Core Forum Update

President Lindsay Cronk is sharing the following statement with members:

Due to the continued pandemic, the surge of the Delta Variant and the data throughout the United States including in our host city, Baltimore, we have been forced to cancel the upcoming Core Forum in Baltimore, scheduled for October 7-9. While I am deeply disappointed because I had very much hoped to be welcoming Core members to our first in-person conference, the safety and health of our membership is our top priority. Thank you to all of our members, presenters, and sponsors for lending us your time and talent in connection with the conference.

In the near term, Core leaders will identify ways to continue to connect and co-learn virtually. Longer-term, we acknowledge that not all of the benefits of conference experiences, particularly networking and relationship building, are always replicable online. When the circumstances allow, we will pursue an in-person gathering with continued care, caution, and planning.

As President of Core I want to thank the Core Forum Co-Chairs, Maurini Strub, Wendy Tressler, and TJ Lamana and the entire Core Forum Planning Team, and Core sponsors along with our staff who did amazing work developing the program. I particularly want to thank the presenters who put forward incredible proposals we hope to develop into webinars or bring forward when the time is right.

Lindsay Cronk

2021-22 Core President

Core: Leadership, Infrastructure, Futures