 2018

#Recognize: Twanna Hodge, MLIS (, 2019
Hodge, Twanna: “Using My Experiences to Pay It Forward: From Diversity Resident to Diversity Fellowship Coordinator,” in Residencies Revisited: Reflections on Library Residency Programs from the Past and Present (Library Juice Press), expected publication in Spring 2022.

Hodge, Twanna: “Integrating Cultural Humility into Public Services Librarianship,” International Information & Library Review, (51)3, 1–7,(2019).

Hodge, Twanna & Williams, Jamia: “Call to Action: Envisioning a future that centers BIPOC voices,” American Libraries Magazine, Online, 2021.
Twitter - If elected, I intend to utilize my knowledge, skills, and abilities to aid ALA and its collaborators in furthering diversity, equity, inclusion, justice (social, racial, etc.), and accessibility within the profession and those we support and work with. I would regularly work to embed these values into our structures and practices, address systemic inequities, educate people about exclusionary practices, change them, and more. My professional focuses are the concerns of library workers, early-career librarians, library residents and fellows, and LIS students who are underrepresented/historically excluded. I plan to elevate their voices within the structure and processes of the Council. 8
Jenn Hooker She/Her Librarian II Santa Cruz Public Libraries Santa Cruz CA Public Librarian I, Santa Cruz Public Libraries, Aug 2015-Aug 2016

Library Assistant II, Santa Cruz Public Libraries, Aug 2014-Aug 2015

Library Aide, Santa Cruz Public Libraries, Aug 2010-Oct 2014
San Jose State University, Masters of Library and Information Science, December 2015

University of California, Santa Cruz, Bachelors of Film and Digital Media, September 2012
PLA No No Developing Leaders in California Libraries Leadership Challenge, 2021

Leading from Any Position, 2015
Jenn Hooker: "Safety First. (And Second. And Third.) Public Libraries Online, November 9, 2012.

Jenn Hooker: "Make Your Library A Safe Space," Public Libraries Online, December 11, 2012.

Jenn Hooker: "ALA Conferences: Some Tips for Newbies," Public Libraries Online, January 7, 2013.
As I Councilor at Large I will do my best to bridge gaps in equity within the library profession. There are still many barriers in place to getting a more diverse workforce and, in light of the pandemic, a variety of issues library staff have faced that have not been sufficiently addressed. If elected, I hope to use my connections, my knowledge, my skills, and my influence to help make the professional and paraprofessional workforce more diverse, more supported, and move the profession towards a greater sense of equity and parity. 5
Martha Hutzel She/Her Library Director Central Rappahannock Regional Library Fredericksburg VA Public Branch Manager, Central Rappahannock Regional Library, Howell Branch 2013-2015

Branch Manager, Central Rappahannock Regional Library, Porter Branch, 2010-2013

Branch Manager, Central Rappahannock Regional Library, Snow Branch, 1998-2010
St. Francis College, B.S., Public Administration, 1982

University of Maryland at College Park, MLIS, 1997

Virginia Librarian Certificate, 1997
UNITED, RUSA, PLA, Core No No ALA Census Task Force, member, 2019-2020

PLA Advocacy and Strategic Partnerships Committee

PLA Conference Program Sub-committee

ALA's National Library Legislative Day, state of Virginia Coordinator, 3 years, 2011-2015

Public Libraries Advisory Committee, 2021-2023
Virginia Library Association, Fundraising Committee Chair, 2011-2014

Virginia Library Association, President-Elect, 2014-2015

Virginia Library Association, President, 2015-2016

Virginia Library Association, Immediate Past President, 2016-2017

Virginia Public Library Director's Association, Member, 2016-present

VPLDA, Member, Library Standards Review Committee, 2018-2019

VPLDA, Member, By-laws Committee, 2019-2020

The Library of Virginia, Emergency Planning Workbook Committee, 2021

Fredericksburg regional Chamber of Commerce, Board Member, 2016-present

Rappahannock Goodwill Industries, Board Member, 2017-present

Rappahannock Goodwill Industries Vice-Chair, 2021-2022

University of Mary Washington, Women's Leadership Colloquium, Board Member, 2015-2020

University of Mary Washington, Honors Advisory Board, Member, 2019-present

Women in Business Leadership, Local Chapter, Member, 2011-2016

Fredericksburg Regional Chamber of Commerce, Chamber's Network of Enterprising Women, Committee Chair, 2015-2016

North Stafford Rotary Club, President, 2013-2014

Rappahannock Rotary Club, Member, 2016-present
Fredericksburg Regional Chamber of Commerce, Laurie A. Wideman Enterprising Woman Award

University of Mary Washington, Patricia Lacey Metzger Distinguished Achievement Award

Virginia Public Library Director's Association, Libby Lewis Award

Graduate, Rotary Leadership Institute, 2012

Fellow, PLA Leadership Academy, 2015

Fellow, Leadership Fredericksburg, 2017

Lead Virginia, Fellow, Class of 2021
I strongly believe my major accomplishments are connected to my profession. I first came to work in public libraries fresh our of undergrad and continued to work part-time while raising three young children. I went to work full-time as head of Circulation at the Porter Branch in 1993, and quickly realized I needed an MLIS in order to advance professionally. I commuted over 100 miles round trip after work and on weekends to obtain my MLIS from UMCP. It was not easy and required a great deal of sacrifice, but it has been well worth the commitment of time and resources. I quickly rose to Branch Manager and every few years was advanced to a higher level and a larger branch. I truly loved managing branches and serving my community, but I wanted more and I had done everything in my power to be ready for another promotion. When our long time Library Director retired in 2015, I applied for and received the position of CRRL Director. I have been making positive changes ever since.
Martha Hutzel and Janice Black, "We Had a Comic-Con and You Can Too", Virginia Libraries, 2014 Numerous Blog Posts for the UMW Women's Leadership Colloquium, 2017-2019 It has been a major professional goal of mine to become a member of ALA Council. I want to contribute to the organization that has done so much for me professionally. I feel that I have done many things professionally in my community and in my state and been involved for many years in PLA, The Chamber of Commerce and Rotary International. I have never nomintaed myself nor been nominated for ALA Council and I feel that I am ready to give my time and attention to the professional association that I have long depended on and been a member of for many years. It is time to give back and this is a way to do just that! If elected I will endeavor to serve the entire association.
Judy Jeng Community Representative Digital Public Library of America Woodbridge CT Public Adjunct Assistant Professor, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, 2011.

Assistant Professor, Clarion University of Pennsylvania, 2009-2010.

Part-time Lecturer, Rutgers University, 2009.
Rutgers University, Ph. D., Library and Information Science, 2006; University of Texas at Austin, MLIS, Library and Information Science, 1984; National Taiwan University, BA, Library Science, 1981.
Core Retired Members Round Table (RMRT) CALA No No ALA International Relations Committee, 2000-2002 (member); ALA International Relations Committee, East Asia and the Pacific Subcommittee, 2001-2005 (member 2001-2004; chair, 2004-2005); ALA International Sales and Publishing Working Group, 2002-2003 (member); ALA Research and Statistics Committee, 1997-1999 (member); ALA Membership Committee, 1990-1992; Core Subject Analysis Committee, 2020-2023 (Liaison to IFLA); ALCTS Subject Analysis Committee, 2011-2013 (chair); ALCTS FRBR Interest Group, 2020-2011 (chair); ALCTS Coutts Award for Innovation in Electronic Resources Management, 2010-2011 (chair); ALCTS Administration of Collection Development Committee, 2006-2010 (member); ALCTS Editorial Board, Library Resources & Technical Services, 2007-2008 (member); ALCTS Technical Services Administrators Medium-Sized Research Libraries Discussion Group Steering Committee, 1997-2000 (member); ALCTS Technical Services Costs Committee, 1990-1991 (member); ACRL International Relations Committee, 2004-2009 (member); ACRL Samuel Lazerow Fellowship for Research in Acquisitions or Technical Services Committee, 1992 1995 (member); LAMA Supervisory Skills Committee, 1991 1995 (member); LAMA Library Building Awards Committee, 1989 1991 (member); LITA Standards Task Force, 2010-2011 (member); LITA Standards Interest Group, 2008-2009 (chair); LITA Publications Committee, 2008-2012 (member); LITA International Relations Committee, 1998 2002 (member); LITA Research Committee, 1993 1998 (member); JMRT Archives Committee, 1988 1990 (chair); JMRT Professional Development Committee, 1989 1990 (member); RMRT Directors-at-Large, 2014-2016, 2018-2020.
New Jersey Library Association, Member, Research Committee, 1999-2000; American Society for Information Science & Technology, Chair, New Jersey Chapter, 2009-2010; American Society for Information Science & Technology, Program Chair, New Jersey Chapter, 2008-2009; American Society for Information Science & Technology, Chair, International Paper Contest Committee, 2006-2008; American Society for Information Science & Technology, Member, Constitution & Bylaws Committee, 2007-2008; Association for Library and Information Science Education, Convener, International Library Education Special Interest Group, 2010-2012; International Federation of Library Associations and Institutions, Member, Standing Committee for Acquisition and Collection Development, 2009-2013; Virtual Academic Library Environment, Member, Cooperative Collection Management Committee, 2006-2009; PALINET, Member, Electronic Resources Advisory Group, 2006-2008; OCLC, Co-Chair, FAST Policy & Outreach Committee, 2018-2019; Chinese American Librarians Association (CALA), Member, Best Book Committee, 2014-2015; Chinese American Librarians Association (CALA), Editor-in-Chief, CALA Occasional Paper Series, 2006-2009; Chinese American Librarians Association (CALA), Ex Officio, Publications Committee, 2006-2009; Chinese American Librarians Association (CALA), Board of Directors, 1996 1999; Chinese American Librarians Association (CALA), Member, International Relations Committee, 2004-2005; Chinese American Librarians Association (CALA), Member, Transliteration Standards Task Force, 1997 1998; Chinese American Librarians Association (CALA), Member, Scholarship and Research Grants Committee, 1988 1989; Chinese American Librarians Association (CALA), Member, Program and Local Arrangements Committee, 1987 1988. ALA/ACRL Doctoral Dissertation Fellowship (2004); ALA/LITA Student Writing Award (2004); ALA/JMRT Olofson Memorial Award (1988); Chinese American Cultural Association, Volunteer Service Award (2014); Chinese American Cultural Association, Leadership Award (2016).
Dissertation Committee, School of Information Sciences, University of Pittsburgh, 2010-2012. Digital library evaluation consultants for New Jersey Digital Highway and NJVid. Teachers at Mid-Jersey Chinese school, Raritan Valley Chinese School, and Murray Hill Chinese School. Jeng, J., & Lai, L.H. (2013). [Translation of Key issues for e-resource collection development: A guide for libraries]. International Federation of Library Associations and Institutions.

Jeng, J. & Sonnenwald, D. H. (2011). Evaluation of Information Systems. In C. H. Davis & Shaw, D. (Eds.), Introduction to information science and technology (pp. 129-142). Medford, NJ: Information Today.

Jeng, J. (2009). Two digital initiatives: New Jersey Digital Highway and NJVid. In Proceedings of the International Conference of Digital Archives and Digital Humanities (pp. 315-340). Taipei, Taiwan: National Taiwan University.; I am interested in serving as Councilor at Large. If elected, I will have the opportunity to continue my service at ALA at a different level. I have served on many committees at ALA and its divisions, round tables, and interest groups. I have played many leadership roles. I have also received a number of awards and certificates of appreciation/recognition. I will bring perspectives from retired librarians. 38
Sara Kelly Johns She, Her Online LIS Adjunct Instructor Syracuse University iSchool, School Library Program Saranac Lake
NY LIS graduate program, Instructor School Librarian, Lake Placid (NY) Middle/High School

School Librarian, Beekmantown (NY) Junior-Senior High School

Adjunct Instructor, Mansfield University School Library and Information Technologies Program
State University of New York, Albany, MLS

New York State Permanent Certification, School Library Media Specialist

State University of New York, Plattsburgh, BA, English Literature
YALSA, PLA, Core, ALSC, ACRL, AASL, UNITED New Members Round Table (NMRT), Social Responsibilities Round Table (SRRT), Retired Members Round Table (RMRT), Rainbow Round Table (RRT), Learning Round Table (LearnRT), Intellectual Freedom Round Table (IFRT), Ethnic & Multicultural Information Exchange Round Table (EMIERT), Sustainability Round Table (SustainRT), International Relations Round Table (IRRT) REFORMA, BCALA No No ALA Councilor-at-Large, 2002-2004; 2010-present; ALA Division Councilor, 2011-13; ALA Executive Board, 2013-16; ALA Resolutions Committee, 2019-present; ALA Branding Workgroup, 2021-present; ALA COLA Ecosystem Subcommittee Co-Chair, 2019-present; AASL Liaison to COLA, 2019-present; ALA representative to USBBY; ALA Literacy Committee, 2013-15, Chair, 2014-15; AASL Standards Implementation Task Force, 2015-2017; AASL Past-President, 2007-08; ALA Presidential School Library Task Force, 2012-2014; AASL Director and Director-Elect, 2003-2007; Spectrum Scholar Advisory Committee, 2011-2015; Associate Editor for AASL Community, Knowledge Quest, 2003-2010; Guest Editor, AASL KQ Conference Issues, 2009-10, 2012-13. ALA President-Elect JulieTodaro’s Presidential Initiative Taskforce, School Library Co-chair, 2015-2017; ALA/ALISE Accreditation Taskforce, 2015-2017; ALA Conference Committee, 2014-2016; ALA President Maureen Sullivan’s Kitchen Cabinet, 2012-2016; ALA Grassroots Advocacy Subcommittee of the ALA Committee on Legislation; ALA Advocacy Committee, 2008-2009; Spectrum Scholar Advisory Committee, 2011-2015. ALA President Jim Rettig’s Advocacy Task Force, 2008-09; ALA President Camila Alire’s Initiative REACT Task Force, 2009-2010; ALA President Roberta Stevens’ Task Force on Council Effectiveness, 2010-2012, ALA President-elect Molly Raphael’s Advocacy Presidential Initiative, Co-chair, Strategy Toolkit for Engaging the Community in Advocacy, 2011-12; AASL’s Liaison to ALA Education Committee, 2003-05. Public Advocacy Task Force member, 1995-1999.
NEW YORK LIBRARY ASSOCIATION: NYLA President, Sept. 2013-Nov. 2014. Legislation Committee, Member-at-Large, 2005-2009, Nov. 2014-2020. Member of the New York State Delegation to the ALA Advocacy Day, Washington, 2015-present; Convener, the 2014 School Library Summit, July 7-8, 2014; School Library/Public Advocacy Committee, 2005-2015. NYLA Executive Council, 1993-94, 2002-05, Nov. 2012-2015. Finance Committee, 2004-05. Awards Committee, 2002-04. Conference Advisory Committee, 1991-93. Local Arrangements Committee, NYLA Conference, 1987 and 1992. Recruitment Ad Hoc Task Force, 1985. Public Awareness Committee, 1995-2000. NYLA Membership Committee, 1994-1996, co-chair, 1995-96.

SCHOOL LIBRARY SECTION/NYLA: Section of School Librarians Executive Board, 1992-present; Educational Leadership Committee (originally Information Power Implementation Committee), 1991-present; program co-chair, 1994-2007, 2010-present. Program Director, SSL Summer Leadership Institutes, 1993-present. SLMS Continuing Education Program for 1996 NYLA Conference,SLMS President, 1993-94. VP/President-Elect, 1992-93.

NORTHERN ADIRONDACK LIBRARY ASSOCIATION: Charter member President, 1980, 1986, 2019-present. Program Chair, SLMS Conference, 1989. Legislative Chair and SLMS liaison, 1986-1999.

NEW YORK STATE EDUCATION DEPARTMENT: School Library Summit Planning Committee, 2009-2015. NYSED School Library Program Rubric Revision writing team, 2017-18.

DELTA KAPPA GAMMA Women’s Educator Society: Pi State (NYS Chapter): Verna Mulholland Scholarship Committee member, 2008-present. Beta Mu Chapter: President, 2002-2006. Public Relations Chair, 1996-present.

Recipient, Delta Kappa Gamma Society of Key Women Educators, Pi State (New York State) Frederica Hollister Professional Educators Award, 2014.

Recipient, New York Library Association Lifetime Achievement Award, 2011.

Member, Regents Advisory Council for Libraries, 2008-2015.

Recipient of the Adjunct Excellence in Teaching Award, Plattsburgh State University of New York, 2002.

Member of Regents Commission on Library Service for the 21st Century, Albany, NY, 1998-2000.

Recipient of the North Country Reference and Research Library Resource Council Excellence in Librarianship Award, 1996.
As Program Chair of the New York Library Association Section of School Librarians Educational Leadership Committee (1991-present), coordinating the Leadership Institute program each year, bringing national-level professional development to NYLA/SSL members. The 2021 in-person Institute, Breaking Down Bias, was the first of a three-year focus on equity, diversity and inclusion.

As AASL President (2013-14), I revitalized the School Library Month celebration of school libraries and school librarians and created the Diversity in the Profession Task Force chaired by Dr. Pauletta Bracy.
Co-author, book in progress: Your School Library Brand in the Digital Age - Impact, Influence, and Integrity. Co-author with Susan D. Ballard, ALA/AASL, Published, Spring 2022.

Author, Book Chapter, “”Flipping the Switch’ for School Library Advocacy,” Creative Library Marketing and Publicity: Best Practices, ed. by Robert J. Lackie and M. Sandra Wood, Rowan and Littlefield, 2015.

Author,“Students Can Search, but Can They Research?” School Library Connection, January 2017. Online.
Twitter: @skjohns

Instagram: sarakellyjohns
Most of my professional experience has been as a school librarian; I have also served on public library boards and taught as an adjunct at three universities. As an active member of New York Library Association’s School Library Section, I served as NYLA President. NYLA connects all library types, speaking effectively with one voice about libraries. NYLA’s vision has shaped my activism in ALA. As an ALA Councilor-at-Large, one works with representatives of all library types who contribute expertise and experiences. Currently, the Youth Council Caucus is developing a resolution supporting ALA’s work to assist school and youth librarians facing book challenges. This work is collaborative and meaningful. I appreciate ALA working diligently to include the core values of equity, diversity, and inclusion throughout the association. Council worked democratically through Forward Together’s proposals—I am ready to be part of the restructuring ahead. Connected and collaborative, ALA can meet the challenges. 33
Qiana Johnson She/Her/Hers Interim Associate University Librarian for Collections Strategies Northwestern University Libraries Evanston IL Academic Collection and Organizational Data Analysis Librarian, Northwestern University Libraries, 2014-

Schaffner and Distance Learning Librarian, Northwestern University Libraries, 2012-14

Reference and Instruction Librarian, Northwestern University Libraries, 2004-2011
Dominican University, MLIS, 2004; University of Chicago, AB English Language and Literature, 1998 RUSA, Core, ACRL No Yes 2020-22, RUSA Liaison, Intellectual Freedom Committee, ALA; 2018- Member, Policy Corps, ALA; 2011-2012 Member, Digital Literacy Task Force, ALA; 2010-11 Member, Office of Information Technology Policy Advisory Committee, 2017-21 Research and Statistics Committee, Reference Services Section, Co-chair (2018-19), Chair (2019-21), RUSA; 2015-16 Member, Budget and Finance Committee, RUSA; 2015-16 Member, Nominations Committee, RUSA; 2015-16 Chair, Nominations Committee, Reference Services Section, RUSA; 2015-16 Past-chair, Reference Services Section, RUSA; 2014-17 Virtual Reference Services Committee, Reference Services Section/Machine Assisted Reference Section, Chair (2014-16), RUSA; 2014-15 Chair, Reference Services Section, RUSA; 2013-14 Member, Budget and Finance Committee, RUSA; 2013-14 Vice-chair/Chair-elect, Reference Services Section, RUSA; 2012-13 Member, Recognition Committee, Reference Services Section, RUSA; 2012-16 Member, Health and Medical Reference Committee, Reference Services Section, RUSA; 2008-10 Member, Virtual Reference Committee, Reference Services Section/Machine Assisted Reference Section, RUSA; 2008-13 Research and Statistics Committee, Reference Services Section, Chair (2010-12), RUSA; 2007-09 Co-chair Dual Assignment Discussion Group, Reference Services Section/Collection Development and Evaluation Section, RUSA
Illinois Library Association, IACRL Secretary, 2020-21; Illinois Library Association, Advocacy Committee, Member, 2018-
Library Fellow, Kaplan Institute for the Humanitites, 2019-20; Leadership and Career Development Program, Association of Research Libraries, 2013-14 Recent professional developments that I am proud of have included chairing my libraries’ recently formed Collections Strategies Committee. The committee brings work group leaders from across the libraries to think holistically about the acquisition, description, and preservation of both the physical and digital collections. One project born of the work of that committee was the libraries’ implementation of GreenGlass that allowed the libraries to confirm traditional strengths while also identifying unique areas of the collections. This project fed some of the work around collections moves as well as prioritization of the preservation of some audio-visual materials. In 2019-21, I was named the Library Fellow to the Kaplan Institute for the Humanities and received halftime leave to conduct a research project on the first five Black women ordained Episcopal priests in the United States.
“Moving from Analysis to Assessment: Strategic Assessment of Library Collections” in Journal of Library Administration, volume 56, number 4, May 2016

“Mind the Gap: Using Patron Actions to Identify Holes in a Library’s Collection” in Proceedings of the 2016 Library Assessment Conference, October 31-November 2, 2016, pp. 503-509

“Re-imagining or Re-visioning? How One Library Studied Information Services” with Harriet Lightman in College and Research Libraries News, volume 75, number 8, September 2014
Libraries of all types are critical partners in their communities—providing access to information about health and well-being, economic development, educational support, or lifelong learning. Libraries have and continue to adapt to a changing information landscape while also looking for ways to support the changing needs of our patrons. Libraries need strong internal and external advocates to highlight their value to their communities, while also advocating for funding and policies that support the work of providing access to information to our patrons. There is also need and opportunity for libraries to partner together to have their voices heard in regard to trends that are in conflict with our professional ethics as well as limit libraries’ ability to provide access to information. While these can feel like challenging times, it is also a time of great opportunity.
kalan Knudson Any pronouns are very welcome Special Collections Metadata Librarian University of Minnesota
Minneapolis MN Academic Cataloging and Metadata Project Specialist, University of Minnesota, 06/2014-11/2016.

Advanced Cataloging and Serials Management Specialist, Chester Fritz Library, University of North Dakota, 04/2011-03/2014.

Serials Associate, Thormodsgard Law Library, University of North Dakota, 07/2009-03/2011.
San Jose State University, MLIS, 2016; University of North Dakota, BGS, 2012. Core, ACRL Library History Round Table (LHRT), Games & Gaming Round Table (GAMERT) No Yes MARC/RDA Working Group, liaison to Rare Books and Manuscripts Section (RBMS), 2020-present.

RBMS RDA Editorial Group, co-keeper of the Text, 2020-present.

LRTS Editorial Board, member, 2020-present.

RBMS Controlled Vocabularies Editorial Group (CVEG), member, 2019-2021.

RBMS Bibliographic Standards Committee, member, 2019-2021.

LRTS Editorial Board, intern, 2019-2020.

RBMS Publications and Communications Committee, member, 2017-2019.

Association for Library Collections and Technical Services (ALCTS), Functional Requirements for Bibliographic Records Interest Group (FRBR IG), co-chair, 2017.
North Dakota Library Association, chair, Membership Committee, 2013-2014.

North Dakota Library Association, member, Finance Committee, 2013-2014.

North Dakota Library Association, member, Public Relations Committee, 2013-2014.

North Dakota Library Association, member, Good Stuff Editorial Committee, 2012-2014.

North Dakota Library Association, co-chair, Nominations and Elections Committee, 2011-2012.

North Dakota Library Association, chair, Government Documents Roundtable, 2010-2011.

North Dakota Library Association, member, Executive Board, 2009-2014.

North Dakota Library Association, co-chair, Government Documents Roundtable, 2009-2010.
2019 University of Minnesota Libraries Professional Development Leave.

2019 Emerging Leader, American Library Association.

2013 Canoe Kudos, North Dakota Library Association.

2011 Judge’s Choice Award, North Dakota Library Association.

2009 Outstanding Support Staff Award, Chester Fritz Library, University of North Dakota.
Major accomplishments throughout my library career until this point include:
• serving as an Advisory group member to OCLC's Linked Data efforts from the first inception of their Project Passage up until the current Shared-Entity Management Infrastructure (SEMI) Project
• harnessing GitHub, GitHub Pages, and Ruby/Jekyll to develop free and open cataloging standards for rare materials bibliographic description
• creating python and pymarc scripts to help remediate legacy rare materials metadata to better meet tomorrow's discovery needs
Davis, k. K. (2020): "Leveraging the RBMS/BSC Latin Place Names File with Python," Code4Lib Journal, Issue 48 (May 2020).

Godby, J., Smith-Yoshimura, K., Washburn, B., Davis, k., Detling, K., Fernsebner, C. E., Folsom, S., Li, X., McGee, M., Miller, K., Moody, H., Tomren, H., and Thomas, C.: "Creating Library Linked Data with Wikibase, Lessons Learned from Project Passage," Dublin, OH: OCLC Research, 2019.

Bergland, K., Davis, k. K., and Traill, S.: "CatDoc HackDoc: Tools and Processes for Managing Documentation Lifecycle, Workflows, and Accessibility," Cataloging and Classification Quarterly, Volume 57, Issue 7-8, 2019. It has been a life-long dream of mine to one day serve our professional organization as an ALA Councilor. Since attending my first ALA Midwinter in 2016, i have attended absolutely every ALA Council Session and Council Forum i could pack into my schedule. In this representative capacity, i would strive to align my passion for open-standards development with that of the broader organization. As a member of ACRL, Core and as an ALA Emerging Leader, i would greatly appreciate this opportunity to serve you and deepen service to our shared profession. A special thank you to my library mentors who have served on Council before me and inspire me. We see the intellectual freedoms of rural and public libraries under attack. i would use my time as Councilor to strengthen systems of mutual aid for those ilbraries on the frontlines of facing down extremism. 5
Victoria Kowanetz She/Her Community Library Manager Queens Public Library Queens NY Public Children's librarian, Queens Public Library, May 2018-August 2019

Assistant Community Library Manager, Queens Public Library, August 2019-December 2021
St. John's University, MLS, 2010; St. John's University, BS Criminal Justice, 2005. PLA, Core New Members Round Table (NMRT) No Yes • ALA - Member, 2018-Present
• Association for Library Services for Children - Member, 2018-2021
• Public Library Association - Member, 2018-Present
• New Member Round Table - Member, 2018-Present
• NMRT - Liaison to IFC & IFC Privacy Subcommittee, March 2020-June 2020
• NMRT - Liaison to IFC & IFC Privacy Subcommittee, July 2020-Present
• NMRT Annual Conference Local Information Committee - Member, July 2019-April 2020
• NMRT Annual Conference Local Information - Committee Chair, July 2020-June 2021
• NMRT Governance Committee - Commitee Chair, July 2021-June 2023
• NYLA Youth Services - Member, 2019-2020
• NYLA Public Libraries - Member, 2019-Present
• NYLA Government Information - Member, 2019-2020
• NYLA Ethnic Services Round Table - Member, 2019-Present
• NYLA Ethnic Services Round Table - Secretary, 2020-2021
• DC37/Local 1321 - Queens Library Guild - Member, 2018-Present
• SJU Dean's List, 2001-2005
• Alpha Phi Sigma National Criminal Justice Honor Society, 2003-2005
• Phi Eta Sigma National Honor Society, 2001-2005
• St. John's Criminal Justice Association, 2002-2003
• Philip Perfetti Book prize for Outstanding Achievement in the Study of Italian, 2002
• Promoted to Community Library Manager, 2021
• Promoted to Assistant Community Library Manager, 2019
• Nominated Co-Chair of QPL President's Council for Racial Equity, Collections Committee, 2020
• Nominated NMRT Annual Conference Local Information Committee Chair, 2020
• Nominated for Member-at-Large position, NYLA Ethnic Services Round Table, 2021
• Nominated NMRT Governance Committee Chair, 2021 I have attended Council meetings in the past and would like to become more involved in the governance aspect of ALA. I am passionate about furthering diversity and inclusion, ensuring equitable access for all, and promoting intellectual freedom. Libraries are democratic institutions and more than ever we need to work towards protecting their places within our communities. In addition, we must ensure our fellow ALA members feel protected and heard. If elected Councilor-at-Large, I will continue to work towards these objectives, as well as strengthening the profession and ALA. I am proud to be a librarian and a member of ALA, and I look forward to working with my colleagues.
Charles Kratz He/Him Library Dean Emeritus The University of Scranton Weinberg Library Scranton PA Academic Library Dean, The University of Scranton Weinberg Library, 1991-2019

Assistant Dean of Public Services, Hofstra University Libraries, 1985-1991

Associate Dean, Rider University, 1982-1985
MLS, University of Maryland 1976; MA, University of Notre Dame, 1974; BA, University of Notre Dame, 1973 Core, ACRL, UNITED Social Responsibilities Round Table (SRRT), Retired Members Round Table (RMRT), Rainbow Round Table (RRT), Intellectual Freedom Round Table (IFRT), Sustainability Round Table (SustainRT), International Relations Round Table (IRRT) No No Charles Kratz is dean emeritus of the library at the University of Scranton, a position he held 1991-2019. Prior to his current position, he was assistant dean of public services at the Hofstra University from 1985-1991. Kratz has been an active member of ALA, especially in service to Round Tables. He is currently co-covener of the Round Table Coordinating Assembly, currently Treaurer and Past Chair of the Social Responsibilities Round Table and a Past Chair of the Intellectual Freedom Round Table. Kratz began his career in the New Members Round Table where he served as President. He is currently a member of the Social Responsibilities Round Table, the Intellectual Freedom Round Table, the Rainbow Round Table, the Retired Members Round Table, the International Relations Round Table, the Sustainability Round Table, and the Round Table Coordinating Assembly. Other service includes on ALA Council; on the ALA Executive Board; on the LLAMA Board of Directors where he served as LLAMA President; as well as service on several ALA committees. OCLC Members Council President; and PALCI President and PALINET President in Pennsylvania Member, Beta Phi Mu Honor Society.

American Library Association’s Library Administration & Management Association Certificate of Achievement Awards in 1994, 1999, and 2001.

Leadership Lackawanna Certificate of Achievement Award, 2000.
See ALA activities section I am honored to be a candidate for ALA Council and ask for your vote. I want to work with the ALA membership and staff on the implementation of Forward Together, including growing our membership and maintaining the fiscal health of the association but in addition, my primary interests are helping/supporting our members, profession and communities in which we live to fight censorship which sadly is happening everywhere as well as to being a strong voice for Social and Racial Justice, LGBTQ+, Diversity & Inclusion in our association.
Jamie Fujiko Kurumaji She/Her Supervising Librarian Fresno County Public Library Fresno CA Public Children's Librarian, Fresno County Public Library, July 2017-July 2020

Branch Supervisor - Southwest/Tehachapi/California City, Kern County Library, April 2016-July 2017
San Jose State University, MLIS, 2016; Sonoma State University, BA Art History, 2006. PLA, Core, ALSC New Members Round Table (NMRT), Social Responsibilities Round Table (SRRT), Rainbow Round Table (RRT), Ethnic & Multicultural Information Exchange Round Table (EMIERT), Graphic Novels and Comics Round Table (GNCRT)
REFORMA, BCALA, APALA No Yes ALA EDI Assembly, member, 2020-22; New Member Round Table Mentoring Committee, member, 2020-21
Asian/Pacific American Librarians Association, Chair, Children's Literature Award, 2022-23; APALA, Co-Chair, Children's Literature Award, 2021-22; Reforma del Valle Central, Co-Chair, Justino Balderrama Book Grant Committee, 2021-22; Joint Council of Librarians of Color, member, Fundraising & Sponsorship Committee, 2021-22; California Library Association, Co-Chair, John & Patricia Beatty Committee, 2021-22; Association of Rural & Small Libraries, Regional Focus Group, 2021-22; APALA, Endorsement Exploration Task Force, 2021; Association for Library Service to Children, member, Geisel Literature Award Committee, 2020-21; APALA, Chair, Picture Book Award Committee, 2017-29; APALA, member, Membership Committee, 2016-18
ALA Emerging Leader, 2020-21
Three of my major accomplishments I have achieved in the several years as a librarian include being able to introduce and successfully sustain inclusive programming for children. I was awarded the Fresno County Public Library Mini-Grant (2018-19) to build inclusive art programming for children with ASD. In 2019, I was able to dedicate a lot of my time in community outreach and due to that, increased summer reading sign-ups from 216 (2018) to 693 participants in one of my library's small communities. I am also fortunate enough to be one of the founding and still current members of my library system's EDI Committee that started in 2019.
During this past year, we have seen many challenges and obstacles. Basic needs for information and resources were not met. We saw how our libraries, once viewed as community hubs, were no longer able to fulfill those essential needs. As an ALA Councilor candidate, I am interested in examining issues of accessibility through partnerships and collaborations with local community groups and organizations. I am also interested in the continued efforts to make libraries and our organizations more inclusive, welcoming, and diverse. We are in a prime position to not only be active players, but we can be the example of change. Serving as an ALA Councilor, I hope that I can contribute to these movements and causes. It would be a great honor and privilege to serve with other great librarians so we can work together to strengthen our connections and build a stronger ALA.
Bradley Kuykendall He\Him Assistant Branch Manager Dayton Metro Library Dayton OH Public Reference and Instruction Librarian, Lincoln University, Aug 2015-Oct 2021 University of Illinois, MLIS, 2015

Lincoln University, BS, Business Administration, 2012
RUSA, PLA, ACRL Library Instruction Round Table (LIRT) BCALA Yes No BCALA Executive Board, member, 2015-2016

Spectrum Scholarship Committee, member, 2017-2018

ALA Conference Committee, member, 2018-2019

ALA Scholarship and Grants Committee, member, 2019-2020

ALA Scholarships and Grants Committee, Chair, 2020-2021

ALA Goverance Committee, member, 2020-2021

ALA Election Committee, member, 2021-2022

Offices held in state/regional library associations, and other associations:

Mobius, Circ & ILL committee, 2018-2019
ALA Census Grant recipient After experiencing the pandemic, an interesting past fours with President Trump, and the ongoing struggles of miniorities such as myself I have decided to be active as much as possible to help ALA get to a better place.
Tina Lerno She/Her Librarian II, Digital Content Team Los Angeles Public Library Los Angeles CA Public YA Librarian, County of Los Angeles Public Library. 7-2016 - 11-2016

Librarian I, City of Azusa Public Library, Jul 2015 – Jul 2016

Assistant Librarian, Crowell Public Library City of San Marino, Aug 2014 – Jul 2016
San Jose State University, MSLIS, 2012; University California, Los Angeles, BA Fine Arts, 1989. YALSA, PLA Graphic Novels and Comics Round Table (GNCRT) REFORMA No No YALSA, Chair - Great Graphic Novels for Teens Committee, 2018, 2019, Member - Great Great Graphic Novels for Teens Committee, 2017, 2020, YALSA, Member - Selection List Oversight Committee, 2020 -2021, YALSA, Member - HUB Advisory Committee, 2021-2022. GNCRT, Member at Large, 2020-2021.
Special Libraries Association, Southern CA Chapter, Communications Director, 2013-2015. Emmy Award Certificate of Recognition, Title Design, Harold and the Purple Crayon, Sony Television, 1997 Organized an online Eisner Week Graphic Novel Festival for the Los Angeles Public Library. Started 3 new podcasts for the Los Angeles Public Library. Put together a Chinese Language book collection for the Azuza Public Library using limited grant money.
Various blog posts for the Los Angeles Public Library.
I would like to help make ALA a welcoming organization for all. Not just for seasoned library veterans, but new students and everyone in-between. I want to ensure that ALA continues to work towards diverse and equitable leaders and leadership structures.
Adriene Lim She/Her/Hers Dean of Libraries University of Maryland College Park MD Academic Dean of Libraries and Philip H. Knight Chair, University of Oregon, 2014-2019

Dean of Libraries, Oakland University, 2011-2014

Interim University Librarian, Portland State University, 2005-2014
Simmons University, PhD, LIS, 2012

Wayne State University, MLIS, 1996

Wayne State University, BFA, 1993
ACRL Intellectual Freedom Round Table (IFRT) APALA No No • ALA Councilor for LITA, Elected 2010-2013 Term.
• ALA Nominating Committee, Member, 2012-2013.
• ACRL 2017 President’s Program Planning Committee, Member, 2015-2017
• ACRL Professional Values Committee, Member 2013-2015, Chair 2016-2017
• ACRL Standards Committee, 2016-2017
• LITA Nominating Committee, Member, 2013-2014.
• LITA Executive Committee, 2010-2013 Term.
• ExLibris Student Writing Award Committee for LITA, 2007-2008.
• Endeavor Student Writing Award Committee for LITA, 2006-2007.
• ACRL Racial and Ethnic Diversity Committee, appointed 2005-2008.
• ACRL, Virtual Conference Subcommittee, 2005-2007.
• American Library Association’s LITA LSSI/OCLC Minority Scholarships Committee, 2003-2006. Was appointed as Chair, 2004-2005, Past-Chair, 2005-2006.
• Emerald’s OCLC Systems and Services journal, served as an invited member on the editorial board from September 2002 through August 2004.
• Appointed to serve on the ALA LITA’s Best Practices Task Force in 2003.
• Appointed by LITA to continue working on TER editorial board as a regular member, 2003-2005.
• Appointed to a three-year appointment, 2000-2003, as LITA’s Technology Electronic Reviews (TER) Editor-In-Chief
• Website Coordinator for the American Library Association’s Feminist Task Force in 2000, after serving as Co-Coordinator in late 1999.
Member-at-Large for the Library Technologies Division of the Michigan Library Association. Served on the board 2000-2002

Elected to MLA Technical Services Round Table as Member-At-Large for 1999/2000 term.

Asked to continue serving as MLA board member in 2000-2001.
Distinguished Alumni Award, Wayne State University, 2019; Association of Research Libraries Board Member, 2017-2020; APALA “Talk Story” Grant Award, 2013; 2010 article on readability in the Journal of Academic Librarianship named among the “Top 20 Best Articles in 2010” by the ALA Library Instruction Round Table; Ph.D. Program Competitive Full Scholarship Award, 2007-2012, Simmons University; Butler Award for Faculty Service – 2007, Portland State University; Michigan Library Association’s Loleta Fyan Award for Creative Service, 2004; President’s Exceptional Service Awards, WSU, 2004; Community Service Awards, WSU, 1999, 2001; National Organization for Women, Detroit Chapter, Harriet Tubman Award for Outstanding Leadership, 1998.
Throughout my 25 years as a librarian and library leader, I have infused my work with a deep passion for collaboration and exemplary library service and collections, and for leveraging the research, engagement, and service missions of public universities. I have provided strategic leadership, vision, administrative oversight, and human resources management for complex library operations with annual budgets of up to $28 million and staffing levels of up to 200+ faculty/staff. I have led and provided hands-on work for technology-intensive library operations; restructured and reinvigorated organizations, systems, and workflows; developed and advanced librarians and library workers; improved numerous service models, policies, programs, and collections; led and participated in fundraising initiatives and proposals; and been involved in major building renovation and space-repurposing projects. A strong commitment to diversity and inclusion has been evident in my library practice, scholarship, and research. As a collaborative partner, I have worked with many library associations and consortia on the implementation of new programs and technologies to support teaching, learning, and research, and advocated tirelessly for libraries at the national level.
Lim, A. (2019). “Crisis management.” Invited book chapter. In M. Garnar’s, D. Fife’s, and A. Powers’ A Starter’s Guide for New Academic Library Leaders: Advice in Conversation. Chicago, IL: ALA Editions.

Lim, A. (2017). “Against the odds: Reflections on Asian American identity and multicultural, shared leadership in academic libraries.” Invited book chapter. In Janet H. Clarke’s, Raymond Pun’s and Monnee Tong’s Asian American Librarians and Library Services: Activism, Collaborations, and Strategies. Lanham, MD: Rowman & Littlefield Publishing Group.

Hess, A., Greer, K., Lombardo, S. & Lim, A. (2015). “Books, bytes, and buildings: The academic library’s unique role in improving student success.” Peer reviewed. Journal of Library Administration, 55(8).
If I am elected as Councilor at Large, I will advocate for the American Library Association to take more visible and activist stances on matters of public policy and social justice that broadly affect libraries and their crucial role in our democracy. I am convinced that we in libraries must move toward these more visible stances as part of our educational mission and in alignment with our stated values, or else we risk diminishing our professional roles and decreasing the libraries’ relevance in our communities. We also risk never really achieving our diversity, inclusion, and equity goals in a lasting, significant way, unless we work together to change the broader world in which we operate. My hope is that we will strengthen our resolve to be a collective of people who care about and support each other, while we leverage our roles, privileges, and power to affect change through libraries.
Rodney Lippard He/Him Director, Gregg-Graniteville Library University of South Carolina Aiken Aiken SC Academic Director, Learning Resource Centers Information Commons, Rowan-Cabarrus Community College 7/2011-8/2016

Library Director, Barton College, 1/2006-6/2011

ILS Workflow Librarian, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, 7/2004-12/2005
University of North Carolina Greensboro, MLIS, 1995;

University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, BA, Radio, Television, and Motion Pictures, 1988
RUSA, Core, ACRL Library Research Round Table (LRRT), Sustainability Round Table (SustainRT), Social Responsibilities Round Table (SRRT), Rainbow Round Table (RRT), Learning Round Table (LearnRT), Intellectual Freedom Round Table (IFRT), Ethnic & Multicultural Information Exchange Round Table (EMIERT) No No ALA Council Orientation Committee, 2012-2014, 2019-2021, Chair, 2019 & 2020; BARC, 2019-2021; Joseph W. Lippincott Award, Jury Member, 2021; ALA Chapter Relations Committee, 2013-2015, 2018-2020; Committee on Diversity, 2018-2020; Library of the Future Award, Jury Member 2019; ALA Planning and Budget Assembly, 2010-2012; ALA Council (NC Chapter Councilor) 2008-2013; ALA-APA Council (NC Chapter Councilor) 2008-2013; ALA Council, Co-Convener of Council Forum, 2011-2012; ALA Equality Award, Jury Member, 2005; Marshall Cavendish Excellence in Library Programming Award, Jury Member, 2004; Highsmith Library Literature Award, Chair, 2003, Jury Member 2002; ACRL Standards & Accreditation Committee, 2007-2009
Partnership Among South Carolina Academic Libraries (PASCAL) 2019-2022, Chair 2021, Chair-Elect & Program Steering Committee Chair, 2020, Secretary 2019; North Carolina Library Association (NCLA), Vice-President/President-Elect, 2014-2016; NCLA Conference Committee, Marketing & Publications Co-Chair, 2013 & 2011, Exhibits Chair, 1999; NCLA Colleges & University Section, Board Member, 2000-2002, Chair-Elect, 2002-2004, Chair, 2004-2006; State Library of North Carolina, LSTA Advisory Board, Member, 2008-2011, Chair, 2010-2011; North Carolina Digital Heritage Center, Advisory Board Member, 2010-2013; Metrolina Library Association (MLA), Vice-President/Program Chair, 1997, President, 1998, Newsletter Editor, 2001
Harvard Leadership Institute for Academic Librarians, 2018; Bea Kovacs Outstanding Alumni Award presented by The Library and Information Studies Alumni Association of the University of North Carolina Greensboro, 2014; NCLA Leadership Institute, Mentor, 2012; John Cotton Dana Library Public Relations Award, 2010; NCLA New Members Roundtable Young Librarian Award, 1999
2020 Chair, Program Steering Committee for PASCAL (Partnership Among South Carolina Academic Libraries) - Added an Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion (EDI) Values Statement to PASCAL's Core Values (Passed the by a unanimous vote of the Members); established an EDI Committee

2020 Chair, Council Orientation Committee - established and facilitated Tune in Tuesdays - a series of web events to provide information to new and continuing councilors on the business and governance of ALA and Council

2015 Conference Chair, North Carolina Library Association Biennial Conference - held a 3 day conference with one pre-conference day, over 1000 people in attendance, highest revenue to date, and implemented a Librarians Build Community project that continued through future conferences.
Lippard, Rodney: “Community Colleges,” Running a Small Library: A How-To-Do-It Manual, edited by John, A. Moorman, ALA Neal-Schuman, Chicago, IL, 2015

Fairfield-Artman, Patricia; Rodney E. Lippard, & Adrienne Sansom: “Bewitched … the 1960s Sitcom Revisited: A Queer Read,” Media Literacy: A Reader, edited by Donaldo Macedo & Shirley R. Steinburg, Peter Lang, NY 2007.

Lippard, Rodney: “Metrosexual and Youth Culture” Contemporary Youth Culture Set; An International Encylcopedia, Greenwood Press, 2005.
Libraries and library staff, no matter what type, are at the forefront of bringing information to the public without regard of ability or status while respecting the rights of the individual. Council is the governing body that ensures our profession remains truthful to our core principles. In this current era, maintaining our ethics and core principles is more important than ever. As a Councilor-at-Large, I would aspire to making certain we do not lose sight of what our mission is and work to uphold that mission. Having served as North Carolina Chapter Councilor in the past, I gained a real appreciation of Council and felt fortunate to be a part. I would very much appreciate the opportunity to contribute to our profession by serving on Council again.
Jennisen Lucas She/Her District Librarian Park County School District #6 Cody WY School Elementary Librarian; Park County School District #1; 2012-2018

School Library Media Coordinator; Eastside Elementary School; Park County School District #6; 2009-2012

School Librarian; North End Elementary School; Person County School District, Roxboro, NC; 2002-2009
University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill, Masters of Library Science (MLS), Library Science and Teacher Certification; 2003

Kenyon College, Bachelor of Arts (BA), English Literature with Asian Studies Concentration, 1995
YALSA, Core, ALSC, AASL No No 2021 ALA Committee on Committees; 2021-2022 AASL President; 2020-2021 AASL President Elect; 2019-2020 AASL Board of Directors, Region 9 Director; 2018-2020 AASL Standards Implementation Committee, Chair; 2014-2019 WY Delegate to AASL Affiliate Assembly (Now Chapter Assembly)
Wyoming Library Association, School Library Interest Group: Chair 2017-2018, Chair Elect 2016-2017, Secretary, 2012-2014

Cody Reading Council (Now Cody Literacy Council): Treasurer 2010-2015

Wyoming Indian Paintbrush Committee, Chair 2013-2017

National Board Certification, 2006; Renewed 2016

Katherine R. Everett Law Library Employee of the Year, 2002
I consider one of my major accomplishments to be when I fully automated my first school library, moving from an outdated card catalog to a completely up-to-date online catalog in a month. Another major accomplishment was helping my current school district's School Board completely rewrite our collection and reconsideration policies in the midst of a string of parent-led challenges to library materials.
Author: "New District, New School Year, New Standards," Knowledge Quest, Volume 47, Issue 3, January/ February 2019.

Author: "Health and Healing in the School Library," Knowledge Quest, Volume 50, Issue 1, September/ October 2021.

Author: "Weaving Media Literacy into Content-Area Instruction," Knowledge Quest, Volume 50, Issue 2, November/ December 2021.
Personal Website:

In Depth Look at the AASL National Standards: Webinar Series in Collaboration with the Wyoming State Library: Standards Overview:;

Inquire:; Include:;
Collaborate:; Curate:;
Explore:; Engage:

School Libraries create spaces for our learners to engage with information for both educational projects and personal learning. When staffed by highly qualified, certified librarians, these spaces transform learning from mere education assignments into lifelong pursuits of knowledge. Unfortunately, major misunderstandings exist about the roles of school libraries and school librarians. It appears that some of these misunderstandings even exist within the library profession. I run for ALA Councilor at Large to bring a voice of School Librarians to the larger library community, seeking assistance in telling important stories and changing the perceptions of school libraries and librarians to reflect the role they play in the development of our futures.
Andrea Malone She/Her/Hers Research Visibility and Impact Coordinator University of Houston Houston TX Academic Reference/Instruction Librarian, University of Houston, October 2006-June 2007

Languages and Ethnic Studies Librarian, University of Houston, June 2007-September 2017

Coordinator of Research Services and Liaison to Foreign Languages & Ethnic Studies, University of Houston, September 2017-September 2021
Florida State University, MSIS, 2006; Louisiana State University, MA French, 2000; Baylor University, BA French, 1995
International Relations Round Table (IRRT) No No ALA Century Scholarship Juror (2015-2018)

ALA Scholarships and Study Grants Committee (Member, 2012-2016)

International Relations Roundtable (IRRT) - Orientation/Mentoring Committee (Member, 2019-2021, 2021-2023); Nominating Committee (Member, 2018-2019)

BCALA Recruitment and Professional Development Committee (Member, 2012-2013)

BCALA International Relations Committee (Member, 2011-2012)
Texas Library Association, Chair, Library Instruction Round Table Awards Committee, 2015-2016

Texas Library Association, Member, 2016 Conference Program Committee, 2014-2016

Texas Library Association, Member, District 8 Nominating Committee, 2011-2012

Texas Library Association, Member, District 8 Conference Local Arrangements Committee, 2011

Modern Language Association, Chair, Advisory Committee on the MLA International Bibliography, 2019-2020

Modern Language Association, Member, Advisory Committee on the MLA International Bibliography, 2017-2020

Fulbright Association, Member, Fulbright National Screening Committee - English Teaching Assistantships in France, 2020-2021

Fulbright Association, Member, Fulbright U.S. Scholars Library Science Peer Review Committee, 2016-2019

Association for Computers and the Humanities, Member, Conference Program Committee Submissions Reviewer, 2018-2021
MLA Bibliography Fellowship, 2021-2024

Dean Dana C. Rooks and Dr. Charles W. Rooks Diversity Award, University of Houston (UH) Libraries, 2020

Fulbright Specialist, 2014-2020

Trailblazer for Leading Organizational Change, UH Libraries, 2018

UH Faculty Senate Recognition as Conference Co-Chair, 2017

International Federation of Library Associations (IFLA) National Committee Fellowship Grant, 2016

Library Faculty Excellence Award, University of Houston Office of the Provost, 2015

Librarian Achievement Award, UH Libraries, 2014

Fellow, Association of Research Libraries (ARL) Leadership and Career Development Program, 2013-2014

Outstanding Group Award, UH Libraries, 2012
Promoted to the rank of full Librarian, effective September 2021. The first Black librarian to do so at the University of Houston. Douglas, V. A., Gao, W., Malone, A., Fontenot, E. (2021). Beyond the numbers: Building a data information literacy program for undergraduate instruction. In Bauder, J. (Ed.). Data literacy in academic libraries: Teaching critical thinking with numbers. Chicago: American Library Association.

Creelman, K., Malone, A., Martin, L., Douglas, V. A. (2021). Cultivating liaison leadership: Unblocking the pipeline to management. In Canuel, R. and Crichton, C. (Eds.), New approaches to liaison librarianship: Innovations in organization & development. Chicago: Association of College & Research Libraries.

Malone, A. (2020). From liaison to coordinator: How digital humanities influenced a role change and restructure. In Diamond, T. (Ed.), The academic librarian in the digital age: Essays on changing roles and responsibilities (pp. 84-93). Jefferson, NC: McFarland & Co.
After nearly 15 years in the profession, I have found my voice and want to use it to influence more change. Sadly, establishments continue to hold on to historically oppressive systems and are slow to change, even after acknowledging the need to do so. ALA has made excellent strides to be an inclusive, equitable, and supportive organization. Nevertheless, as we all know, there is much more work to do. I have a desire to be more involved and I feel the time is right for me to pursue involvement that is increasingly impactful. As a Councilor-At-Large contributing to the governance of the organization, I will be a part of the work that will also affect other library associations that look to ALA to set precedents and standards of excellence in librarianship.
Ryan Mcginnis He/Him Library Technician II Cook Memorial Library La Grande OR Public Library Technician I, Cook Memorial Library, Jan. 1999-Jul. 2006. San Jose State University, MLIS, 2017; Eastern Oregon University, BA Business Administration, 2013. No No Sage Library System of Eastern Oregon, User Council (Governing Board) Representative, 2015-Present.

Sage Library System of Eastern Oregon, Governing Board Chair, 2017-2018.

Oregon Digital Library Consortium, Executive Board Member-at-large, 2015-Present.
Having only in the last several years really discovered the work that ALA and its divisions do to assist and engage members in their work in libraries and the library profession, I am looking for opportunities to assist, and have a say, in this process. Supporting the professional and technical staff, and making it possible for workers at all levels to expand their opportunities is a key component of what I want to do in my work with professional associations and organizations. Libraries, as organizations, should work together to ensure that we receive the best success for our patrons. My daily public library work, patron services, reference, and IT and technical services keeps me in touch with the wants and needs of patrons, and I think that will allow me to be an effective advocate on behalf of libraries and library patrons as an ALA Councilor at Large.
Chulin Meng He/Him/His Director of Library Technology Lehigh University Bethlehem PA Academic Head of Library Systems, Loyola University Chicago, 2006 –2013 Peking University, MS in Library and Information Science (2000), BS in Library and Information Science (1997)
Core CALA No No LITA International Relations Committee, 2007-2011;

LITA Membership Development Committee, 2015-2017;

ALA Councilor at Large, 2017-2020.
PALCI Technology Strategy and Infrastructure Task Force, 2015-2017 My work at both Lehigh University and Loyola University Chicago has provided me with extensive experience with selection and deployment of library systems, implementation of new technology infrastructure and applications, and developing technology, data, and content strategy. In 2014, I directed the implementation of Kuali Open Library Environment (OLE) at Lehigh, the first university in the nation to implement the open-source, community-based library management system. I have been actively involved in the FOLIO Collaboration since the project’s inception in 2016 and led the implementation of FOLIO at Lehigh in summer 2020.
A tale of risk, failure and “success”? Lessons and thoughts on the quest for an open source library management platform at Lehigh Libraries, ACRL DVC Fall Program, October 16, 2020, Virtual Conference.

An Executable Big Data Storage Strategy, EDUCAUSE Annual Conference, October 2014, Orlando, FL

Migration to Kuali Open Library Environment: An Early Adopter’s Experience, LITA National Forum, November 2014, Albuquerque, NM
As we enter our next chapter of flexible work, learning, teaching, research, and patron services, I think ALA should continue its effort to use information technology to make its services, career development programs, governance, and other activities more accessible.

In my past services on the LITA Membership Development Committee and ALA Council, I have worked to promote membership in ALA and attract new members. If elected again, I will continue to work with my colleagues to ensure that the association develops programs and services that focus on helping library professionals to adapt to the hybrid learning environment, broaden knowledge, stay connected in the profession, and reach their professional goals.
Valeria Molteni She/Her/Hers Librarian Library, College of San Mateo San Mateo CA Academic Dean of Library Services, Menlo College, Atherton, CA 2018-2021

Associate Librarian, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr, Library, San José State University, San José, CA January-July, 2017

Interim Associate Dean for Research and Scholarship, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr, Library, San José State University, San José, CA August, 2015-December, 2016
Doctorate in Organizational Change and Leadership, Rossier School, USC – Expected 2024

Master of Science in Information Studies, MSIS. The University of Texas at Austin, Austin, Texas. – 2005

Licensure in Librarianship and Documentation (Licenciada en Bibliotecología y Documentación). National University of Mar del Plata, Mar del Plata, Argentina. – 2000

Documentalist Librarian. National University of Mar del Plata, Mar del Plata, Argentina. – 1995

Ph.D. Documentation and Scientific Information. Department of Information and Communication. The University of Granada, Granada, Spain. All but dissertation. – 2000-2005

Harvard University, Graduate School of Education, Leadership Institute for Academic Librarians – 2016

American Library Association (ALA), Leadership Institute: Leading to the Future – 2014

American Library Association (ALA), Emerging Leader Program – 2010
ACRL REFORMA, APALA No Yes • Joint Conference of Librarian of Color 2022 (JCLC), Concurrent Programs, Poster Sessions and Proceedings Committee, December 2020-January, 2023.

• APALA (Asian Pacific American Librarians Association), Mentoring Committee, Mentor 2018-

• LLAMA (Library Leadership and Management Association). Leadership Theory Committee, Member, 2018-2020.

• LLAMA (Library Leadership and Management Association). Technology: Management Practices Committee, Member, 2018-2020.

• APALA (Asian Pacific American Librarians Association), Mentoring Committee, Co-chair, 2017-2019.

• APALA (Asian Pacific American Librarians Association), President’s Program Committee, ALA Conference, 2016-2017.

• REFORMA (The National Association to Promote Library and Information Services to Latinos and the Spanish Speaking), National Conference 2015, Program Committee, Co-chair, 2013-2015.

• APALA (Asian Pacific American Librarians Association), Scholarships and Awards Committee, Co-chair 2013-2016, member 2011-2013.

• ALA IRRT International Poster Session Committee, Co-chair 2014-2016, Member 2009-2014.

• Trejo Foundation, Board Member, 2010-2013.

• ACRL, CA Chapter, CARL (Academic Research Libraries) DIAL-South Diversity in Academic Libraries, Co-Chair, 2006-2008.
• BPLG (Bibliotecas Para La Gente), Bay Area Chapter of REFORMA, USA. Stipend to attend the JCLC, Kansas City, MO. 2012.

• Goldman, C. & Molteni, V. E (2010). The SJSU Library and the Concept of Library as Place. SJSU 2010-11 CSU Research Funds Award.

• Antorchas Foundation, Buenos Aires, Argentina. Full Scholarship to attend to the MSIS, School of Information, UT at Austin. 2003- 2005

• IFLA, Scholarship to attend the 67th IFLA General Conference, Boston, USA, 2001

• AECI, Spanish Agency of Cooperation International Program, Spain. Scholarship to attend PhD courses Program in Scientific Information. University of Alcalá de Henares, Spain. 2001
Valeria E. Molteni has been working as both an academic and special librarian in Argentina and the USA for more than 28 years. She worked at the Benson Latin American Collection at UT, Austin, as the Multicultural and Outreach Librarian at CSU Dominguez Hills, as Associate Faculty Librarian (tenured) and Interim Associate Dean for Research and Scholarship at the MLK Library, SJSU, as Academic Adjunct Librarian at the SMCCD Libraries, and most recently, she served as Dean of Library Services at Bowman Library, Menlo College until her departure in August of 2021. Currently, she is pursuing a Doctoral Degree in Organizational Change and Leadership at USC, and concurrently is working as an Adjunct Academic Librarian at SMCCD. She has published journal articles, book chapters, and given conference presentations on the analysis of scientific production, on the evaluation of university research systems, on electronic journal collections, on learning spaces in academic libraries, on information literacy practices, on Library services for international and bilingual populations, as well as presentations about leadership in academic libraries. Molteni, V. (2020). “Rediscovering myself on California Roads”. pp. 76-80. Russo, S. Ed. Feminist Pilgrimage: Journeys of Discovery. Sacramento: Litwin Books.

Molteni, V.E. and Chan, E.K. (2015). Student confidence/overconfidence in the research process. The Journal of Academic Librarianship, 41(1), 2-8.

Molteni, V.E. & Bosch, E.K. (2014). Reference services in a shifting world: Other languages, other services. In: Forbes, C. and Bowers, J. eds. Rethinking Library References for Academic Libraries: Diversity (pp.51-68). Maryland: Rowman and Littlefield.
My professional voyage has been shaped throughout different hemispheres, countries, languages, institutions, and cultures. My educational explorations in three different countries have provided me with different points of view that enriched my understanding of libraries but also about the world and have changed my cosmovisions. These explorations in different shores have been supported by teachers, friends, family, scholarships, mentors, and participation in professional associations. As a first-generation, international student, and a Latinx woman, I have been fortunate to support my journey through my participation in ALA where I met colleagues, mentors, mentees and expanded my horizons as a librarian. I am a former Emerging Leader, worked in IRRT, REFORMA, and became a mentor at ACRL and APALA programs. I feel compelled to give back, and that is my commitment to becoming an ALA Councilor at Large, where I will have the opportunity to participate and transform this important organization.
Ophelia Morey She/Her Associate Librarian University at Buffalo Buffalo NY Academic University at Buffalo, MLS 1992; Canisius College, BS Business Management 1988; University at Buffalo, Entreprenuership Certificate 2001; Tufts University School of Medicine, Health Literacy Leadership Institute 2019
ACRL Library Research Round Table (LRRT), International Relations Round Table (IRRT) BCALA No No Co-chair, IRRT Webinar Committee

Member, IRRT Sister Libraries Committee
Western New York Library Resources Council , Committee for Health Information Access, Chair 2016 – 2018

National Network of Libraries of Medicine, Middle Atlantic Region, Special Advisory Group for Consumers, Chair 2014 – 2015

Association for Information Science and Technology, SIGUSE Treasurer, 2017 - 2019
Fellowship: Association of Research Libraries, Leadership and Career Development Program, 2003 – 2004 As an active member in the IRRT, it would be an honor to build on my ALA leadership service by serving as a Councilor-at-Large.
Marina Morgan She/Her/Hers Metadata Librarian Florida Southern College Lakeland FL Academic Instructor, Mohawk College, 2015.

Librarian (Catalogue/Collection Services), Ryerson University, 2012-2014.

Instructor, Seneca College, 2012-2013.
Cornell University, User Experience Design Certificate, 2020; Sunshine State Library Leadership Institute, Leadership Certificate, 2019; San José State University, Post-Master’s Certificate in Library and Information Science, Web Programming and Information Architecture Pathway, 2019; University of Toronto, Master of Information Studies, 2009; University of Bucharest, Diploma in Library and Archival Science, 2002.
Core, ACRL Sustainability Round Table (SustainRT) No No • 2018-2020 - Member of the LITA Program Planning Committee

• 2018-2020 - LITA representative for the LITA / ALCTS Metadata Standards Committee

• 2019-2020 - Member of the LITA Web Coordinating Committee

• 2019-2020 - Co-Chair of the ALCTS Catalog Management Interest Group, Cataloging and Metadata Management Section

• 2020-2021 - Convener for the ACRL Technical Services Interest Group (ACRL TSIG)

• 2021-2022 - Co Vice-Chair of the Core Role of the Professional Librarian in Technical Services Interest Group

• 2021-2023 - Member of the Core Metadata Standards Committee
• Florida Library Association, Secretary, 2021 - present

• Florida Library Association, Chair, Library Career Development Subcommittee, 2021 - present

• Florida Digital Humanities Consortium, Member, Conference Planning Commitee - 2021 - present
2018 ER&L Online Conference Award After completing the Post-Master's Certificate in Web Programming and Information Architecture at the San Jose State University, the Sunshine State Library Leadership Institute, and the User Experience Design Certificate from Cornell University, I designed and implemented a library web application that allows a self-directed service to find the physical library items in the stacks. Find@Roux (Roux Library, Florida Southern College) a find-in-stacks web application, had a soft launch at Florida Southern College in November 2020. The positive reviews encouraged me to work on phase two of the project, providing more features for the users.
Morgan, Marina and Do, Dan Tam: "Report of the ALCTS Cataloging and Metadata Management Section (CaMMS) Catalog Management Interest Group Meeting, ALCTS Virtual Interest Group Week, June 2020." Technical Services Quarterly, Volume 38, Number 2, 2021. doi:10.1080/07317131.2021.1892347

Wade, Steven, Hornick, Julie, MacDonald, Randall, and Morgan, Marina. "Laser tag in the stacks." In Kroski, E. (Ed.), 52 Ready-to-Use Gaming Programs for Libraries. ALA Editions: Chicago, IL, 2020.

Morgan, Marina and Eichenlaub, Naomi. "ORCID iDs in the Open Knowledge Era". In Digital Libraries for Open Knowledge, TPDL 2018 (Lecture Notes in Computer Science, 11057). Méndez, E., Crestani, F., Ribeiro, C., David, G., & Correia Lopes, J. (Eds.). Cham, Switzerland: Springer, 2018.
• Marina Morgan: Faculty Bio (

• ACRL Insider: Marina Morgan: ACRL Member of the Week (

• SJSU Community Profiles: Academic Librarianship: Metadata Librarian Stays Current With Post-Master's Certificate in Web Programming (

• Prevue Meetings & Incentives: Predatory Conferences an Issue (

• FSC Study Abroad: Study-Abroad Programs Introduce Students to Travel Learning Experiences (
As a metadata Librarian at Roux Library, Florida Southern College, I supervise the Technical Services operations, develop procedures for processing all library materials, serve as the ILS administrator and the ProQuest ETD administrator, manage the Institutional Repository, and co-manage the Digital Collections. I also serve as a member of the Sunshine State Digital Network Metadata Working Group since 2018 and a member of the Florida Digital Humanities Consortium Conference Committee since 2020. For the past three years, I have enjoyed working with my inspiring colleagues from LITA, ALCTS, and Core, chairing and convening Interest Groups, and being part of national and regional committees. If given the opportunity to serve as an ALA Councilor at Large, I will bring the same level of passion and commitment to assist ALA and its members in acting on their behalf and meeting the mission and goals of the association.
Ramin Naderi He/Him/His Acting Senior Librarian Venice Branch, Los Angeles Public Library Los Angeles CA Public Adult Librarian, West Los Angeles Regional Branch, Los Angeles Public Library, 1/8/2018-12/08/2019

Freelance Researcher, Strategic Planning, Regional Information Center for Science and Technology, May 2014-May 2015

Various librarian, web development, research, and teaching experiences abroad since 2005
Ferdowsi University of Mashhad, Iran, MLIS, 2010

Imam Reza University, Mashhad, Iran, Bachelor's Degree in Librarianship, 2007
PLA Library Research Round Table (LRRT), Ethnic & Multicultural Information Exchange Round Table (EMIERT) No No • Library Journal Mover & Shaker 2021

• The Dissertation for the Year, the 15th Festival of the Dissertation of the Year, Tehran, Iran, 2012

• Outstanding Dissertation (winner of the first place) in the Fields of Children's Literature, 1st National Festival on Research in Children Literature, Shiraz, Iran, 2011

• Distinguished Research Project (second place), the 8th Ferdowsi Festival, Humanities and Social Sciences, Mashhad, Iran, 2011
I founded the Persian Poetry Forum of Los Angeles in 2019.and established 4 student associations/societies during my Bachelor's, Master's, and two incomplete PhD degrees. I was named a Community Builder by Library Journal for my efforts in bringing people together and developing communities. As an Immediate Past Team Lead, I am proud of the work that I have done alongside my fellow past and present Team Leads, to advance the staff-driven leadership development program at the Los Angeles Public Library, an initiative that strives to develop leaders across the organization, in every job classification. Co-author: "Strategic Plan for the Regional Information Center for Science and Technology," 2015.

Author: "Information seeking in inquiry-based learning pedagogy: Proposing a preliminary model." Human Information Interaction (Kharazmi University). Volume 1, Issue 3, 2014.

Co-author: "Strategic Plan for Enhancing the Information Services at the Library Organization of Ferdowsi University of Mashhad," 2010.
As an immigrant librarian, my professional life is divided into two eras with 7,572 miles in between. Throughout my 16-year career, "community" has been the nucleus of my practice, both the community of patrons I serve and my professional community. I have had the privilege of partnering with community members --specifically immigrant communities-- in my community development efforts as a librarian and interim library manager at LAPL.

My service to the professional community spans from establishing student associations to serving as the treasurer and the board member of a state library association across the globe.

Now, as a U.S. citizen, it is my duty to advocate for libraries and library workers as we strive to develop more inclusive libraries. I am committed to representing, inspiring, and attracting a more diverse workforce in our profession while utilizing my leadership qualities to co-lead libraries through the existing and new crises.
Mandy Nasr She/Her/Hers Library Director Camarillo Public Library Camarillo CA Public Senior Librarian, Los Angeles Public Library, October 2017-May 2021

Children's Librarian, Los Angeles Public Library, June 2014-September 2017

Reference Librarian, Calabasas Library, April 2013-June 2014
Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis, MLS, 2007

Hanover College, BA Communication, 2004
PLA No No Developing Leaders in California Libraries Leadership Cohort, 2019-2020

Certificate of Appreciation for library service. Los Angeles Councilmember 12th District, May 2020
Passionate about building stronger communities, Mandy has worked diligently to meet the needs of patrons and likes to challenge herself by anticipating new changes and improvements. Prior to her position as Library Director for Camarillo Public Library, Mandy was the Senior Librarian for Los Angeles Public Library and managed the Northridge branch. During her time there, she started a multi-sensory program titled “Story Play” for infants and caregivers; led “Library to Go” services in the recent pandemic; coordinated young adult community clean-ups for Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti’s Great Streets initiative; and served summer lunch to kids and teenagers.

In addition, Mandy has experience with presenting at annual conferences for the California Library Association (CLA) and American Library Association (ALA). Presentation topics include: The Never Ending Shift: Struggles and Solutions for Parents at Work (CLA May 2021); Perseverance Is Your Super Power: Tips on How to Overcome Professional Obstacles (CLA May 2021); Take the Lead: Developing Leaders at All Levels (ALA June 2020); Story Play! Multi-Sensory Play Program (CLA October 2019). The core of my professional work aligns with ALA's values of librarianship. If elected, my professional concerns would focus on diversity, education and lifelong learning, and service. I aspire to work towards a more inclusive learning environment that supports people of color, as well as people with various abilities and cultures. I strongly believe that lifelong learning and student success can be implemented to people of all ages and that public libraries are essential to this empowerment. I would continue to advocate for exceptional library service to our most vulnerable populations. As a daughter of immigrants, it is important for me to serve the unseen so that we can strive to create stronger communities.
Muzhgan Nazarova Turkic Languages Librarian (Acquisitions and Cataloging) Library of Congress LS/ABA/ASME/MESA Washington DC Government, National Slavic Cataloging Librarian Duke University Libraries (2012-2016)

Slavic Cataloging Librarian Cleveland Public Library (2011-2012)

Slavic and Eurasian languages cataloger UIUC Library (2008-2011)
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign Ph.D. in Library and Information Science, 2008

Dissertation Title: Service Learning and Career Development: A Case Study in Library and Information Science

Dissertation Director: Linda Smith

Dissertation Committee: Ann Bishop, Bertram Bruce and Leigh Estabrook

University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, MS in Library and Information Science, 1998

Thesis Title: What journals do scholars involved in population studies need? Citation analysis based on the Social Sciences Citation Index (SSCI)

Thesis Director: Evelyn Daniel

Business School, Nottingham Trent University, UK, Postgraduate Certificate in Management (1/3 of MBA), 1992

Diploma in English and German, & Pedagogy w Azerbaijan State University of Foreign Languages w 1982
International Relations Round Table (IRRT) No No ALA (American Library Association) 1996 – present

ALA Councilor-at-Large 2019-2022; 2016-2019

IRC member 2021-2023

IRRT Immediate Past Chair 2019-2020

IRRT Chair 2018-2019

IRRT Chair-Elect 2017-2018

IRRT International Librarians’ Preconference Committee 2015 - 2016

Chair of IRRT International Relations Committee 2013 - 2015

Member of IRC Europe Subcommittee w 2012 – 2015

wMember of IRC Eurasia and Central Asia Subcommittee w 2016 – 2018

External Review Panelist, ALA Office of Accreditation 2012 - present

Member of Campaign for the World's Libraries 2000 - 2002

Chair of IRC Eurasia and Central Asia Subcommittee w 2000 - 2002

ACRL (Association of College and Research Libraries) w 1996 – present

Chair/Member of Slavic and Eastern European Section (SEES) Automated Bibliographic Control (ABC) Committee w 2015-2017; 2013 – present

Chair of the Descriptive Cataloging Section of SEES ABC’s Slavic Cataloging Manual Revision Task Force 2015-2016
Illinois Library Association - Member - 2000-2010

IFLA - Member -2000 - 2012

Management of Library Associations Section - 2000-2002

AzLA (Azerbaijani Library Development Association) - FOUNDER/MEMBER/VICE-PRESIDENT- 1999 - 2012

Open Society Institute Soros Foundation, Baku, Azerbaijan/Library Board - CHAIR - 1998-2000

SLA (Special Libraries Association), Student Chapter, SILS UNC-Chapel Hill - TREASURER - 1997-1998
LOC Outstanding Employee Award 2016-2021

Beta Phi Mu - International LIS Honor Society Initiate 2008

Peggy Harris Service Award, GSLIS, UIUC 2008

Mothers’ Association at the UIUC Distinguished Service Award 2007

The Maria Pia Gratton International Award at the University of Illinois 2002

1st Annual 21st Century Librarian Award Nominee 2001

Distinction of Honorable Mention IREX Millenium Photo Contest 2001

Distinguished Alumna Award, US Educated Azerbaijani Alumni Association 1999

US Embassy Best Employee Award 1995

Distinguished Alumna Award, US Educated Azerbaijani Alumni Association 1999

Mothers’ Association at the UIUC Distinguished Service Award 2007
Dr. Muzhgan Nazarova’s career as a seasoned library and information science professional and educator spans more than three decades. Through her work in different types of libraries (medical, public, academic and government) as administrator, reference and acquisitions librarian, and cataloger, and her teaching and research she worked with various audiences nationally and internationally. Muzhgan is a Leader, Innovator and Advocate who supports professional education, outreach to different communities, information literacy and protects social justice, intellectual freedom, diversity especially in her recent role as ALA’s Councilor-at-Large.

As a Director of the Library at the US Embassy in Baku she provided library services and outreach to diplomatic and business community, scholars, students and librarians. As a coordinator of the Community Informatics program at UIUC she worked with the Paseo Boricua community in Chicago and East St. Louis community. At the Mortenson Center, Muzhgan collaborated with the librarians from over 40 countries around the world. In her present position at the Library of Congress, Muzhgan provides discovery and access to the Turkic collections.
Nazarova, Muzhgan: "Service learning and career development: A case study in library and information science"

Nazarova, M., Bishop, A., Bruce, B. (2006) Inquiry-Based Learning in LIS Education: Enacting Scholarship of Teaching and Learning (SOTL): A Case Study Presented at ALISE Conference, San Antonio, TX, January 19. Published in DLIST (March, 2006)

Nazarova, M. (2005) Libraries, National Security, Freedom of Information Laws and Social Responsibilities. IFLA/FAIFE World Report 2005. IFLA Committee on Free Access to Information and Freedom of Expression publication. (Contributed a chapter on Azerbaijan).
More information about my international activities and my academic and professional background - in my resume at

IRRT appointments and activities:

Co-chairing the International Librarians Networking subcommittee (2020-2022)

Chairing the IRRT Nominating Committee (2020-2022)

Co-chairing International Connections committee (2012-2015).Initiator of "Leaning International" program at ALA annual in Las Vegas (2014) and San Francisco (2015) (p. 7)

For my earlier international activities including the ALA initiative in the South Caucasus please see "INTERNATIONAL PROJECT MANAGEMENT AND LEADERSHIP EXPERIENCE" section of my resume at (page 4)
It has been a privilege to be a part of this vital profession and a member of ALA for several decades. I believe as library professionals we have a responsibility to TRANSFORM and CHANGE our communities, our country and the world for the better. As past IRRT Chair I would like to use my longstanding experience in international librarianship and leadership to support the major international goals and objectives of ALA through ADVOCATING for the more than ever important issues of intellectual freedom, information privacy, information literacy, free access and social justice. In my role as ALA's Councilor-at-Large I will continue CONTRIBUTING to the process of formulating policies and standards that affect library and information services especially in this new post-pandemic era. As an LIS educator and practitioner I will continue to advocate for INTERNATIONILIZATION of the library and information education and services in a global society.
Jim Neal He/Him University Librarian Emeritus Columbia University New York NY Academic Vice President for Information Services and University Librarian, Columbia University, 2001-2014

Dean of University Libraries, Johns Hopkins University, 1995-2001

Dean of University Libraries, Indiana University,1989-1995

Degrees and Certificates:

Columbia University, Certificate in Advanced Librarianship, 1976

Columbia University, MSLS, 1973

Columbia University, MA History, 1973

Rutgers University, BA Russian Studies, 1969
PLA, Core, ACRL, AASL Library History Round Table (LHRT), Social Responsibilities Round Table (SRRT), Retired Members Round Table (RMRT), Intellectual Freedom Round Table (IFRT), International Relations Round Table (IRRT) AILA, REFORMA, BCALA, CALA, APALA No No ALA Immediate Past President, 2018-2019; ALA President, 2017-2018; ALA President-elect, 2016-2017; ALA Executive Board, 1997-2001, 2010-2013, 2013-2016, 2016-2019; ALA Council, 1994-2001, 2010-2013, 2013-2016, 2016-2019, 2019-2022; ALA Treasurer, 2010-2013; Budget Analysis and Review Committee, 2008-2016; Endowment Trustees, 2010-2013, 2019-2022; International Relations Committee, 1990-1996, 2005-2007; OITP Copyright Advisory Committee, 1998-2002; OITP Policy Revolution Advisory Committee, 2013-2015; ACRL C&RL Editorial Board, 1990-1996; ACRL National Conference Fundraising Committee, 2003-2011; ACRL 2017 National Conference Chair; ACRL Scholarly Communications Committee, 2002-2006; LLAMA Board of Directors, 1990-1994; LLAMA President, 1992-1993; Chair, International Relations Round Table, 2021-2022; numerous association and divisional committees and task forces
Association of Research Libraries, Board of Directors, 1994-1999, 2006-2009, President, 1997-1998; Digital Library Federation, Board of Trustees, 2005-2009; Digital Preservation Network, Board of Trustees, 2013-2014; Freedom to Read Foundation, Board of Directors, 2005-2009, 2010-2012,2013-2017,2019-22, Treasurer, 2007-2009, 2003-2015,2019-2022; Metropolitan New York Library Council, Board of Trustees, 2011-2016, Treasurer, 2015-2016; National Information Standards Organization, Board of Directors, 2004-2009, Chair, 2007-2008; OCLC Board of Trustees, 2010-2022; Research Libraries Group, Board of Trustees and Chair, 2003-2006; Scholarly Publishing and Academic Resources Coalition, Steering Committee, 2000-2005, Chair 2002-2005; numerous appointments as chair of association, division, and state committees and task forces
New York Library Association, Intellectual Freedom Award, 2020; Miles Conrad Award, National Information Standards Organization, 2020; International Federation of Library Associations, Scroll of. Appreciation, 2016; Freedom to Read Foundation Roll of Honor, 2015; ALA Lippincott Award, 2015; University of Alberta, Honorary Doctor of Laws, 2010; ALA Melvil Dewey Medal Award, 2009; ALA Atkinson Memorial Award, 2007; ACRL Academic Librarian of the Year Award, 1997; Indiana Library Federation, Outstanding Librarian of the Year, 1993; Library Administration and Management Association, Certificate of Special Thanks, 1991; Pennsylvania Library Association, Certificate of Merit, 1989
I have worked throughout my career to advance the core values of our profession, in particular, open and equitable access to information, diversity and equity and inclusion, and intellectual freedom. My participation in ALA and service to numerous professional organizations have focused in such areas as copyright and fair use, scholarly communication, the future leadership for the profession, and the management of change. I have accomplished these goals through my writings, presentations, testimony in front of congressional committees, and participation on boards, committees and task forces, locally, nationally and globally.
James G. Neal: "Preserving the Born-Digital Record: Many More Questions Than Answers," American Libraries Supplement, June 2015, pp.30-33.

James G. Neal: "Still Choosing Our Futures: How Many Apples in the Seed?", College and Research Libraries, March 2015, pp. 310-315.

James G. Neal: "Advancing From Kumbaya to Radical Collaboration: Redefining the Future Research Library," Journal of Library Administration (Haworth Press), Volume 51, Number 1, 2011, pp. 66-76.
Further information is available at the following web site:;

Follow on Twitter: @jamesneal; Follow on Facebook: Jim Neal
My commitment is to a successful and influential American Library Association, to a profession characterized by service and impact in our communities, to the readers and users who depend on libraries, and to the individuals who work in libraries and other information organizations, too often without the recognition and support they truly deserve. As a Councilor, I will invest my experience and expertise as ALA President and ALA Treasurer in these objectives, and work to advance our priorities of equity/diversity/inclusion, advocacy, information policy, and professional and leadership development, always striving for an ALA built on social justice, ethics, conversation and transparency. WE DARE !!... to be bold, courageous and challenging. My vision projects that we are VIRTUAL, engaged with our users and communities in more rigorous and effective ways; we are VIRTUOSO, smart but always ready to learn; we are VIRTUOUS, radically collaborative and always working in the public interest. 45
Toni Negro Retired Montgomery County Public Schools, Maryland Rockville MD School School Librarian Hanover Park High School, Hanover NJ, 1957-65

School Library/Media specialist and Program Coordinator, Montgomery County Public Schools, Rockville, MD 1967-1998; Professional Library , Montgomery County, 1998-2008

Business Librarian, Universities at Shady Grove, University of Maryland Rockville, MD campus 2008-2018
BS. Secondary Education Fordham, University, New York, NY 1955

MLS Rugers University, 1958

EDS Certificate, Western Michigan University, Kalamazoo, Michigan 1966-1967
ACRL, AASL No Yes ALA Council: AASL Counselor 1991-1994, Councilor-at-Large 1995-1997; 2000-2010; 2012-2014; 20018-2021

Committees: Council Orientation Committee (2 terms, 1 as Chair) Constitution and Bylaws, Committee on Committees (2 terms, FTWG Resolutons 2021, Policy Monitoring Committee (Chair) 2021
President Elect/President Maryland Educational Media Association, 1984-1986
Montgomery County (Maryland) Public Library Board of Directors (2012-2018) Appointment by County Executive

Citizens for Maryland Libraries 2021-
My hope is to continute to participate and contribute in being an advocate for libraries and ALA. After many years of service I am pleased to be part of an effort to restructure ALA and expand participation of members into the organization through its governance and to open opportunities for members.
Sharaya Olmeda She/Her Librarian at the California Men's Colony State Prison California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation San Luis Obispo CA Special Library/ Correctional Library Librarian, California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation, May 2019-Current

Executive Assistant to the Vice President of Student Services, Cuesta College, 2017-2019

Executive Assistant to the Vice President of Academic Affairs, Cuesta College, 2015-2017
San Jose State University, MLIS, 2019; California State University Northridge, BA, 2015.
PLA No No San Jose State University Special Session Scholarship for MLIS, 2017

Ken Haycock Award for Exceptional Professional Promise, 2020
As a correctional librarian, I believe it is important to expand and grow opportunities and resources in prison libraries. These spaces have immense opportunities to make impactful and positive change and, with increased support and visibility, can provide real rehabilitative change. In addition, I believe it's important to connect community resources with those impacted by homelessness, food insecurity, and the aftermath of the pandemic.
Anchalee (Joy) Panigabutra-Roberts She/Her/Hers Head, Cataloging The University of Tennessee Libraries Knoxville TN Academic Head, Cataloging and Metadata, University of Tennessee Libraries, November 2016 - July 2018

Head, Cataloging and Metadata Services, American University in Cairo Libraries, New Cairo, Egypt, July 2013 - October 2016.

Metadata & Multicultural Services Librarian/Women’s and Gender Studies Faculty & Library Liaison, University of Nebraska-Lincoln Libraries, August 2007 - June 2013.
University of Wisconsin-Madison, Specialist (ABD), LIS, 2004; University of Wisconsin-Madison, MLIS, 1988; Saint Olaf College, BA English (Literature), 1986; Chiangmai University (Chiangmai, Thailand), BA English (Linguistics), 1984
Core, ACRL Map & Geospatial Information Round Table (MAGIRT), International Relations Round Table (IRRT), Government Documents Round Table (GODORT) APALA No No ALA Councilor At-Large, 2019-2022

ALA Constitution and Bylaws Committee Member, 2011-2013

ALA Presidential Task Force on Traditional Cultural Expression, APALA's Representative, April 2010- January 2011

ALA Presidential Task Force on Family Literacy Focus, APALA Co-chair, February 2010-January 2011; Member, September 2009-January 2011

ALA Diversity Council, APALA’s Representative (appointed), 2009-2011.

ALA ALCTS Leadership Development Committee, Member (appointed), July 1, 2017-June 30, 2021; Mentoring Subcommittee, Member (appointed), July 1, 2018-June 30, 2019; Mentor (mentee: a department coordinator, August 2018-June 2019).

ALA ALCTS International Relations Committee, Member (appointed), July 2015 - June 2017).

ALA LLAMA Leadership Development Committee, Member (appointed), July 2015-June 2017.
Tennessee Name Authority Cooperative (NACO) Funnel, Library of Congress Program for Cooperative Cataloging, Coordinator, June 1, 2017 - present

OCLC. Americas Regional Council Delegate to Global Council (elected), July 2019-June 2022

APALA Executive Board, Member-At-Large (elected), July 2018-June 2020; Constitution and Bylaws Committee, Member (appointed), 2013-2015

AMICAL Consortium. OCLC Programs Committee. Member. May 2015-October 2016.

Middle East-North Africa Innovative Users Group, Member (appointed), 2014-2015; Annual Conference, Chair, 2015; Steering Committee, Vice Chair/Secretary, 2015;

Webmaster, 2014

Online Audiovisual Catalogers, Inc. Cataloging Policy Committee, , Member (appointed), 2011-2015; DVD Cataloging Guide Update Task Force. Committee member and contributor to the updated guide. 2006-2009.
Research Development Academy. University of Tennessee, Knoxville, Office of Diversity & Engagement & Office of Research and Engagement (2020-2022)

Travel grant to attend 2019 Linked Data in Libraries Conference, Harvard University, Boston, funded by Stanford University/Andrew W. Mellon Foundation Grant, May 10-11, 2019

Scholarly Activity and Research Incentive Funds - Foreign Travel Fund, Office of Research and Engagement, University of Tennessee, Knoxville, 2018.

Grants for Foreign Library Staff to Attend Conferences and Congresses in Germany, Bibliothek & Information International, Germany for SWIB 2014

ACRL RBMS Scholarship to attend ACRL/RBMS’ 52nd Annual Preconference, Baton Rouge, LA, June 21-24, 2011.
See publications' records in ORCID ID: 0000-0002-9333-1102

I have served ALA as Councilor at Large since 2019. I have learned and grown to understand the work of councilors and ALA as an organization amidst the time of changes, especially during the pandemic, racial injustice, political turmoil and economic crisis. ALA is also going through a reorganization process. I would like to continue to serve ALA and its membership in this capacity as Councilor at Large to use what I have learned during my first term to further advance the work that ALA has been doing on equity, diversity and inclusion, equitable access to information and technology, transformation into a better aligned organization to engage better with membership, modern technologies and with better fiscal management.
Edwin Rodarte He/Him/His/El Emerging Technologies Department Senior Librarian Los Angeles Public Library Los Angeles CA Public Victorville Community College, Adjunct Librarian, 2014-2015

Western University of Health Sciences, Circulation Supervisor, 2014-2015

Ontario City Library, Teen Services Library Assistant, 2011-2015
San Jose State University, MLIS, 2010; California State University Fullerton, BA Spanish, BS Human Services, 2007.
REFORMA, APALA No Yes ALSC, Pura Belpre Award Committee Member, 2018; YALSA Popular Paperbacks for Young Adults Committee Member, 2017; YALSA, Best Fiction for Young Adults Committee Member, 2015 and 2016.
California Library Association, Chair, Latino Services Interest Group, 2017-present; iRead California Summer @ Your Library Committee, 2018-present; California Library Association Youth Services Interest Group Program Coordinator, 2012-2014; California Library Association, Beatty Award Selection Committee member, 2014.
Librarian of the Year Award, REFORMA, 2019
REFORMA Technology Committee Chair, 2017-present. This is my second time running for Councilor At Large. The reason is simple, to be honest. I want to ensure that I give back to the library community and bring a voice that represents queer Latinx individuals in our libraries. I bring not only integrity but a passion and the work ethic necessary to ensure that our organization continues to change and make an impact. My interests lie in social equity, language access, inclusion, and the diversification of our profession. Additionally, I have a special interest in technology access and data. I look forward to working with other passionate individuals and sharing opinions with colleagues. Let's make change happen.
Suzanne Sager She/Her/Hers Cataloger Portland State University Portland OR Academic University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, MSLIS, 2005; Portland State University, BA, 2000 History, Minor International Studies; Clackamas Community College, AS, 1984 Accounting
Core Library Support Staff Interests Round Table (LSSIRT), Graphic Novels and Comics Round Table (GNCRT) No No ALA Council, 2007-2010, 2013-2016; ALA Chapter Relations Committee, 2014-2016; ALA Salaries and Status of Library Employees Committee, 2010-2011; ALA Council Resolutions Committee, 2010.
Oregon Library Association, 2000-Present

Treasurer, 2001-2005; Leadership Committee, 2018-Present; Financial Committee, 2014-2020; Conference Committee (Communications Chair/Print Program Coordinator), 2008-2017; Support Staff Division Chair-elect/Chair/Past-Chair, 2005-2008; Support Staff Division (Member-at-Large), 2003-2005; Support Staff Division (Recorder), 2001-2003

Orbis Cascade Alliance

Shared Content & Technical Services Team (Chair-Elect/Chair), July 2020-July 2022; Norm Rules Standing Group (Chair), January 2019-June 2020 and (Member) 2017-Present; Cataloging Standing Group (Member), 2017-June 2021.

City of Estacada

Estacada Library Board, 1999-2006 & 2012-2018

City Budget Committee, 2019-2022
Author: "Library Support Staff Today and how it has changed," OLA Quarterly, Fall 2014, 20:3.

Author: "Merit Pay Most Often Used in Compensation for Public and Academic Librarians: A Report from the 2010 Librarian Salary Survey supplemental questions," Library Worklife, September 2011.

Author: "Rising Number of Librarians Covered by Collective Bargaining Agreements: A Report from the 2010 Librarian Salary Survey supplemental questions," Library Worklife, December 2010.
Although I have loved books since I was young, my career in libraries begin in 1986 in the Portland State University Library. I have had many opportunities to be professionally involved during that time. I have served on the Oregon Library Association, the American Library Association and the Orbis Cascade Alliance. I also attended the Pacific Northwest Library Association's Leadership Institute in 2006. One of my favorite positions was serving on ALA Council as the Oregon Chapter Councilor and I would love to have the opportunity to serve again as a Councilor-at-Large.
Karen Schneider She/Hers Dean of the Library Sonoma State University Rohnert Park CA Academic University Librarian, Holy Names University, 2009-2015 Simmons College, PhD, 2017; University of San Francisco, MFA, 2006; University of Illinois, MSLIS, 1992; Barnard College, BA English, 1982
Core, ACRL, UNITED Rainbow Round Table (RRT), Intellectual Freedom Round Table (IFRT), Sustainability Round Table (SustainRT) No No ALA Council, 1997 – 2001, 2002 – 2004, 2004 – 2006, 2012- 2015, 2018 – present; ALA Executive Board, 2019-present; Budget Analysis & Review Committee (member), 2020-2022; ACRL 2017 Contributed Papers Committee, 2015-2016; Nominating Committee (Chair), Library and Information Technology Association, 2014; ALA Nominating Committee (member), ALA, 2012 – 2013; LITA Forum 2009 Committee, 2008 – 2009; LITA Blogging/Wiki Interest Group (BIGWIG) (founding co-chair), Trend Expert, LITA Top Technology Trends panel, 2004 –– 2010; occasional panel moderator, 2012- 2015; 2005 – 2006; LITA Internet Room Steering Committee (member), 1993-1996; GLBTRT Bylaws Task Force (member), 2009 - 2011; ALA Web Advisory Committee (member), 2003 – 2005; ALA Presidential Implementation Task Force (member), 2006 - 2008; ALA Task Force on Member Participation, 2006 – 2009; Steering Committee on Organizational Effectiveness (member), 2018-2020; Fiscal Analysis Working Group (member), Forward Together, 2020-2021; I am also a member of the California Library Association.
Mentor, Florida State Leadership Program, 2007 –2008; California Library Association Intellectual Freedom Committee (chair), 2002 – 2003; New York Library Association Intellectual Freedom Committee (chair), 2000; New Jersey Library Association Gay and Lesbian Roundtable (founding member), 1993
2014 ALA Elizabeth Futas Catalyst for Change Award; 2013 Awarded 33-credit scholarship for Simmons doctoral program in managerial leadership in the information professions (Ph.D./MLIP); 2011 “Above and Beyond” award for exemplary service, Holy Names University; 2000: accepted Electronic Frontier Foundation Pioneer Award “on behalf of librarians everywhere”; 1998 Leadership Award, University of Illinois Graduate School of Library and Information Science; Article, “Tao of Internet Costs,” selected as one of the best of the year, The Bottom Line, 1998; Air Force Commendation Medal with three oak leaf clusters
I am proud to have been an expert witness on behalf of free speech in libraries for a First Amendment case, Mainstream Loudoun v. Board of Trustees (1999). I was also the founding columnist for the American Libraries column, "Internet Librarian" (1995 - 2002) and was an occasional contributor for the "Techsource" column (2005 - 2007). In 1992 I also helped found PUBLIB, an independent discussion list for public librarians that continues to this day, and co-moderated PUBLIB from 1996 to 2011.
Schneider, K. G., & O'Bryan, C. (2018). Zero-Based Budgeting in a Cutback Scenario for a Small Academic Library. Library Leadership & Management, 32(2).

Leadership and Sexual Identity of Academic Library Leaders (Dissertation; March 3, 2017). School of Library and Information Science, Simmons College, Boston, MA.

To Be Real: Antecedents and Consequences of Sexual Identity Disclosure by Academic Library Directors, The Journal of Academic Librarianship, Volume 42, Issue 6, November 2016, Pages 719-731, ISSN 0099-1333, (peer-reviewed)
As a Councilor who is serving her third and final year on ALA Executive Board, I find myself even more invested in and energized by association leadership. If elected, I will contribute to Council not just what I know about our divisions, round tables, committees, chapters, and of course Council itself, but I will also bring to the table the deep knowledge I have acquired as a Board member in our association’s fiscal and organizational activities, and an even deeper commitment to ALA’s values, particularly our commitment to equity, diversity, and inclusion. If reelected to Council I will do my part to help ALA not just survive but thrive through and beyond these challenging times.
Sophia Sotilleo Interim Library Director Lincoln University Lincoln University PA Academic Access Services/Instruction Librarian Harvard Graduate School of Education
Cambridge, MA
Leadership Institute Academic Librarians: Certificate. August 2014

MLS, Library and Information Science
Drexel University, Philadelphia, PA, August 2012

BS Business Management, Minor Information Technology, Cum Laude
Lincoln University, Lincoln University, December 2010.

ACRL Library Instruction Round Table (LIRT), Intellectual Freedom Round Table (IFRT) BCALA No No Committee Liaison - Freedom to Read Foundation,

Black Caucus of the American Library Association Liaison (2017- Present)

Committee Member - Intellectual Freedom ALA Committee

American Library Association (2020- Present)

ALA Training, Orientation and Leadership Development Trainee

American Library Association Liaison- (2018-2019)

ALA Committee on the Status of Women in Librarianship

American Library Association Liaison (2017-2018)
Delaware Library Association, Member 2012-Present David W. & Angela M. Huggins Endowed Scholarship – 2011/2012

JCLC Award- Black Caucus of the American Library Association –

2012 Sigma Beta Delta, Business Honor Society –

2011 Evelyn Walker Armstrong Endowed Scholarship – 2011/2012

Spring 2009 Charlesa Lowell Scholarship
Serving on the Intellectual Freedom Council and being selected to serve on the Operating Agreement Working Group.

Selected to be a Co-Editor for the Intellectual Freedom Journal to focus on Social Justice and Intellectual Freedom working within a Divided Nation

Selected as a Faculty Mentor for the Yale-Princeton University Archive Summer Internship Program.
Community Digitization Program; The Sustainable Libraries Cookbook; Book Chapter ACRL, (2018)

Promoting African American Writers; Library Partnership for Outreach, Programming, and Literacy, Libraries Unlimited imprint of ABC-CLIO Case Study, (2019

Be our Guest- Creating Unique and Inclusive Library Experiences; Hope and a Future: Perspectives on the Impact that Librarians and Libraries Have on Our World, University of Maryland Press, Book Chapter, (2020)
If elected I look forward to creating and supporting spaces that welcome ideas and information from members who still feel that they are not heard or feel like they don't have a voice or space within the organization. It concerns me that there are still so many librarians that share that they are not members because they do not have a connection to the organization. Numbers have strength and our field and voice are stronger when we are all together. If there was ever a time where we need to stand together it is at this time where our profession continues to support and speak for all communities and organizations seeking support for their voices to be heard. I look forward to being that elected member that ensures that there is a space where we can hear you and welcome you as a member and advocate for all.
8 years
Eric Suess He/His Library Director Marshall Public Library Pocatello ID Public University of Notre Dame BA Government/English 1983

University of Michigan MILS Information and Library Studies 1987
YALSA, PLA, Core, ALSC Intellectual Freedom Round Table (IFRT), Games & Gaming Round Table (GAMERT), International Relations Round Table (IRRT), Graphic Novels and Comics Round Table (GNCRT) No No ALA Council 2008-11, 2012-21; ALA Committee on Legislation 2008-09, 2018-22, CoL Subcommittee on Grassroots Advocacy 2008-2011 (Chair 2009-10), 2019-22; ALA Committee on Organization 2015-2019, ALA Awards Committee 2013-15 (Chair 2014-15); ALA Constitution and Bylaws Committee 2012-14, ACRL LPSS Publications Committee 1988-90; ALCTS Esther J. Piercey Award Jury 1989-90; LAMA FRFDS Program Committee 2003-05; LAMA SASS Acquisitions Systems Committee 1989-91; LITA Vendor User Group 1994-95; IFRT Executive Committee 2006-08, 2010-15 (Chair 2013-14); IFRT Organization and Bylaws Committee 2005-09; IRRT Nominating Committee (Chair) 1988-89; ALA Council representative to the Planning and Budget Assembly 2015-17
Michigan Library Association - Intellectual Freedom Committee 1998-2004 (Chair 2001-2004); Conference Committee 2000, Membership - 200-2004

New Jersey Library Association - Intellectual Freedom Committee 2004-5

Idaho Library Association - Intellectual Freedom Committee 2011-2015 (Chair 2011-2015)
Created a new public library from scratch, including writing policies, hiring staff, purchasing materials. (Commerce Township Community Library (2005-2010)

Served as Delegate to OCLC's Americas Regional Council/Global Council (2018-2021)
@Lirath (used to tweet Council actions This is a time of great change, both within ALA and outside of it. The status quo is not an option. My goal is to help shepherd ALA through necessary change with a mindest on service, and a strong understanding of how our varied institutions (type, size, location, etc.) are interwoven. Fiscal responsibility and communication will be key, making sure all levels of input are valued. I have served four terms on Council, and this puts me in a strong position to understand our past, as well as knowledge of what our future can be. I'm not afraid of hard work, and look forward to continued service to our members and the libraries and institutions we represent.
Valerie Tagoe She/Her Media Specialist Dallas Independent School District Dallas TX School Woodrow Wilson High School, Media Specialist, August 2012-June 2017

Librarian, Cedar Hill ISD August 2011-June 2012

Media Specialist, D. A. Hulcy Middle School August 2006-June 2011
Texas Woman’s University, MLS, 2008; Southern Methodist University, Master of Bilingual Education 2007; University of Oklahoma, B.A. French, 2001
YALSA, PLA, AASL REFORMA No Yes Director, Young Adult Library Services Association Board of Directors (YALSA) June 2019-June 2022

Organization & Bylaws Chair, Young Adult Library Services Association (YALSA) 2018-2019

Member, YALSA Advancing Diversity Task Force 9/1/17-2-9-18

Member, YALSA Volunteer of the Year Award Jury 11/1/17-1/31/18
Chair, Texas Association of School Librarians Administrator of the Year Committee 2020-2022

Member, Texas Library Association Legislative Committee 2017-2021

Immediate Past President, Executive Board Member, Dallas Association of School Librarians 2018-2019

President, Dallas Association of School Librarians 2017-2018

Vice-President, Dallas Association of School Librarians 2016-2017
S. Janice Kee Continuing Education Award, Texas Woman’s University April 2016 Tagoe, V. Robinson, N. (2021). Advocacy in Action ALA Policy Corps. Texas Library Journal, 97(1), 82-84.

Tagoe, Valerie A. “The Wildcat Spot.” Winning Grants A How-to-Do-It Manual for Librarians, 2nd ed., American Library Association, 2016, pp. 145–147.

Tagoe, V., Alexander, D. (2017, October). Stop, Collaborate and Listen: How to Create Partnerships in the Library. Young Adult Library Services, 15 (Fall 2017).
The power and purpose of libraries has been demonstrated during the COVID-19 pandemic. Librarians in all types of institutions: school, public, academic and special had to pivot to serve their communities. As communities begin to recover from the pandemic librarians will need the tools, resources and support from ALA to continue to service community members of all ages and backgrounds. As ALA Councilor at Large, I hope to be part of the decision making process that positions the organization to provide valuable resources, professional development, advocacy tools, and more to our members. I plan to draw upon my work experience and what I have learned in the ALA Policy Corps, YALSA, and other professional organizations in my work as ALA Councilor at Large.
Marliese Thomas She/Her Fine Arts Librarian University of Alabama at Birmingham Birmingham AL Academic Reference Librarian, Assessment Coordinator and Liaison to Optometry; University of Alabama at Birmingham; November 2018 - December 2020

Solutions Architect, Ex Libris Group, June 2013 - May 2018

Reference Librarian, Samford University, January 2012 - June 2013
University of Alabama, MLIS, 2007; Loyola University New Orleans, BA Communications, 2003.
ACRL Library Instruction Round Table (LIRT), International Relations Round Table (IRRT) No No LITA, Standards Interest Group, Vice-chair 2011-2013 Alabama Association of College and Research Libraries, Vice-President/President-Elect, 2021 - present

Southeastern Library Association, member, Constitution and Bylaws Review Committee, 2021 - present

Association of Vision Science Librarians, Chair-elect, 2020 (resigned December 2020 due to job change)

Association of Vision Science Librarians, co-organizer and reviewer, Predatory Journal Preapproved List, 2019 - 2020

University of Alabama SLIS Library School Association, member, Board of Advisors, 2011 - 2013
Colleen Callahan Professional Development Award, Costume Society of America Southeastern Division. Awarded 2020.

EBSCO Host Award for Outstanding Research, shared with Dana Caudle and Cecilia Schmitz. Awarded 9 April 2009.

Daily Point of Light #2746, a national award from the Points of Light Institute for volunteer service in recognition of work in the area of cancer awareness and prevention. Awarded 13 August 2004.
The primary goal of Marliese's librarianship has been to understand how a library works, and her secondary goal is to then be able to explain it to others. To that end, she has worked in positions ranging from cataloger to outreach to vendor rep and has likewise sought association experiences for their breadth instead of depth. This background has given her a diverse understanding of organizational structure and the many ways that libraries co-exist with their outside partners. While not as tangible an accomplishment as the discovery layer that she helped create or the research grant she received, it is of more value to fulfilling the role of Councilor.
Thomas, Marliese, Dana M. Caudle, and Cecilia Schmitz. “To Tag or not to Tag.” Library Hi Tech 27, no. 3 (2009): 411-434.

Thomas, Marliese, Dana M. Caudle, and Cecilia Schmitz. “Trashy tags: problematic tags in Library Thing.” New Library World 111, no. 5/6 (2010): 223-235.
Personal website:

YouTube channel where I explore historical dress and the associated research methods:

Throughout my somewhat unconventional career path in librarianship, ALA and the people I have met through ALA have remained a constant. Even during my five years working for a library software vendor, without time to participate in any committees or working groups or or any original scholarship, I benefitted from having those connections, from hearing the concerns and accomplishments of those still in the libraries. This continuity of community helped my return to an academic position go smoothly, even as I have continued to grow into new subject areas. I love the universality of librarianship, how we can find so many different experiences in support of the same general goal. My aspiration is to provide what labor and knowledge I can to support and continue an organization that has been so helpful to me.
Thompson He/Him/His Director of Public Services Carroll County Public Library New Windsor MD Public Senior Administrator – Public Services, Harford County Public Library (MD), March 2014 – October 2016

Associate Director, Western Maryland Regional Library, September 2008 – February 2014

Project Coordinator: Maryland AskUsNow!, Baltimore County Public Library, January 2003 – August 2008
University of Maryland College Park, Master of Library Science, College of Library and Information Services, 2001;

Towson University, Bachelor of Arts, History, 1994
RUSA, PLA New Members Round Table (NMRT), Sustainability Round Table (SustainRT), Learning Round Table (LearnRT), Intellectual Freedom Round Table (IFRT) No No ALA Committee on Legislation: Chair, 2020 – 2022;

ALA National Network Advisory Committee: Member, 2019 – 2022;

ALA Chapter Relations Committee: Member, 2019 – 2020;

RUSA Conference Program Coordinating Committee: Chair, 2018 – 2019, 2012 – 2013; Member, 2011 – 2012;

ALA Committee on Library Advocacy: RUSA Division Representative, 2017 – 2020;

RUSA Isadore Gilbert Mudge Award Committee: Member, 2016 – 2018;

RUSA Nominations Committee: Chair, 2016 – 2017;

RUSA Past President, 2015 – 2016;

RUSA President, 2014 – 2015;

RUSA Vice President/President Elect, 2013 – 2014;

RUSA President’s Program Planning Committee: Chair, 2012 – 2013;

RUSA Membership Committee: Member, 2011 – 2013;

RUSA Structure Task Force: Member, 2011 – 2012;

RUSA Web Conferencing Task Force: Member, 2011 – 2012;

RUSA RSS Organization & Planning Committee: Chair, 2011 – 2012;

RUSA Executive Board: RSS Representative, 2010 – 2011;

RUSA RSS Vice Chair, Chair, Past Chair of section, 2009 – 2012;

LearnRT: Member, 2008 – present;

RUSA Executive Board: Director at Large, 2007 – 2010;

RUSA RSS Virtual Reference Services Committee: Chair, 2004 – 2008;

RUSA RSS Cooperative Reference Services Committee: Member, 2003 – 2007;

RUSA: Member, 2003 – present;

PLA: Member, 2002 – present

PLA: Member, 2002 – present
Maryland Library Association Nominations Committee: Chair, 2020 – 2021; Member, 2012, 2013, 2014;

Maryland Library Association Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion Task Force: Member, 2019 – present;

Maryland Library Association Bylaws Committee: Member, 2018 – 2019;

Maryland Library Association Vice President, President, Past President, 2017 – 2020;

Maryland Library Association Fundraising Taskforce: Chair, 2016 – 2018;

University of Maryland College of Information Studies MLS Program Advisory Committee: Member, 2014 – 2017;

Maryland’s Library Associate Training Institute Oversight Committee: Chair, 2011 – 2014; Member, 2010 – 2011;

Citizens for Maryland Libraries Board Member and MAPLA Representative, 2011 – present;

Maryland Library Association Student Interest Group: Chair, 2010 – 2012;

Maryland Library Leadership Institute Planning Committee: Member, 2006 – 2007; 2015 – 2016;

Maryland Library Association Secretary and Steering Committee/Executive Board: Member, 2006 – 2008;

Maryland Library Association Professional Development Panel: Member, 2002 – 2005;

Maryland Library Association: Member, 1998 – present;

Maryland Association of Public Library Administrators: Member, 2008 – present;

Citizens for Maryland Libraries: Member, 2007 – present

University of Maryland College of Information Studies MLS Program Advisory Committee: Member, 2014 – 2017;

Maryland’s Library Associate Training Institute Oversight Committee: Chair, 2011 – 2014; Member, 2010 – 2011
Innovator of the Year Award 2015 presented by the Maryland Daily Record to Harford County Public Library for the Innovation Lab, Project Manager, 2014-2015;

Citizens for Maryland Libraries Davis McCarn Technology Award for Innovative use of Technology to improve Library Service in Maryland, May 2007;

Maryland Library Association’s Emerging Leader Award, May 2005;

Exemplary Service Award presented by Virtual Reference Desk project to Maryland AskUsNow!, November 2004
Joseph Thompson is an active member leader in ALA and his state chapter, Maryland Library Association (MLA). He is now in his second year chairing ALA’s Committee on Legislation, where he works with the committee members and ALA staff to advance the association’s legislative, advocacy, and public policy agenda. As a past president of the Reference and User Services Association and MLA, he brings to ALA Council the experience of both a division and chapter leader. As a board member of Citizens for Maryland Libraries for over a decade, he represents the Maryland Association of Public Library Administrators, and has been dedicated to building connections across library friends, trustees, and staff of all types of libraries. An experienced project manager and meeting facilitator, Joe will provide ALA Council a member who can take on great responsibility and work collaboratively to see projects through to completion. He is deeply invested in the work of ALA and believes profoundly in the important role that libraries play in transforming lives and improving communities.
Author: “From the President of RUSA: Advocating for Reference and User Services.” Reference and User Services Quarterly, Vol. 54, No. 4, Summer 2015: 2-5.

Author: “Discussion Forum Focuses on Reference Services for Young Adults.” VOYA: Voice of Youth Advocates, August 2011: 240-241.

Author: “After School and Online.” Library Journal: netConnect, Winter 2003: 35-37. Thank you for this opportunity to be considered for election as an ALA Councilor. After serving the association for over 20 years through division, chapter, and committee leadership roles, my hope is to be able to now apply my experience and engage with the broader ALA membership to advance the work of Forward Together, ALA’s 5-year Pivot Strategy focus on revenue and membership, and to help create a more sustainable and mutually beneficial relationship between the divisions and the association as the Operating Agreement is updated. I will focus on advancing Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion, protecting intellectual freedom, and promoting the association’s public policy and advocacy agenda. Libraries do positively transform lives and communities, and I will do all in my power to ensure that our association succeeds in accomplishing this important work.
Paul Wartenberg Him Reference and Technology Librarian Bartow Public Library
Bartow FL Public Librarian I, Pasco County Libraries, 2006-2008

Reference Librarian, University of Florida Smathers Libraries, 2003-2006

Librarian I and II, Broward County Libraries, 1994-2003
University of South Florida, MLIS, 1993

University of Florida, BS Journalism, 1992
RUSA No No Reference and User Services Association (RUSA) 1996 – 2006; History Section, Bibliography and Indexes Committee, 2000 – 2006.

Public Library Association, 2007
Florida Library Association, 2013 – current.

FLA Outcomes and Standards Ad Hoc Committee, 2014 – 2017. Vice-Chair 2016, Chair 2017.

FLA Awards and Scholarships Committee, Scholarships Subcommittee, 2019 – 2021.

FLA Advocacy Committee, 2021 -- current.
Beta Phi Mu Honor Society, University of South Florida chapter, 1994 “Pros and Cons of Squelching Library Theft,” American Libraries, Feb. 2000, v.31 n.2, p.48-49

“Best Bibliographies in History,” Reference and User Services Quarterly, Summer 2003, v.42 n.4, p.324-28 (collaborative review)

“Best Bibliographies in History,” Reference and User Services Quarterly, Summer 2004, v.43 n.4, p.307-09 (collaborative review) Our libraries are facing a post-pandemic future where the public demands on the services we provide will regrow and in ways we're not expecting. We need to reach out to all libraries and their staffs to help them develop the professional skills needed to answer challenges confronting all public contact services. We need to make sure ALA can provide support and guidance to all local libraries, and encourage new membership ready to help our library patrons with the support they need.
Terry Weech He/His/Him Retired University of Illinios Urbana FL Library Educator Associate Professor, iSchool @ Illinois 1980-2020.

Assistant Professor, University of Iowa, 1976-1980

Assistant Professor, Mississippi University for Women, 1973-1976
University of Illinois, Ph.D Library Science, 1972, University of Illinois, MSLS, 1965, BA, Knox College, 1959, Philosophy LRRT No No ALA Committee on Accrediatation Member, July 1, 2014, to June 30, 2018, Chair, July 1, 2017- June 30, 2019
Member, PLA/SMLS Rural Library Service Committee, 1980-83. Member, Illinois Library Association's Public Library Section's Standards Committee, 1981-83. Member, Executive Board of PLA/Small & Medium Sized Libraries Section, 1982- 83, 1985-88/ Member, Planning Committee of PLA/Small & Medium Sized Libraries Section, 1985-88. Member, ALA Reference and Adult Services Division Reference Evaluation Committee, 1985-87. Member of the Public Library Association's Public Library Data Service Advisory Committee, 1988-91. Mississippi Library Associatiion. member, Long Range Planning Committee,1973- 76, Iowa Library Association, member, Intellectual Freedom Committee, 1976-80 (Chair, 1980). Member, Illinois Library Association, member, Intellectual Freedom Committee, 1981-86 (Chair, 1985). Member, Illinois Library Association, Government Documents Roundtable, Executive Board, 1984-86.
Recipient of the International Federation of Library Associations and Institutions (IFLA) Scroll of Appreciation for distinguished contributions to IFLA and the Library Profession, especially in the internationalization of Library and Information Science Education. August 25, 2017. Wroclaw, Poland.
Serving on IFLA international committees on library education and library research and theory, 2001-2016.
Weech, Terry (2019) “Trends in Accreditation New definitions and distinctions” American Libraries. May 20, 2019.

Weech, Terry (2018) “By any other name: The relevance of the library in the future of LIS education.” Prism Spring 2018, v.26, no. 1. the%20COA%20chair

Morrison, Lisa and Terry Weech (2018). "Reading Data - The Missing Literacy from LIS Education," paper presented at BOBCATSSS symposium, January, 2018. Riga, Latvia. [Received Best Paper Award]. The Power of Reading: Proceedings of the XXVI Bobcatsss Symposium, Riga, Latvia January 2018. pp. 75-80
I am concerned about the future of the American Library Association and the future of the profession of librarianship. My experience in many years of education for librarianship have convinced me that the future of both the Association and the profession are tied to the role that ALA plays in the accreditation of library education programs. If elected, I hope to strengthen the role of ALA as well as the role of librarians in the future.
Janice Welburn She/Her/Her's Dean of Libraries, Raynor Memorial Libraries Marquette University Milwaukee WI Academic Associate Dean of Libraries, University of Arizona, 2003-2006

University of Iowa Libraries: Director for Public Services and Facilities, 2000-2003 Director of Central Processing (Technical) Services, 1995-2000 Head of Information and Instructional Services & Coordinator, Systemwide Informational ad Instructional Services, 1990-1995

Interlibrary Loan Librarian, New York University Libraries, 1998-1990 Reference Librarian, Georgia Institute of Technology, 1987-1988 Reference Librarian, Research Collection, Indiana University Libraries, 1986-1987 Interim Head of Medical Sciences Library, Indiana University Libraries, 1985-1986 Coordinator of Online Searching & International Business Library, Indiana University Library, 1984-1985 Head of Psychology Library, Princeton University Libraries, 1980-1984 Reference Librarian (General, Science and Technology), Indianapolis Marion County Public Library, 1979-1980 Reference Librarian/Archivist, Bishop College, 1978-1979

Atlanta University, SLS, 1978

Atlanta University, MA in History, 1997

Bishop College, BA in History 1976
UNITED, ACRL REFORMA, BCALA No No ALA: ALA Council, Member-at-Large, 2018-21; Endowment Trustee, 2019-present; Philanthropy Advisory Group (Trustee Liaison) 2020-present; President's Advisory Committee, 2019-21; Budget Analysis and Review Committee 2011-15; Presidential Initiative Co-Chair 2011-12; Presidential Leadership, Presidential Initiative: Heart of All Communities, 2008-10; Nominating Committee, 1999.

ACRL: 2022 President's Program Committee; 17th National Conference, Co-Chair, Keynotes Committee 2017-21;16th National Conference, Co-Chair, Lightening Talks Committee 2017-19; 16th National Conference, Roundtable, Co-Chair; Nominating Committee, Chair; Board of Directors, 2009-11; Budget and Finance Committee Chair, 2009-11; ULS Vice Chair/Chair Elect 2005-07.

LAMA: Member-at-large, 2007-09; Chair, Nominating Committee, 2005-06; Chair, Diversity Committee, 1998-00.

RUSA: Member-at-large, Membership Committee, 2002-04; Chair, Nominating Committee, 2000-02
Milwaukee Chapter of Links, Incorporated, President 2019-2021

CNI Paul Evans Peters Fellowship Selection Committee , May 2020

Catholic Research Resources Alliance, Board of Directors 2006-2013, Chair, 2011-2013

Center for Research Libraries, Board of Directors 2011-2017, Secretary 2013-2015, Vice President 2015-2017

Institute of Museums and Library Services/Laura Bush 21st Century Librarian Master's Program Panelist, March 2008

Iowa Library Association, Program Planning Committee, 1993-1994, ILA/ACRL Program Planning Committee, Chair 1993-1994
2011 ACRL Academic/Research Librarian of the Year Over the course of my 40 plus year career as a librarian, I have cultivated synergy between my work and service to others. I celebrate learning from others through interactions in ALA and in the libraries where I have worked, among other colleagues on campuses, in mentoring young professionals, and in interacting with community service workers. I have always found opportunities to serve in my university communities through membership on campus planning, budgeting, fundraising, and diversity committees. Most recently, I have been a member of the university's Academic Senate, chaired a presidential inaugural steering committee, co-chaired the University Community Campaign, the Reaffirmation of Accreditation Steering Committee, and the campus Diversity Advisory Committee.

I have also engaged with community workers in various locations around the world, from San Salvador to Cape Town. Despite the demands of my job, I continue to find the time to contribute to ALA and to work in Milwaukee. I volunteer and work in community organizations, and these experiences have helped to shape my commitment as a library leader.
with William Welburn and Beth McNeil, eds., Advocacy, Outreach and the Nation's Academic Libraries: A Call for Action. Chicago: American Library Association, 2010

with William Welburn, Jean Zanoni, Karen Downing, and Alexandra Rivera, "#Buthowlongwilltheymatter? Preserving Digital Artifacts of Acts of Remembrance and Resistance Innovation." Journal of Librarianship and Information Work in Southern Africa no. 53 (2016); 56-72

with Beth McNeil, eds. Human Resources Management in Today's Academic Library: Meeting Challenges and Creating Opportunities. Westport, CT: Greenwood Press, 2004
Janice Welburn // Leadership // Marquette University My 15 years of experience in my present position has taught me the value of equity, diversity, and inclusion in a just society. Equity and social justice can provide us with an important framework for facing the challenges of the present decade. I want to promote intergenerational and intercultural collaborative work across our membership. Given my experience in budgeting and as an Endowment Trustee, I am also deeply concerned that our organization is on firm financial footing, and I know that our leadership will continue to address important fiscal challenges.
ALA has grown in complexity since I first joined. We have to focus on relevance across our profession to librarians in large city and small town public libraries, community colleges and 4-year institutions, to school and state libraries, and to research and government libraries. We have common cause and must work together to sustain our common goals.
Amber Williams She/Her Strategic Project Manager Spokane County Library District Spokane Valley
WA Public Youth Librarian, Spokane County Library District, 2010-2017

Information Specialist (para professional), Spokane County Library District, 2006-2010
University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee, MLIS, 2009; University of Washington, BA, Political Science, 1998
PLA Rainbow Round Table (RRT), Ethnic & Multicultural Information Exchange Round Table (EMIERT) AILA, REFORMA, BCALA No No ALA Councilor-at-Large, 2020-2022,
Washington Library Association, Public Library Division Chair, 2018 Library Journal, Mover and Shaker, 2019

Washington Library Association Merit Award, Advances in Library Services, 2017

Washington Association of School Administrators Community Leadership Award, 2016
Ask, Listen, Empower: Grounding your library in community engagement work, contributing author, 2021

Social Justice and Activism in Libraries, Moving Beyond Diversity to Action, contributing author, McFarland, 2019
As an ALA member I was excited to reimagine what ALA could look like when I participated in the SCOE process. I ran to be a councilor in 2019 to help implement the changes we wanted to see. Three years later the process has not concluded so I seek a second term. I work to be a voice that represents membership at large. This is our professional association and I am invested in it being fiscally sound, relevant and authentically responsive to the needs of libraries and membership.
Hong Yao Director, Technical Services Queens Public Library Jamaica NY Public Coordinator, Collection Development, Queens Public Library, 2007-2016

Collection Development Specialist, The New York Public Library, 2002-2007

Librarian, the New York Public Library, 1993-2002
Long Island University, Certificate in Public Library Adminstration, 2012

Indiana University, MLS, 1993

Shanghai International Studies University, BA, 1989
PLA CALA, APALA No No 2018-2021, CALA VP elect, CALA President elect, CALA president

2020-21, member, ALA Intellectual Freedom and Social Justice Working Group
OCLC Global Council Delegate ARC Vice Chair/Chair-Elect, 2021

OCLC Global Council Delegate, 2018-current
CALA President's Recognition Award, 2017 Working as part of the executive team on OCLC Global Council to identify and establish this year's goals for the organization and steps to achieve them.

Participated in Indiana University's Library & Information Science Industry Speaker Series fall 2021 as a speaker. Shared my path to librarianship and insights from my career with IU students.

Organized a team of US library directors to present at Shanghai International Library Forum in 2018 & 2020 (virtual), and facilitated tours of new & modern library in Shanghai's neighboring city, Suzhou.

Increased CALA's visibility by offering high quality presidential programs during ALA2021 Midwinter and Annual Conferences and establishing collaboration between vendors & CALA.

Presented at ALA 2021 Annual Conference and Texas Library Association 2021 Conference to share my initiatives and experiences during Pandemic at Queens Public Library & CALA
"Reflections on Race and Racism, ALA affiliate and division leaders Speak out," American Libraries, June 5, 2020
I have led CALA through a challenging year with real progress towards the goals I set out for my presidency: lift CALA visibility; collaborate with other ALA affiliates and involve more with IFLA. CALA organized virtual programs that have attracted over 200 attendees per session, is still working closely with other affiliates on different projects and helped elect many CALA and ALA members to IFLA. I would like to use my experience gained working with CALA to help advance ALA's goals in many areas, including equity, diversity and inclusion (EDI).
If elected, I would lead the voice in advocating more leadership opportunities for minorities, people of color within our own organization at every level. I would also like to see ALA take a more progressive role in providing training & guidance to library workers & administrations to raise awareness and combat systematic racism in our workplace.

If elected, I would also advocate ALA to become a platform for community building, where people from across the spectrum of academic, public, special & school libraries, seek out for professional development advices, programming ideas, intellectual stimulation and many many more.
Steven Yates He/Him/His Assistant Director and School Library Program Coordinator
University of Alabama SLIS Tuscaloosa AL Library educator School Librarian, Mountain Brook HS, AL (2010-2013)

School Librarian, Spain Park HS, AL (2007-2010)

Library Assistant (part-time), Hoover (AL) Public Library (2007-2008)
University of Alabama, PhD, Instructional Leadership (Instructional Technology), 2017; University of West Alabama, EdS Library Media, 2010; University of Alabama, MLIS, 2006; University of Alabama, MA Communication Studies, 2005; University of Alabama BA History and Geology, 2003.
UNITED, YALSA, RUSA, PLA, Core, ALSC, ACRL, AASL New Members Round Table (NMRT), Library History Round Table (LHRT), Library Instruction Round Table (LIRT), Sustainability Round Table (SustainRT), Social Responsibilities Round Table (SRRT), Rainbow Round Table (RRT) REFORMA, BCALA, APALA No Yes ALA Committee on Library Advocacy, Chair (2021-22); ALA Forward Together Working Group, Co-chair (2020-2021); ALA Policy Corps (2019-present); ALA Steering Committee on Organizational Effectiveness, Member (2018-2020); AASL President (2017-2018); AASL Board, Member-at-Large (2014-2016).
Alabama Library Association, President (2011-12); Alabama Library Association, Young Adult Services Roundtable Moderator, (2009-10); Alabama School Library Association, Treasurer (2007-2009).
ALA Ken Haycock Award for Promoting Librarianship, 2021.
School librarians and library educators are two areas of our field that need more representation across ALA. I remain committed to decentering whiteness and advancing equity, diversity, and inclusion in our association, our workplaces, and our communities. My recent ALA service has prepared me to be an informed councilor-at-large.